BTo digs in for marketing push

Heave Charlie mouse

BTopenworld has signed up six companies to help push its broadband service to the masses.

Rymans, Toys 'R' Us, Nationwide, Iceland, mmO2 and Northern Electric have all agreed to help distribute more than a quarter of a million broadband registration CDs.

Today's announcement builds on a distribution deal already in place with music chain HMV.

BTo reckons these deals show that there is real demand for broadband. We shall see.

At least you now know which businesses to avoid if you don't want to come face-to-face with BTo marketing stuff.

Elsewhere, BT is to unveil details of its "no frills" broadband service tomorrow.

BT Retail chief exec, Pierre Danon, is expected to flesh out plans for the service, which were first announced two weeks ago.

Many ISPs have declined to comment on the new service until the full details have been released.

Privately, though, some ISPs are concerned that this could be another attempt by BT to dominate the broadband landscape in the UK.

A spokeswoman for telecoms regulator declined to comment on the new product until after its launch. ®

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