Novell in talks to bundle eDirectory on Linux servers

Brainshare - we weren't there

Novell is in talks with IBM and Red Hat about bundling its eDirectory services with Linux servers.

The network software and services firm already supports Linux, so the deal - which is still at the discussion stage - would involve expending Novell's commitment to the platform that boosts the availability of directory services for Linux, CRN reports.

Indications are that Novell has no plans to make eDirectory an open source product, but it clearly wants to make its applications more attractive to the open source community. eDirectory is bundled free of charge with many of Novell's products. The standalone product is priced at $2 per user, and volume and upgrade discounts are available.

During its Brainshare 2002 user conference this week, Novell detailed plans to provide improved support for emerging standards such as (Simple Object Access Protocol and Universal Description, Discovery and Integration) within its One Net Web services platform.

Novell's suite of Web-based applications and services are becoming less reliant on use of NetWare client, a move that it overdue in the view of critics who compare Novell's effort to those of Sun Microsystems, IBM and Microsoft in the fiercely competitive Web services market.

Novell's latest version of eDirectory, eDirectory 8.7, provides new features to allow Web-based management of key networking functions, providing greater flexibility for network administrators.

The company also released Novell Workspace, a Web-based team solution, with information exchange, messaging, and other features which make it easy for ad-hoc teams to communicate.

Management for handheld devices is mproved for Novell users with the release of its ZENworks Synergy suite.

And let's not forget NetWare, Novell's flagship product. Executives outlined a roadmap for NetWare which will include ease of deployment features as well as and additional support for Internet standards and the J2EE environment.

These features will come with the imminent release of "Nakoma", the code name for the next revision of NetWare, which will be followed up by "Hayden", a release that will feature support for dynamic partitions and policy-based management on servers, CRN reports. ®

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