The Register Comes to the US

Please adjust your bookmarks

Today we officially launch a North American version of The Register for our 700,000 readers in the US and Canada. It's at a different URL - in partnership with Tom's Hardware Guide. So please adjust your bookmarks.

It's just like The Register UK in style and (mostly) content - only without so many stories about BT and UK broadband. We will also be running stories that Americans may find more interesting than their European counterparts.

So in answer to questions from many of you who have found the Register USA in recent weeks - The Register USA is not a mirror - but a site with its very own identity.

So what's the deal with Tom's Hardware? It's very simple - we will be handling the content, while THG, which has established a huge audience in the US will look after the publishing. Here is the official press release, issued today.

Tom's Hardware Guide to Publish The Register USA

Date 25/02/02, Carpinteria, CA, US: The Register, Europe’s biggest online IT news service, is coming to the US, through a joint venture with Tom’s Hardware Guide (, the world’s biggest hardware technology site.

The Register USA,, will deliver witty, irreverent, hard-hitting IT reporting, just like its British parent, but targeted specifically at North America.

The Register currently has a monthly base of 700,000 North American readers and anticipates rapid expansion through the backing of Tom’s Guides Publishing LLC, publisher of Tom’s Hardware Guide, and now publisher of The Register USA.

"We are very excited about our partnership with The Register," says Omid Rahmat, general manager, Tom’s Guides Publishing LLC.

"As the technology industry matures, tech savvy readers are looking for more depth, more insight, and reporting that cuts through the technology market hype. The Register delivers the kind of hard hitting, cutting edge reporting that a technology audience demands."

Linus Birtles, managing director of The Register, says: "We have seen continued growth in our US readership which now gives us the opportunity to deliver a site targeted at our North American audience. In partnership with Tom's Guides Publishing we will continue to broaden our services and content to a North American audience."

About The Register

The Register began life as an occasional free email newsletter in 1994. It turned into an occasional Web publication in 1997 and became a full-time IT news publication in 1998. The Register is the UK’s biggest online IT publication, but it also has a worldwide reach – 1.6 million readers surfing through 23 million pages a month.

About Tom’s Guide’s Publishing

Tom’s Guides Publishing is the publisher of Tom’s Hardware Guide, Tom’s Hardware Guide has grown consistently since 1996 from a hobby site to becoming the leading resource on the Web for computer hardware reviews, news, and information. The website, the brainchild of Dr. Thomas Pabst, has risen from its humble origins to become a powerful force in the PC hardware industry, with operations in the US, Europe and Asia.

As of January 2002, Tom's Hardware Guide had achieved over 42 million page impressions and attracted an audience of 2.3 million unique visitors per month in North America, making it the most popular independent hardware website in the world. The site draws a high volume of high-quality readers who are early adopters and enthusiasts of technology products. Tom's Hardware Guide continues to attract thousands of new readers every month.

In addition to, Tom’s Guides Publishing publishes sites in several other languages (German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish and Hungarian).


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