Court halts Adobe InDesign shipments in copyright case

What goes around...

A judge has stopped Adobe shipping its Quark-killer desktop publishing package InDesign. The litigious software giant, which recently used copyright provisions in the DMCA to send Russian programmer Dmitiy Sklyarov to the clink, has itself been accused of breaching copyrights held by Trio Systems, a tiny software company based in Pasadena, CA.

Trio filed the case on October 24, and is seeking $10 million in damages from Adobe.

The judgement, made in a Los Angeles District Court yesterday, establishes that Trio has a likelihood of success in the case, and applies to InDesign and InCopy. Adobe acknowledges uses both products use Trio code. Adobe has countersued Trio Systems. Neither case has yet to go to trial.

Trio Systems describes itself as "software development company providing tools for web developers and C/C++ programmers".

Trio's company webpage was designed using Adobe GoLive 4.®

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