Oftel starts BT investigation

Phew! Thank God someone found the complaint

Oftel has launched a preliminary enquiry into BT's handling of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU), a spokeswoman told Reg this afternoon.

The move follows confirmation from the winged watchdog that an industry group has lodged a formal complaint against the incumbent telco and its apparent reluctance to open its local exchanges to competition.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Energis, Colt and Kingston had all collectively filed a complaint against BT.

John Doherty, a spokesman for Colt, said: "We believe BT has made preferences to its own DSL operation ahead of the competition."

A spokeswoman for Oftel was unable to say when the regulator would be able to rule on the complaint.

But to give you an idea, it's taken most of the day for Oftel to confirm that it has received a complaint. ®

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