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Here's a free advert for AMD

We promised ourselves that we'd never give AMD free advertising but we're just about to break that promise, as this one below has some interesting details about forthcoming projects at the Little Satan of Chips.

JOB OPENING: Advanced Micro Devices
POSITION: Signal Integrity Engineer
LEVEL: Senior and Junior
TITLE: Product Development Engineer / MTS / SMTS

Do you have a passion for high performance computer design? Do you feel you could make a larger contribution than your current job demands? Join AMD and get some responsibility!

Are you tired of following the design rules handed down by the Fathers from many year's past? Are you weary from turning the crank on someone else's design? Would you like to be one who makes design calls rather than one who accepts a committee decision? Join AMD and write the design rule play instead of being trapped in the storyline!

If you like to pontificate on the SI-LIST about your "industry experience" and "expert knowledge", wouldn't you like to apply these to a design which will have broad appeal? Are your current projects undeserving of your full attention? Wouldn't you rather make a real contribution to a high performance design where your participation is crucial? Use AMD as your personal catapult!

Are you just finishing the 47th simulation run on last year's bus interface? Or teaching training classes to engineers who aren't doing original design? When was the last time you owned a design? Are you ready to take on major responsibility such as a chip or board design which will materially affect the company's future viability? Send AMD your resume, set course to Austin, ENGAGE!

AMD has immediate openings for signal integrity engineers in Austin, TX. Signal Integrity engineering expertise is needed for chipset/processor package design, high speed bus interface design, and high speed board level design.

AMD makes the Athlon line of PC microprocessors which is currently shipping at 1 GHz core frequency. AMD plans to ramp the Athlon core frequency past 1 GHz in the near future and continuously stay ahead of Moore's Law (which says performance should be 800MHz by April-2000 and 1066MHz by April-2001).

Many follow-ons are planned for the Athlon product line as it grows to serve more market segments. Next year the 64-bit SledgeHammer microprocessor will not surprise by a fine excess, but rather by singularity with its apocalyptic performance. Join AMD to breathe its pure serene!

The successful candidate will have a BSEE, MSEE, or PhD-EE with 2-10 years experience in high speed digital design. Knowledge of microwave engineering is a plus. Experience with DSO, TDR, VNA measurement techniques is a plus.

AMD needs SI engineers with the ebullience to own the electrical design for an entire board, an entire chip, entire system, etc. Simulation and modeling skills are a must as the next-generation processor and memory bus interfaces at AMD will demand a performance increase of 2-4X past those currently available.

The simulation tools AMD has in-house are Maxwell, XTK, ICX, Hspice, Speed97, etc., but we'll buy your favorite tool if its not one of those listed. Experience with low-voltage swing signaling technologies is a plus and knowledge of timing analysis is a must.

Lastly, candidates should have a rich inner life, a capacity for self-actualization, and good interpersonal communication skills.

Reply to this notice with your resume and a brief description of the kind of signal integrity work you would like to do at AMD.

Jonathan Dowling
(512)602-7807 FAX ®

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