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Cybersquatting: Full Coverage

Fun for all the family

A Modest Proposal

We have the solution to cybersquatting

The Politics

The Internet is dead. Long live the Internet
Afternic sues ICANN over domain-name status
Analysis: Net regulators close in on rogue domains
Yankee legislators, stay home
US outlaws cybersquatting
Congress meddles with cybersquatters
US appeal court breaks trademark/domain name link
UN body moves to ban Web squatters
New body to end cyber squatting
US senator Orrin Hatch priced at $45k

Not-for-profit Cybersquatting

Turkey pong protestors turn cybersquatter

The Spats

Olympic bosses sue 1800 cybersquatters
Chase Manhattan bulldozes URL from IT minnow
TUCOWS pawn in domain name theft
BBC forces comedian to hand over
How much is worth and why is so cross?
Jeanette Winterson wins back kidnapped domain name
Well done, Baby Blair cybersquatter
Invasion of the Body Shop domain snatchers
Analysis: What do Rolex, Brad Pitt and Llanwrthwl have in common?
Cybersquatter? Not me, says owner of Greatdomainrobbery
Mr Oxford University accuses Oxford University of murder
Freedom phone fighters tussle over domain
UK Online slams Govt. trademark trampling
Government plays cybersquatter
Watford Electronics turns cybersquatter on rivals for 'a joke'
Jeanette Winterson demands return of kidnapped name
BAA attempts to shaft sheep site consults lawyers over Sun article
London Police in URL ownership
Man banned from flogging BBC domains
Dell in ding dong over cybersquatting
Warner threatens Harry Potter fan sites fights
So what is the difference between and
World Wrestling Federation wins domain-name skirmish
eToys softens under grassroots pressure
Bill Gates domain 'for sale' at £2m
2m Bill Gates domain sale is off
FCUK off to a flying start in URL battle
Cybersquatting gets the thumbs up
Cybersquatter targets Toys R Us
Squatter mounting bike defence against Morgan Stanley
Cyber bullies told to goof off sues
Microsoft sues over 'cybersquatting'

Porno squatters, hackers and sundry savouries

Bertie Ahern in £1m porn scandal, while Serbian hackers go haywire
NSI Serbian 'hack' is simple email spoof
Porn site confusion forces gadget site relaunch
Cosmopolitan wins £4000 damages from porn-threat cybersquatter
Teen mag porn squat row blows up
Intel porn squatters stick up for AMD
Intel porno squatters want $400k -- bare faced cheek
Mobo giant hosts secret porn site
Porn site squats in cancer charity domain

Not cybersquatting, but..
How much is your domain name really worth?
Numeric domain system launched
Internet to run out of names
Cybersquatting, the Procter & Gamble Way
Belgian asks $1.5 billion for domain names
Slap in the head for Hague domain name turkey
I'm no cybersquatter, says owner
Domain name rush causes first balance of payments crisis owner rejects 4.7m offer for domain name
Most expensive dot org yet goes under the hammer
Scandi firm buys 3000 domain names in trademark overkill

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