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We have a winner! Fresh Linux Mint 17.1 – hands down the best

Review Beats Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Elementary
Scott Gilbertson, 24 Nov 12:31

HTML5 vs native: Harry Coder and the mudblood mobile app princes

Developers just want their ideas to generate money
Matt Asay, 24 Nov 12:03

Google, Rockstar to bury zombie Nortel patent lawsuit

Ceasefire called in anti-Android skirmish
Neil McAllister, 20 Nov 22:08

Be real, Apple: In-app goodie grab games AREN'T FREE – EU

Cupertino stands down after Euro legal threats
Jennifer Baker, 20 Nov 15:03

Microsoft adds video offering to Office 365. Oh NOES, you'll need Adobe Flash

Lovely presentations... but not on your Flash-hating mobe
Tim Anderson, 19 Nov 12:44

Ceph-starter Suse to enter software-defined storage market

Linux vendor aims to take on EMC with commodity storage
Neil McAllister, 19 Nov 04:02

HORROR! Imagine if anyone could find out EVERYTHING you EVER tweeted

Cripes. Engineers open up ALL microblurts since 2006
Shaun Nichols, 19 Nov 01:58

Get your CLOCK out, you coders: Apple emits Watch dev kit

Time to get to work making Tim Cook et al even wealthier
Iain Thomson, 19 Nov 00:33

Microsoft: Your Linux Docker containers are now OURS to command

New tool lets admins wrangle Linux apps from Windows
Neil McAllister, 18 Nov 22:27

Bug fixes! Get your APPLE BUG FIXES! iOS and OS X updates right here!

Yosemite fixes Wi-Fi hiccup, older iOS devices get performance boost
Shaun Nichols, 18 Nov 08:01

Soz, web devs: Google snatches its Wallet off the table

Killing off web service in 3 months... but app-happy bonkers are fine
Simon Rockman, 17 Nov 15:03


HTML5 vs native: Harry Coder and the mudblood mobile app princes

Developers just want their ideas to generate money
Charlie Chaplin The Cure (1917)

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Breaking Fad Personal portal peace of mind
Nigel Whitfield, 30 Oct 13:02
Angry-looking cat. Pic by  Guyon Morée from Beverwijk, Netherlands. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO

If the web giants need it to work, hey, maybe it'll work
Gavin Clarke, 30 Oct 09:58
The Queen Mother by Phil Houghton

Sign off my IT project or I’ll PHONE your MUM

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Honestly, it’s a piece of piss
Alistair Dabbs, 18 Oct 08:01


Meet Windows 10's new UI for OneDrive – also known as File Explorer

New preview build continues Redmond's retreat to the desktop
Neil McAllister, 15 Nov 02:35

FTC to Apple: Turn your head and cough while we feel for balls-up with HealthKit privacy

Wouldn't want hackers to know you're piling on pounds, right?
Shaun Nichols, 14 Nov 22:50

Walmart's $99 crap-let will make people hate Windows 8.1 even more

With 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, the E Fun Nextbook will be anything but
Iain Thomson, 14 Nov 20:14

Adobe appoints former Reg man as open-source chief mobile lead

Proprietary player prepping for community skoolin'
Gavin Clarke, 14 Nov 09:39

Stop coding and clean up your UI, devs, it's World Usability Day

Of course we've shoved the usability website through the W3C HTML validator
Simon Sharwood, 13 Nov 05:02

Samsung: Every breath you take, every step you make, we'll be watching

Developer conference Virtual reality cams and wristwatches that phone home your health stats
Iain Thomson, 13 Nov 00:58

Amazon: DROP DATABASE Oracle; INSERT our new fast cheap MySQL clone

Claims Aurora db offers 5x performance for pennies
Neil McAllister, 12 Nov 23:04

Microsoft .NET released from its Windows chains... but what ABOUT MONO?

Interview Xamarin man Miguel de Icaza shares
Tim Anderson, 12 Nov 16:28

Redmond aims to outshine Eclipse with FREE Visual Studio

And if the Community edition doesn't thrill you, try the Visual Studio 2015 Preview
Neil McAllister, 12 Nov 16:03
New infantry kit modelled by British troops. Credit: MoD

MoD releases code to GitHub: Our Ideaworks... sort of

'We don’t pretend that the code is the best ever written'
Kat Hall, 10 Nov 16:58

BrowserStack HACK ATTACK: Service still suspended after rogue email

Admits breach, but only within email address list
John Leyden, 10 Nov 14:06

#VultureTRENDING: It's Pimpr, the latest sharing economy super app

Monetise your unused assets, or find an amazing bargain!
#VultureTRENDING, 08 Nov 08:00
apple mac malware vxer

Apple blats WireLurker OS X, iOS malware – but fanbois aren't safe yet

Control servers go dark, crypto-cert revoked ... for now
Shaun Nichols, 07 Nov 00:09
By Frank Wouters, licensed under CC 2.0

OpenSUSE 13.2: Have your gecko and eat your rolling distro too

Review New development model, new distro, same class
Scott Gilbertson, 06 Nov 11:46

Canonical pushes LXD, its new mysterious drug for Linux containers

Analysis We take the hype out of Ubuntu maker's non-hypervisor hypervisor
Roughly 150kg of gold

Apple strap-on wristjob: You WON'T be able to spend more than $5,000!

Golden arm-slab Watch is positively cheap next to real wristcandy, allegedly
Shaun Nichols, 06 Nov 07:38

Languages don't breed bugs, PEOPLE breed bugs, say boffins

You say C++, I say Python, you say JavaScript, I say Erlang ...
Richard Chirgwin, 06 Nov 06:39