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Linux duo land $54m VC Xamarin cash bag

A 'pretty strong signal,' says CEO
Gavin Clarke, 21 Aug 14:01

Microsoft, Google link arms on browser vid chat

ORTC: Skype without, ummm, Skype?
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Aug 05:03

Linux Foundation says many Linux admins and engineers are certifiable

LinuxCon 2014 Floats exam program to help IT employers lock up talent
Neil McAllister, 20 Aug 20:28

Look, no client! Not quite: the long road to a webbified Vim

Programming the Web, Pt. III Building in the browser
Scott Gilbertson, 20 Aug 08:30

EnterpriseDB chucks devs free tools to craft NoSQL web apps with PostgreSQL

Prebuilt AWS image comes with all you need preconfigured
Neil McAllister, 19 Aug 07:01

Linux kernel devs made to finger their dongles before contributing code

Two-factor auth enabled for Kernel.org repositories
Neil McAllister, 18 Aug 23:44

MongoDB tosses support lifeline to open source downloaders

'Don't want our Enterprise Edition? No problem!'
Neil McAllister, 18 Aug 22:07

The Return of BSOD: Does ANYONE trust Microsoft patches?

Sysadmins, you're either fighting fires or seen as incompetents now
Gavin Clarke, 18 Aug 15:45

You'll find Yoda at the back of every IT conference

Something for the Weekend, Sir? The piss always taking is he. Bastard the.
Alistair Dabbs, 15 Aug 10:27

Visual Studio Online goes titsup as Microsoft wrestles with database

Updated Cortana, what does 'multi-region full service interruption' mean?
Neil McAllister, 14 Aug 19:42

What's in your toolbox? Why the browser wars are so last decade

Feature The new reality of picking a web winner
Scott Gilbertson, 14 Aug 08:02

Tech city types developing 'Google Glass for the blind' app

An app and service where other people 'see' for you
Simon Rockman, 12 Aug 15:16
3D graphics

What's next for OpenGL for the desktop, mobile devices, and the web?

Siggraph 2014 Next-gen standards effort aims to rewrite OpenGL for the modern world
Neil McAllister, 11 Aug 21:14


'Stop dissing Google or quit': OK, I quit, says Code Club co-founder

+Comment And now a message from our sponsors: 'STFU or else'

You'll find Yoda at the back of every IT conference

Something for the Weekend, Sir? The piss always taking is he. Bastard the.
Alistair Dabbs, 15 Aug 10:27

Programming languages in economics: Cool research, bro, but what about, er, economics?

Worstall on Wednesday Let's just call it a runtime error
Tim Worstall, 16 Jul 08:05

I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS

Android devices will be living in a 'Material' world
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jun 11:57


Khronos unveils OpenGL 4.5, broadens OpenCL 2.0 language support

Siggraph 2014 New SPIR spec makes compute kernel compilation a breeze
Neil McAllister, 11 Aug 18:46

Can't touch this! Microsoft joins OpenGL 3D graphics group

Love of WebGL after 14 years an outsider
Gavin Clarke, 11 Aug 13:01

Oracle Database 12c's data redaction security smashed live on stage

Defcon 22 Microsoft should school Ellison on safeguarding privates, says infosec bod
Iain Thomson, 08 Aug 19:50

Google beefs up Compute Engine, adds extra zone to US, Asia

Two new segments for Amazon and Microsoft games
Gavin Clarke, 08 Aug 16:34

Pivotal puts all its eggs in one basket

Core blimey! It's a cloudy AppSuite with cunning pricing
Simon Sharwood, 08 Aug 04:30

Now YOU can build apps for Google's all-seeing gadgets for fat losers

Wait, shouldn't there be another hyphen in there?
Neil McAllister, 08 Aug 02:58

Factory-fresh delivery: Get your OpenSUSE fix daily

Milestone builds are for fat and buggy software projects
Gavin Clarke, 04 Aug 13:59

Quicker, easier to fly to MOON than change web standards ... OR IS IT?

Programming the Web, Pt. II Snail's pace system might be forced to speed up
Scott Gilbertson, 01 Aug 07:59

What's that? A PHP SPECIFICATION? Surely you're joking, Facebook

Zuck's engineers unveil formal spec based on PHP 5.6
Neil McAllister, 01 Aug 03:31

Fiendishly complex password app extension ships for iOS 8

Just slip it in, won't hurt a bit, 1Password makers urge devs
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Jul 09:02

Another day, another Firefox: Version 31 is upon us ALREADY

Review Web devs, Mozilla really wants you to like this one
Scott Gilbertson, 28 Jul 14:59

Google devs: Tearing Chrome away from OpenSSL not that easy

Custom BoringSSL fork not quite a drop-in replacement yet
Neil McAllister, 25 Jul 01:24
Oracle frankenstein

Put down that Oracle database patch: It could cost $23,000 per CPU

On-by-default INMEMORY tech a boon for developers ... as long as they can afford it
Jack Clark, 24 Jul 23:18
Kim Jong Il fro team America, World Police

Integrate? Moi? Amazon’s first API-free service should open up

Zocalo niggles may nobble Box and Dropbox dethroning effort
Tim Anderson, 24 Jul 10:26
The Valley - code

NO MORE ALL CAPS and other pleasures of Visual Studio 14

Review Unpicking a packed preview that breaks down ASP.NET
Tim Anderson, 23 Jul 08:20

Games industry set for $5 BILLION haircut, warn beancounters

Game over. Insert coins to continue play
Jasper Hamill, 22 Jul 17:56
Flying pig

Cisco relaunches Developer Network

If at first you don't succeed, call it a DevNet
Fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989

Party like it's not 1999: Cry FREEDOM for a better web

Programming the Web, Pt. I Lumpy but free - the future is here
Scott Gilbertson, 21 Jul 09:01
European Union Flag

Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees

Our friends at Google on the other hand...
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 18:01