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OpenSSL Heartbleed: Bloody nose for open-source bleeding hearts

Updated Bloke behind the cockup says not enough people are helping crucial crypto project
Chris Williams, 11 Apr 16:03

Wanna build a module for Google's Project Ara mix-and-match phone? Here are your specs

Developlent kit released for hardcore hardware hacks only
Neil McAllister, 11 Apr 00:45

Which sweaty exec dreamt up Office for iOS? Ballmer, Ballmer, Ballmer

Supremo personally pushed through fondleable software
Jasper Hamill, 09 Apr 12:27

One Win 8 to rule them all: Microsoft talks up 'universal apps' for PCs, slabs and mobes

Build 2014 Downloads for every screen size from single store
Neil McAllister, 04 Apr 22:59

SQL giant Oracle plans NoSQL standards body – top Reg sources

Exclusive Database giant invites scrappy startups into its big tent, we're told
Jack Clark, 04 Apr 22:33

Siri set to rival Windows beauty Cortana after Apple eats Novauris

Speech recognition firm could help fruity firm take Siri offline
Jasper Hamill, 04 Apr 15:04

Microsoft: Hey, small biz devs – Windows Store apps are for you, too

Build 2014 Updates make it easier to sideload, cram legacy code into touchy-feely apps
Neil McAllister, 04 Apr 01:56

Microsoft in OPEN-SOURCE .Net love-in with new foundation

Build 2014 Compilers, libraries, and tools released with full source code
Neil McAllister, 04 Apr 00:36

Microsoft vows to save devs from unspeakable cloud screw-ups

Build 2014 'You appear to have just run with scissors, want to try that again?'
Jack Clark, 03 Apr 23:51


App.net 'not just a way for nerds to talk to each other', boss tells nerds

Column Has it finally blossomed into the developer's Twitter?

Beware Abe Lincoln-looking code pros trying to sell you on LOBDOPs

All beard, no 'tache types... we're all sausage-makers now


¡Bong! While Crimea teeters on the edge, a plan is being hatched in Shoreditch...
Steve Bong, 07 Mar 12:57
A boat full of Fail

Collective SSL FAIL a symptom of software's cultural malaise

Apple, WhatsApp and Belkin show that if you ask for bad software, you get bad software
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Feb 23:09


Back off, Siri! Microsoft debuts Halo beauty Cortana

Build 2014 Major Microsoft mobile OS update to arrive in coming months
Neil McAllister, 02 Apr 21:54

'Dads from the Midwest' pull down their email-spaffing LinkedIn plugin

After social network for suits threatens suit
John Leyden, 02 Apr 14:01

Psst, you want NoSQL? We got NoSQL, says MariaDB: v10 now out

New CONNECT engine lets MySQL fork reach into non-relational databases
Jack Clark, 01 Apr 22:01

Don't touch my trunk! Intel is $740m lighter after Cloudera cash shot

Huge funding deal keeps Oracle, IBM away from upstart's yellow elephant
Jack Clark, 31 Mar 18:28

Mozilla DENIES reported claims of board rift over new chief Eich

Updated Board members planned to leave, not rebelling over controversial choice
Simon Sharwood, 31 Mar 04:30

Amazon is decompiling our apps in security gaffe hunt, says dev

Putting secret AWS keys in software is a big no-no
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Mar 02:58

Meet the man building an AI that mimics our neocortex – and could kill off neural networks

Special report Palm founder Jeff Hawkins on his life's work
Jack Clark, 29 Mar 02:17

Watch your brain LIVE in 3D, then train your mind from inside it

GTC Computer gaming revitalizes thinking – comprendo, old farts?
Rik Myslewski, 29 Mar 01:19

FTC: Do SSL properly or we'll shove a microscope up you for decades

Will you do a Fandango? Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me
Shaun Nichols, 28 Mar 21:45

Amazon Workspaces: A dish best served later

Review Ctrl-Alt-Del across the miles
Tim Anderson, 28 Mar 14:32

'I will not work with Facebook... they seem creepy to me'

Quotw Plus: 'I always felt that PC World had acted disgracefully towards me, and I've been proved right'

Forkin' 'L! Facebook, Google and friends create WebScaleSQL from MySQL 5.6

Web giants pool code for a turbo-charged open-source db
Jack Clark, 27 Mar 18:01
Steve Jobs doll

Original iPhone dev team was 'shockingly small' - Apple engineer

Yet micromanaging Jobs steered them to worldwide mobe DOMINATION
Jasper Hamill, 27 Mar 09:03

BOYCOTT FIREFOX, rage gay devs as Mozilla appoints JavaScript daddy as CEO

Updated Brendan Eich donated to Prop 8 anti gay marriage campaign
Jasper Hamill, 25 Mar 16:00
Facebook Like Stamp

Facebook hacks out PHP alternative

'Hack' language brings best bits of other languages to LAMP-land
Simon Sharwood, 21 Mar 05:02

Microsoft DirectX 12 pushes gaming code closer to GPU bare metal

GDC Direct3D API 'faster and more efficient than ever before' we're told
Rik Myslewski, 20 Mar 23:09

Virtual-reality Dev Kit 2 game goggles by Oculus – now with less vomit!

New 1080p techno-specs for programers sorts out motion-sickness bugs

Eight hour cleansing to get all the 'faggots' and 'bitches' OUT of Github

No more hateful words, pledges egg-gobbling veggie crusader
Jasper Hamill, 19 Mar 05:52

Byzantine Generals co-boffin Lamport bags CompSci's 'Nobel prize'

Distributed systems master gets A.M. Turing gong
Jack Clark, 18 Mar 19:47