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Microsoft unwraps new auto data-protection in Office 365 tools

'Heyy, it looks like you're writing down stuff that's best not written down!' 'F*ck off, Clippy'
Tim Anderson, 28 Oct 17:52

Mozilla: Spidermonkey ATE Apple's JavaScriptCore, THRASHED Google V8

Moz man claims the win on rivals' own benchmarks
Tim Anderson, 28 Oct 15:38

Get a face-to-face with Microsoft at Future Decoded

Promo Big names, training, startup advice – for free
David Gordon, 28 Oct 11:59

Developers: Get down and dirty with IBM at Twickers

Promo Scrum down at DeveloperConnect
David Gordon, 27 Oct 13:17


'I invest only to monitor the threat'
Jasper Hamill, 27 Oct 11:18

FTDI yanks chip-bricking driver from Windows Update, vows to fight on

Next driver to battle fake chips with 'non-invasive' methods
Neil McAllister, 24 Oct 19:53

Entity Framework goes 'code first' as Microsoft pulls visual design tool

Visual Studio database diagramming's out the window
Tim Anderson, 23 Oct 15:01

Lollipop unwrapped: Chromium WebView will update via Google Play

Speedier updates, and more Google control for Android
Tim Anderson, 23 Oct 14:18

Web developers: Special guests will give you a leg-up to Azure

Promo Weekly webinars becoming pleasantly crowded
David Gordon, 21 Oct 08:34

UNIX greybeards threaten Debian fork over systemd plan

'Veteran Unix Admins' fear desktop emphasis is betraying open source
Simon Sharwood, 21 Oct 05:02

Sign off my IT project or I’ll PHONE your MUM

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Honestly, it’s a piece of piss
Alistair Dabbs, 18 Oct 08:01
Android 5.0 "Lollipop"

Google offers sweet new SDK to let Android devs join 'Lollipop' guild

Includes Android 5.0 system images for Nexus kit
Neil McAllister, 17 Oct 19:23
What Linus Torvalds thinks of NVIDIA

Torvalds CONFESSES: 'I'm pretty good at alienating devs'

Admits to 'a metric ****load' of mistakes during work with Linux collaborators
Simon Sharwood, 17 Oct 07:31
Facebook privacy image

Facebook doubles ad-hacking bounty

Small security snafus snuffed, try the tiny and technical
Darren Pauli, 17 Oct 05:29


Charlie Chaplin The Cure (1917)

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Breaking Fad Personal portal peace of mind
Angry-looking cat. Pic by  Guyon Morée from Beverwijk, Netherlands. licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO

If the web giants need it to work, hey, maybe it'll work
Gavin Clarke, 30 Oct 09:58
The Queen Mother by Phil Houghton

Sign off my IT project or I’ll PHONE your MUM

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Honestly, it’s a piece of piss
Alistair Dabbs, 18 Oct 08:01
Smiling child with head in hands

BBC: We're going to slip CODING into kids' TV

Comment Pureed-carrot-in-ice cream C++ surprise
Dominic Connor, 01 Sep 15:56


Admins! Never mind POODLE, there're NEW OpenSSL bugs to splat

Poodle Four new patches for open-source crypto libraries
Neil McAllister, 15 Oct 20:26

Influential scribe Charles Petzold: How I figured out the Windows API

Interview From Programming Windows to Xamarin Forms
Tim Anderson, 14 Oct 08:03

Software gurus: Only developers can defeat mass surveillance

Fowler, Dörnenburg urge devs to stick up for the users
Tim Anderson, 10 Oct 10:01

Malware analysts tell crooks to shape up and write decent code

Who writes their own crypto these days? Seriously!
Darren Pauli, 10 Oct 04:29

Google AXES AndroidScript app used by 20,000 STEM coders WITHOUT WARNING

Mountain View is paranoid about 'Android', apparently
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Oct 14:15

Want to break Netflix? It'll pay you to do the job

'Senior Chaos Engineer' sought to inflict all sorts of nasty, nasty, pain
Simon Sharwood, 09 Oct 01:32

Xamarin, IBM lob cross-platform mobile app dev tools at Microsoft coders

More gadgets to get C# apps running on Android, iOS, OS X
Tim Anderson, 08 Oct 21:19

What do teenagers love doing? That's right: Staying up all night ... debugging

And GitHub'll help some of 'em build and host software for free
Shaun Nichols, 07 Oct 23:48

Holey? COWL! Boffins build boxes to hold sketchy JavaScript libs

Worried password_leak_hehe.js is going to spill your precious beans? Well, never fear...
Iain Thomson, 07 Oct 01:05

Bugzilla code critters blab your security sinners, warns Mozilla

Wouldn't it be a shame if your vulnerability database had a vu... patch now
Neil McAllister, 07 Oct 00:08
Adobe Shape vector art in position

Adobe unveils mobile app Cloud Atlas

Max 2014 Takes Creative Cloud to the MAX
Bob Dormon, 06 Oct 12:58
Facebook WhatsApp

EU blesses $19bn Facebook-Whatsapp marriage

Yet it's not bothered about user privacy worries
Jennifer Baker, 03 Oct 11:44
steve jobs

Google's Eric Schmidt's shock confession: Steve Jobs is.... MY HERO

But Leonardo DiCaprio might not feel the same way
Jasper Hamill, 03 Oct 11:38

Internet of Things? Hold my beer, I got this: ARM crafts OS to rule them all

ARM TechCon New mbed operating system tries to pave over chip rivalries to lure in IoT startups
Chris Williams, 01 Oct 17:15