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Europe: Apple could NOT care less about kids' in-app cash sprees

Our friends at Google on the other hand...
Paul Kunert, 18 Jul 18:01

Whoah! How many Google Play apps want to read your texts?

Google's app permissions far too lax – security firm survey
John Leyden, 16 Jul 11:02

Programming languages in economics: Cool research, bro, but what about, er, economics?

Worstall on Wednesday Let's just call it a runtime error
Tim Worstall, 16 Jul 08:05

Microsoft's anti-bug breakthrough: Wire devs to BRAIN SCANNERS

Clippy: It looks your hands are shaking, are you sure you want to commit this code?
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 20:05

You don't need a HERO, you need a ZERO. From Google

+Comment Crack unit to rid internet of zero-day vulns
John Leyden, 15 Jul 19:09

LibreSSL crypto library leaps from OpenBSD to Linux, OS X, more

First cross-platform version of cleaned-up OpenSSL fork
Neil McAllister, 12 Jul 00:43

Use apps anonymously? We'll help make that happen – Amazon techie

Web giant flashes new mobile backend at software makers, talks to The Reg
Jack Clark, 10 Jul 18:57

Think Google Glass is creepy? Wait until it READS YOUR MIND

Startup penetrates the mind of Glassholes
Jasper Hamill, 10 Jul 10:05

Victim of Tor-hidden revenge smut site sues Tor Project developers

But EFF lawyer says deep-web team 'no more liable' than web server makers
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jul 00:29

YES, you CAN install paid-for apps on Android Wear – if devs rebuild them

Google Play crypto glitch means extra work for coders
Neil McAllister, 09 Jul 21:28
More flaws found in Java

No, modular Java isn't dead. It'll be in Java 9 – honest

Project Jigsaw, nixed from Java 8, is back and ready for Phase Two
Neil McAllister, 03 Jul 01:28


I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS

Android devices will be living in a 'Material' world
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jun 11:57

App.net 'not just a way for nerds to talk to each other', boss tells nerds

Column Has it finally blossomed into the developer's Twitter?
Dave Mandl, 14 Mar 10:01

Beware Abe Lincoln-looking code pros trying to sell you on LOBDOPs

All beard, no 'tache types... we're all sausage-makers now


'I don't want to go on the cart' ... OpenSSL revived with survival roadmap

Heartbleed-battered crypto library reveals long path back to health
Neil McAllister, 01 Jul 21:56

You want a medal for writing a script? Sure: here it is!

Developer explains how Perl and Excel code earned him the US Army Commendation Medal
Simon Sharwood, 27 Jun 07:28

I/O: New Google design language will RULE OVER 'DROIDS

Android devices will be living in a 'Material' world
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jun 11:57

Boffins untangle why your software builds fail

Dependency hell by-the-numbers
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jun 00:58

Oracle's IP lawsuit foe: We'll fight SAP tooth and nail in Europe

Rimini Street: We'll have your large and mid-sized customers off you, ta
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 08:04

Aerospike: Thanks for that $20m, VCs ... next we'll OPEN SOURCE our NoSQL database

'Our goal was always to go after a billion-dollar market'
Jack Clark, 24 Jun 23:58

Mozilla to cram a full web-dev IDE inside Firefox browser

Browse and code from within the same client
Neil McAllister, 24 Jun 21:57

Bored yet? Now there's ANOTHER OpenSSL fork – it's from Google

Because Heartbleed is the gift that keeps on giving
Neil McAllister, 21 Jun 01:06

Google spaffs $50 MILLION on 'get girls coding' campaign

Let's hope it goes a bit better than UK gov's Year of Code drive
Jasper Hamill, 20 Jun 14:44

Frenchies' rash cache clash dashed: US courts trash Android patent bid

Gemalto suit against Google, Moto, Sammy and HTC dismissed on appeal

Android to drop Dalvik VM for high-performance ART in next version

Code changes proclaim death of OS's original code runtime
Neil McAllister, 20 Jun 00:31

Torvalds on patents: 'Sane people know it's bullsh*t but making real change is difficult'

Quotw 'In 1991, Captain Cyborg said we'd have real life Terminators'

Swiftkey: We just want to be free - Apple didn't bump us

Those who feel that someone owes them a new keyboard are plainly right
Jasper Hamill, 11 Jun 16:11
CPU Ward deck

Watch this: The .NET ASync story

Video devtastic training session from QA
David Gordon, 11 Jun 10:22
Marc Benioff

Salesforce slings software for … sigh … wearables

Credit: katso käyttöehdot http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Torvalds#mediaviewer/Tiedosto:Linus_Torvalds_talking.jpeg

Everyone can and should learn to code? RUBBISH, says Torvalds

Some people won't 'have the aptitude,' Linux creator claims
Neil McAllister, 09 Jun 18:50
DARPA logo

DARPA gamifies open-source software testing

But can you use it to test game software? Eh?
Jasper Hamill, 09 Jun 07:57
HTML versions found online in the UK between 1996 and 2010

Watch this: Using Foundation for responsive design

Video On demand training session
David Gordon, 06 Jun 09:44