Dr. Dobb's Journal sails into the sunset - yet again

Specialist programming site will post no new content
Tim Anderson, 17 Dec 12:32

Microsoft opens smiley-kids jangly guitar doc-maker to all

Heir apparent to Word and PowerPoint, 'Sway', gains UNDO function
Simon Sharwood, 16 Dec 06:31

Chrome devs hatch plan to mark all HTTP traffic insecure

Browsers tell us when content is secure, but not when to feel NAKED AND AFRAID
Simon Sharwood, 16 Dec 02:56

Win Server 2003 custom support: That's NOT going to be fun

Forrester: Forget profits, Microsoft just won't want to do this
Paul Kunert, 15 Dec 09:27

Google vows: Earth will VANISH in 2015

World-mapping web API to go dark amid obsolete plugin death march
Neil McAllister, 13 Dec 03:05

Yahoo! Says! Chrome, IE Users! Should! 'Upgrade'! To! FIREFOX!

With search deal in place, homepage message urges rival browser users to switch
Neil McAllister, 12 Dec 23:33

QEMU, FFMPEG guru unleashes JPEG-slaying graphics compressor

BPG format outputs smaller images at higher quality
Neil McAllister, 12 Dec 20:17

Cisco to release flying pig – Snort 3.0

Sourcefire's been making bacon, now wants you to fry it
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 05:02

Microsoft pulls a patch and offers PHANTOM FIX for the mess

KB3004394 is a hot mess and the replacement KB3024777 was elusive
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 03:05

No more free Windows... and now it’s all about the services

Microsoft's ‘new business models’ on way
Gavin Clarke, 11 Dec 17:38


George Bush in Game of Thrones

V. R. R. Stob's magnificent saga A Game Of Dog-and-Bones

Stob GUARANTEED no elves and hardly any violence. Or incest

This Christmas, demand the right to a silent night

Usability is about lifestyle impact, not just ease-of-use
Mark Pesce, 09 Dec 05:58
Docker Logo

Docker, Part 2: Whoa! Spontaneous industry standard! How did they do THAT?

Sysadmin Blog OSS guys acting as one ... it's not natural
Trevor Pott, 01 Dec 09:00

Docker: Sorry, you're just going to have to learn about it. Today we begin

Sysadmin Blog Part One: Containers! Containers! Containers!
Trevor Pott, 28 Nov 12:18


Remember that Big Blue Apple? Biz apps for iPads are here

If only there was an app for bankers! Oh, there is, and retail, and...
Paul Kunert, 10 Dec 17:43

Microsoft: Hey, don’t forget Visual Basic! Open source and new features coming

Keeping the faith ... but it is past time to move on
Tim Anderson, 10 Dec 14:30

Dirtbags dressed up malware as legit app using Sony crypto-certs

Code-signing certificate revoked in wake of discovery
Iain Thomson, 10 Dec 03:27

Facebook injects CREEPY search engine into mobile app

Now pervs can prey on teens on the move too!
Kelly Fiveash, 09 Dec 12:47

This Christmas, demand the right to a silent night

Usability is about lifestyle impact, not just ease-of-use
Mark Pesce, 09 Dec 05:58

Devs: Barack Obama's gunning for your job!

President needs a new gig in two years and his CV's a bit better than yours
Simon Sharwood, 09 Dec 04:29

Google pushes 'go' on Android Studio

'Our software is not released. It ESCAPES'
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Dec 04:02

400,000 Windows Server 2003 boxes face SUPPORT DOOM

Possible cloud storage revolution set for, er, Bastille Day 2015
Paul Kunert, 08 Dec 15:59

G'Day Australia! Office 365 and Dynamics CRM bounce Down Under

Throw that latency on the barbie and chuck me an ice-cold tube of 'productivity'
Simon Sharwood, 08 Dec 13:16

HP flings big data at cloud, sysadmins' faces

Another attempt at 'your log files can tell you what's about to go wrong'
Simon Sharwood, 07 Dec 21:55
Ray Ozzie

Misty-eyed Ray Ozzie celebrates 25th birthday of Lotus Notes by tweeting about it ...

'Legal tussles nearly killed us but we shipped on 7 Dec 1989'
Kelly Fiveash, 06 Dec 17:05
Pair of pliers with other tools

Microsoft forks .NET and WHOMP! Here comes .NET Core app dev stack

Modular platform will be more agile - but devs fret over porting

Use Windows software on Android – Microsoft couldn't be app-ier

Run code anywhere, all the time, just in time for Christmas
Iain Thomson, 05 Dec 07:31

Crack open more champagne, Satya, XP's snowballing to HELL

Netmarketshare says operating system has lost 43 per cent of users in 60 days
Simon Sharwood, 05 Dec 04:55

Docker: Here, take the wheel – now YOU can run your own containers

DockerCon EU New tool lets you grab your Dockers in the privacy of your own firewall
Neil McAllister, 05 Dec 02:35