Silent Circle takes on Skype, Viber, mobile telcos with crypto-VoIP

But, hey ... we cut the roaming charges, mumble mobile carriers
John Leyden, 10 Jul 10:58

Crusty API opened Facebook accounts to hijacking

Dodgy endpoint earnt research 20 large
Darren Pauli, 10 Jul 07:41

China trawls top-secret US personnel lists – report

Attack homed in on lists of government workers holding security clearances
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jul 06:29

Brute-force bot busts shonky PoS passwords

RAM scrapers foisted on 60 terminals
Darren Pauli, 10 Jul 05:27

FireEye patches OS, torpedos Exploit-DB disclosure

Researcher suspended after zero-day dump
Darren Pauli, 10 Jul 03:27

Victim of Tor-hidden revenge smut site sues Tor Project developers

But EFF lawyer says deep-web team 'no more liable' than web server makers
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jul 00:29

Ex-NSA boss Alexander joins bankers' CYBER WAR COUNCIL

And he's joined by a former Homeland Security secretary

Snowden leaks latest: NSA, FBI g-men spied on Muslim-American chiefs

US Navy veteran? Lawmaker? Academic? You're all POTENTIAL TERRORISTS
John Leyden, 09 Jul 14:45

ATTACK of the Windows ZOMBIES on point-of-sale terminals

Infosec bods infiltrate botnet, uncover crap password security
John Leyden, 09 Jul 13:39

That 'wiped' Android phone you bought is stuffed with NAKED SELFIES – possibly

Infosec bods sound alarm after copping eyefuls of nudie pics
Darren Pauli, 09 Jul 07:01

Weaponised Flash flaw can pinch just about anything from anywhere

This is a 'patch now or regret it sooner-rather-than-later' mess for you and webmasters
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Jul 05:33

Facebook scuttles 250k-strong crypto-currency botnet

As noose tightens, VXer pleades: 'Stop breaking my ballz'
Darren Pauli, 09 Jul 04:03
australian credit cards fraud contactless

Teensy card skimmers found in gullets of ATMs

Hi-tech fraudsters treading more softly, but gas still yielding bang for buck
Darren Pauli, 09 Jul 02:02

FAKE Google web SSL certificates tip-toe out from Indian authorities

Could go through root stores like a bad biryani
Iain Thomson, 09 Jul 00:07

Russian MP fears US Secret Service cuffed his son for Snowden swap

Seleznev Jnr is 'prolific trafficker in stolen credit card data', it is alleged
Iain Thomson, 08 Jul 19:52



iDevice gizmo-snatcher Oleg... you must be taking the Pliss

High profile attacker couldn't scam your grandma
Angry Birds

Look, pal, it’s YOUR password so it’s YOUR fault that it's gone AWOL

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Security begins at home... and ends up in someone else’s
Alistair Dabbs, 23 May 11:58
Uncov chronicles the failure of Web 2.0

Today's bugs have BRANDS? Be still my bleeding heart [logo]

Stob Code-slinger Verity reviews the rash of groovy-named open-source security vulns
Verity Stob, 01 May 07:02

They want me to install CCTV to see what YOU did in the TOILET

Something For The Weekend, Sir? Anti-social social media - it's for winners
Alistair Dabbs, 21 Mar 13:59


Dear Windows Journal, today I got owned: 29 security bugs swatted

Critical fixes for Internet Explorer and more – plus an Adobe Flash patch
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jul 19:25

China's 'Deep Panda' crew targets Middle East policy wonks - report

Spy hackers now ignoring domestic threats - infosec bods
John Leyden, 08 Jul 17:31

Panic like it's 1999: Microsoft Office macro viruses are BACK

VBA IS NOT DEAD, shrieks infosec chap
John Leyden, 08 Jul 14:34

Computing student jailed after failing to hand over crypto keys

+Comment Sledgehammer once again used to crack a nut
John Leyden, 08 Jul 14:01

IEEE expands malware initiatives

Clearing-house for software metadata
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jul 06:58

Doctor Who season eight scripts leak online

BBC asks fans to EXTERMINATE copies before they materialise
Darren Pauli, 08 Jul 06:27

Insecure AVG search tool shoved down users' throats, says US CERT

Sneaky 'foistware' downloads install things you never asked for
Darren Pauli, 08 Jul 05:33

Gendarmes grab French Bitcoin exchange in €200k sting

Liberté, Égalité, but not crypto-currency
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jul 04:58

Cyber-Senate's cyber-security cyber-law cyber-scares cyber-rights cyber-fighters

Proposed rules put private data into hands of Uncle Sam
Iain Thomson, 08 Jul 00:19

Vid shows how to easily hack 'anti-spy' webmail (sorry, ProtonMail)

Video + Update Filtering evil JavaScript is tricky if you're encrypting in the browser
Iain Thomson, 07 Jul 21:40

App permissions? Pah! Rogue Android soft can 'place phone calls at will'

Bugs found in most 'droid versions render security controls useless – new claim
Neil McAllister, 07 Jul 18:54

Fridge hacked. Car hacked. Next up, your LIGHT BULBS

So shall you languish in darkness - or under disco-style strobes - FOREVER
John Leyden, 07 Jul 14:29
North Korea South Korea hacking

NORKS hacker corps reaches 5,900 sworn cyber soldiers - report

Hermit Kingdom doubles infosec headcount for strikes on Seoul strikes from China
Darren Pauli, 07 Jul 07:25
Mobile phone stolen by pickpocket

USA to insist on pre-flight mobe power probe

Prove it works or it can't come aboard flights to USA
Simon Sharwood, 07 Jul 02:58

'Spy-proof' IM launched: Aims to offer anonymity to whistleblowers

*reaction gif* I'm just getting all the secret files. BRB...
John Leyden, 04 Jul 15:25
Random numbers

Crypto thwarts TINY MINORITY of Feds' snooping efforts

Dire warnings from cops fall flat thanks to official US.gov figures
Zuckerberg topless

Journal that published Facebook emoto-furtle study: Proper boffins get CONSENT

There's a thing called 'Common Rule'. Heard of it, Mr Z?
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Jul 10:41

So which miscreants wrote the CosmicDuke info-slurping nasty?

Finnish researchers spot link to long-ago anti-NATO attacks
John Leyden, 04 Jul 08:07

Austrian Tor exit relay operator guilty of ferrying child porn

All care but no responsibility defence didn't fly
Darren Pauli, 04 Jul 07:32