Who wants SLEEP DEPRIVATION for Christmas?

Boffins say iPads-as-books mess with your circadian rhythms
Simon Sharwood, 23 Dec 07:28

Reg Oz chaps plot deep desert comms upgrade

We'll be heading back to the remote community of Willowra in 2015
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Dec 06:02

NASA's 'crazy' plan yields dramatic pictures of our X-ray Sun

NuSTAR could solve the riddle of the flaming ice cube
Iain Thomson, 23 Dec 01:50

Vulture 2 design hero describes epic 'hobby' project

Chris Dodd talks spaceplane with The Engineer
Lester Haines, 19 Dec 17:23

India's heavy launch rocket passes flight test

Short flight for GSLV Mk-III proves crew-capsule-carrying-chops
Simon Sharwood, 19 Dec 06:33

Don't panic, US Navy has only deployed a ROBOT SHARK (but where are the lasers?)

Pics and video GhostSwimmer is an underwater James Bond
Iain Thomson, 18 Dec 19:49

LEGS IN 2015: SpaceX Falcon's landing PUT ON HOLD

Stuttering engine means staff can knock off early

ESA: Venus probe doomed to fiery death on weird planet's surface

Nine years of exploration ending up as Venusian rubble
Iain Thomson, 17 Dec 19:51
Lester firing an AR-16 at the gun range

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle

SPB chief takes up arms against Stateside culinary outrage
Lester Haines, 17 Dec 14:03
Mercury North pole

NASA asks world+dog to name Mercury's craters (back off, 4chan)

Can't wait for Messenger probe to crash into Crater Moot
Iain Thomson, 16 Dec 19:48

El Reg's mighty rocket spaceplane Vulture 2 arrives in US of A

LOHAN's massive box thuds down in the Mile High City
Lester Haines, 16 Dec 09:00

'Turn to nuclear power to save planetary ecology from renewable BLIGHT'

+Analysis Boffins plead against 'perceptions of what is green'
Lewis Page, 16 Dec 06:55

Cool Large Hadron Collider to fire into doubly powerful ring

Dark matter probing scientists fire up system by cooling it down
Iain Thomson, 15 Dec 19:56


sdaehbus fo esrevinu egnarts eht si ti ylbaviecnoC
Lindsay Dodgson, 15 Dec 09:02

MARSQUAKES shook up range of hills in ancient lake bed

Xenogeologists release new map of 'Candor Colles' down low in the Valles Marineris
Simon Sharwood, 15 Dec 08:26

Rosetta beams back colour pics: 67P shades of grey are SO HOT right now

Pic Churyumov-Gerasimenko perfects the monochrome look
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Dec 15:00

Dark matter-hunting boffins spot EXCITING signal in X-ray spectrum

Vid Surprise photon emission tantalises scientists
Team Register, 13 Dec 18:30

Aged star could give us clues to HOT TEEN's behaviour

Answers to solar system's creation held by flaming ball
Lindsay Dodgson, 12 Dec 17:15

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf

Pic and video Next job, a way to strap it to sharks
Iain Thomson, 11 Dec 21:43

Boffins weigh in to perfect kilogram quest with LEGO kit

Bricked-up watt balance is 99 per cent accurate
Richard Chirgwin, 11 Dec 05:02
Nobel Prize

DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back

Russian billionaire says he can’t bear to keep gong
Iain Thomson, 11 Dec 04:01

Boffins cure BONING PROBLEMS in 'virtual lab'

Composite material sims reduce need to 'hope for the best'
Lindsay Dodgson, 10 Dec 13:01
Artist's concept of Curiosity

Mars was a WET mistress: Curiosity probes once-moist bottom

Mount Sharp was submerged, says nuclear droid
Professor Martin Green, UNSW

Solar sandwich cooks at 40 per cent efficiency

Boffins claim world record with three-tiered PV rig
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Dec 02:58
Fountain pen

You don't have to be a genius to tap into Albert Einstein's BRAIN

Huzzah! A collection of the theoretical physicist's papers are now online
Team Register, 06 Dec 20:00