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APPLE FAILS to ditch class action suit over ebook PRICE-FIX fiasco

Do not pass go, do cough (up to) $840m in damages

Don't let no-hire pact suit witnesses call Steve Jobs a bullyboy, plead Apple and Google

'Irrelevant' character evidence should be excluded – lawyers

Did a date calculation bug just cost hard-up Co-op Bank £110m?

And just when Brit banking org needs £400m to stay afloat
Gavin Clarke, 15 Apr 12:41

MtGox chief Karpelès refuses to come to US for g-men's grilling

Bitcoin baron says he needs another lawyer for FinCEN chat

Feds indict nine for making millions from Zeus malware

But cops only have two of them in custody
Iain Thomson, 14 Apr 18:58

Android engineer: We DIDN'T copy Apple OR follow Samsung's orders

Veep testifies for Samsung during Apple patent trial

FTC gets judicial thumbs-up to SUE firms over data breaches

If you don't take 'reasonable and appropriate' measures, get ready for court
Neil McAllister, 12 Apr 00:23

Reprieve for Weev: Court disowns AT&T hacker's conviction

Appeals court strikes down landmark sentence
Jack Clark, 11 Apr 17:30

Japanese schoolkids arrested in £2.4 MEEELLION phone fraud bust

17-year-old trio suspected of conning elderly in 'it's me' scams
Phil Muncaster, 11 Apr 06:32

Alphadex fires back at British Gas with overcharging allegation

Brit colo outfit says it paid for 347KVA, has been charged for 1940KVA
Simon Sharwood, 10 Apr 06:32

Banks slap Olympus with £160 MEEELLION lawsuit

Scandal hit camera maker just can't shake off its past
Phil Muncaster, 10 Apr 04:10
Angry old man

IBM was wrong to force UK workers off final salary pensions – judge

UK High Court rules Big Blue breached contract with staff
Kim Dotcom

Big Content goes after Kim Dotcom

Six studios sling sueballs at dead download destination
Simon Sharwood, 08 Apr 02:29

Apple sued in Texas troll territory for iMovie patent infringement

Plaintiff's lawyer: Representing inventors 'a noble cause' – but where's the inventor?
Rik Myslewski, 07 Apr 22:10


Australia's 'repeal day' de-regulated SPOOKS

Governments ignored the watchdog anyway, now it seems we don't need one

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front

+Comment Is Knowledge Graph killing its readership ?
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 09:03

£250k fine for dumping council workers' files in Tesco bins, er, binned

Comment But does this mean a change to ICO enforcement policy? Legal bod investigates

Brits give thumbs-up to shale gas slurping in university-run poll

Analysis The more you scare us, the more we ignore you
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Aug 07:31


Apple execs: 'Consumers want what we don't have'

Court docs show Samsung obsessed, Apple fretting over mobile battles
Shaun Nichols, 07 Apr 19:34

Nominet bins Optical Express' appeal against 'It ruined my life' website

Campaigner hopes to get MPs to regulate laser eye market
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Apr 14:05

Judge strikes down Apple attempt to bar Samsung's 'untrue' patent comments

Koh allows argument that Cupertino wasn't even using those patents
Shaun Nichols, 04 Apr 22:10

Google hands over $1.4m for unmarked Street View cars in Italy

Oh SNAP! They thought you were just motorists – regulator

French firms: You want us to compile DATABASES... of our SECRET information?

New law increases cyber attack risks, biz fumes to govt
OUT-LAW.COM, 04 Apr 07:34

Apple: You're a copycat! Samsung: This is really about Google, isn't it?

New Apple v Sammy trial kicks off with the same old arguments

Hotmail-gate: Windows 8 code leaker pleads guilty to theft of trade secrets

On the bright side, he's won our world's worst software pirate prize
Neil McAllister, 01 Apr 20:29

US judge tells Marvell to pay Carnegie Mellon Uni $1.5bn in patent fallout

Chipmaker to cough for 'wilful infringement' of uni's IP
management regulation1

US Supreme Court Justices hear arguments in game-changing software IP case

Which computer-implemented inventions are patent eligible?
Apple iPhone 4 (left) and Samsung Galaxy S 4G (right)

New Sammy patent trial: Apple seeks $40 PER 'infringing' handset

Korean firm expected to call in Google engineers
management regulation2

Silicon Valley wage collusion case will go to court

Judge Koh smacks down Google, Intel, Apple and Adobe
Richard Chirgwin, 30 Mar 21:50
Baidu Logo

Judge rules Baidu political censorship was an editorial right

Search engine results get freedom of speech protection in the US

No, Minister. You CAN'T de-Kindle your eBooks!

Or can you? Confusion reigns as gov bungles copyright proposals
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Mar 13:33
Bitcoin bloodbath

Bitcoin bloodbath as China shutters all trading sites

Cash will soon be the only way to pay for crypto-currency
management regulation1

China's rare earth supply crimp plan ruled to be illegal

Europe, USA and Japan will dig this World Trade Organisation ruling
Phil Muncaster, 28 Mar 05:03

Judge throws out lawsuit lobbed at Facebook for using kids' pics in targeted ads

Court rules children consented when they signed the Ts&Cs
Zombie cloud

Zombie Nortel grabs Cisco by the neck, again

Spherix claims patent rights over practically every network
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Mar 02:30