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'Blow it up': Plods pop round for chat with Commonwealth Games tweeter

You'd better not be talking about the council's housing plans
Jasper Hamill, 28 Jul 11:36

HP settles suit with popstar Chubby Checker over todger tester app

Reaches deal over eponymous software spat
Team Register, 28 Jul 10:21

Google's Canadian 'memory hole' to continue

Equustek case reaches beyond Canuck borders
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Jul 23:33

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION

Environmental activist walks free after hoax sent share price over a cliff
Simon Sharwood, 26 Jul 10:03

Apple smacked with privacy sueball over Location Services

Class action launched on behalf of 100 million iPhone owners
Jasper Hamill, 25 Jul 11:18

US judge 'troubled' by Apple's $450m bid to end ebook price-fixing row

Beak questions whether settlement is fair to customers

Australia floats website blocks and ISP liability to stop copyright thieves

Big Content could get the right to order ISPs to stop traffic
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jul 07:18

Arrr: Freetard-bothering Digital Economy Act tied up, thrown in the hold

Ministry of Fun confirms: Yes, we're busy doing nothing
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 16:21

Watching smut at work is bad but emailing it is just fine, says Oz court

Workers celebrate glorious hole in workplace pr0n policies
Darren Pauli, 24 Jul 07:28

Yorkshire cops fail to grasp principle behind BT Fon Wi-Fi network

'Prevent people that are passing by to hook up to your network', pleads plod
Jasper Hamill, 23 Jul 07:55


Today's Facebook fury: Coppertone-like baby pic ban baffles US mom

Worstall on Wednesday Never mind the Ts&Cs, what does the law say?
Google Chocolate Factory

Speaking in Tech: 'Right to be forgotten' ruling – what would Google do?

Podcast Plus: We're all living in the Post-Snowden Era™
Team Register, 09 Jul 11:41

When PR backfires: Google 'forgets' BBC TV man's banker blog post

Comment Robert Peston in right to be forgotten search takedown whodunnit
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Jul 13:02

Aereo has to pay TV show creators? Yes. This isn't rocket science

Analysis Copyright ruling good for innovation and democracy
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jun 14:53


You! Pirate! Stop pirating, or we shall admonish you politely. Repeatedly, if necessary

And we shall go about telling people you smell. No, not really
Kelly Fiveash, 21 Jul 13:11

US judge: YES, cops or feds so can slurp an ENTIRE Gmail account

Crooks don't have folders labelled 'drug records', opines NY beak

Brandon Gray aka Namejuice suspended by ICANN

Domain slamming accusations bite after ten years
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Jul 23:03

EU's top data cops to meet Google, Microsoft et al over 'right to be forgotten'

Plan to hammer out 'coherent' guidelines. Good luck chaps!
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 15:56

Cops nab suspect using CREEPY facial recog system

Looks like his dad, says computer
Jasper Hamill, 18 Jul 08:34

Ex-despot Noriega sues: How dare Call of Duty make me look like, like...

Jailed dictator gets precious over image rights
Jasper Hamill, 17 Jul 12:57

FORGOTTEN Bing responds to search index ECJ ruling: Hello? Remember us?

Microsoft received just 12 requests in early days of judgment
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Jul 10:39

Supposed 'leader' of LulzSec pleads guilty to hacking, hubris

Australian Federal Police say 'Aush0k' not international mastermind, just a naughty boy
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Jul 02:45

UN to Five Eyes nations: Your mass surveillance is breaking the law

And Navi Pillay calls for Snowden to be protected
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Jul 00:59

Want to legally unlock your phone from its network? The US Senate says that's A-OK

Bill passed. Now there's just niggling to sort out
Iain Thomson, 17 Jul 00:47

Sit back down, Julian Assange™, you're not going anywhere just yet

Swedish court refuses to withdraw arrest warrant
Neil McAllister, 17 Jul 00:27

British cops cuff 660 suspected paedophiles

Arrests people allegedly accessing child abuse images online
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Jul 14:58

Oracle to pay $130,000 plus costs in staff sexual harassment suit

Three judges increase compensation for Australian woman hassled ten times
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jul 07:02
Empty phone battery

Phone charging log helps to convict murderer

Alibi eroded by midnight metadata
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jul 01:04

Japanese artist cuffed for disseminating 3D ladyparts files

NSFW Printable genitalia fall foul of 'obscene material' laws
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 11:46

Delaware pair nabbed for getting saucy atop Mexican eatery

Burrito meets soft taco in alleged rooftop romp outrage
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 09:31
management regulation1

LightSquared backer sues FCC over spectrum shindy

Why, we might as well have been buying AIR
Simon Rockman, 14 Jul 17:03
Burning copyright symbol. Photo by: Martin Fisch http://www.flickr.com/photos/marfis75/ on flickr"

Murdoch calls for ISPs to be liable for users' activities

Submission to Australia/Korea trade treaty reveals

Amazon France routes around free shipping ban with €0.01 charge

New Questions Fréquemment Posées doc explains the workaround
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jul 00:58
An Amazon Prime Air drone

Amazon begs Feds for drone test permission slip

Application for test flights reveals more details of Prime Air 'copters
Simon Sharwood, 11 Jul 05:02

MonkeyParking FLINGS AWAY San Francisco service

Spot-broker halts operations following threats from City Hall
Shaun Nichols, 11 Jul 00:59