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Brightstar deal means Post Office mobile network could be a thing

A dozen stamps, some parcel tape and a new SIM, please
Simon Rockman, 26 Jan 12:44

Then there were 3: Another UK mobile network borged ...

Analysis ... and what it all means for speed, coverage and phone masts
Simon Rockman, 23 Jan 15:36

Microsoft: We bought Skype. We make mobiles.. Oh, HANG ON!

Analysis EUREKA! We should put the two together
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Jan 15:03

Telefónica to offload O2 to Three daddy Hutchison for £10.25bn

Talks reported last week, confirmed on Friday
Paul Kunert, 23 Jan 09:32

FORCE Apple to support BlackBerry hardware, demands John Chen

Net neutrality bandwagon, meet spasming mobe-maker
Simon Rockman, 22 Jan 17:45

EE data network goes TITSUP* after mystery firewall problem

Updated Nothing Nowhere for thousands of angry paying customers
Kat Hall, 22 Jan 09:38

Want an Internet of Stuff? Not so 4K-ing fast ... yet – Akamai

Analysis 4K speeds long way off, but IPv6 growing – report
Faultline, 19 Jan 09:37
O2 XDA Argon

Hong Kong mogul mulls MULTI-BEELLION POUND bid for O2 – report

Three daddy 'in talks' with Telefonica's UK mobile carrier
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jan 14:12

US mobe network Sprint breaks ranks, says YES to net neutrality

Give me a forebeared Title II, baby, says CTO
Kieren McCarthy, 17 Jan 00:58


A year with Canada's Volvo-esque smartphone – The BlackBerry Z30

Comment It's a phone! It texts! It calls! It surfs the web. OK, it's rather nice
top of the bt tower

If BT gets EE, it will trigger EU treasure hunt for fixed lines

Opinion Examining the motives of EU telco 'old boys' networks
Faultline, 31 Dec 08:37

OnePlus vs Micromax: Dream of Google-less Android now further away

+Comment Case highlights strange behaviour from Google-friendly VC-backed firm
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Dec 13:07
ISO7816 Tattoo

Vodafone: For Pete's sake! Apple’s 'soft' SIM's JUST AN EE SIM

+Comment We feel like we're taking crazy pills...
Simon Rockman, 11 Nov 16:56


UK's landmark mobile not-spot deal already falling apart

Labour takes umbrage with parliamentary process (and money)
Simon Rockman, 16 Jan 16:51

Come now, don't be beastly to cellphone giants, Supremes tell America's town halls

If you're going to reject a phone mast, give time for an appeal
Shaun Nichols, 16 Jan 04:03

Microsoft rolls out even cheaper 'Notkia' Lumias

Spruces up bargain basement mobes
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jan 12:59

5G needs new connectivity methods, say Spanish boffins

'No signal' not wanted in mm-wave world
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jan 05:02

BlackBerry Enterprise chief: Yes, we did leave users behind

Interview Network intelligence - our secret weapon
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Jan 10:03

You go fast, but we go 'further' and 'deeper' – Voda tells 'Speedy' EE

UK network claims: Mobile doesn't NEED over 20Mbps
Simon Rockman, 13 Jan 09:35

Android users are massive wan … er … smut consumers

Brits top for tablet content views. Stiffen your sinews
Simon Rockman, 12 Jan 13:42

US govt opens door to Google The Cellphone Network

NTIA readies 100MHz in 3.5GHz spectrum for release
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Jan 00:32

Lenovo hopes to say Hello Moto to smartphone cash

Brand to account for 40% of its 2016 smartmobe sales
Simon Rockman, 09 Jan 13:15

BILLIONTH Indian mobile subscriber due in 2015

Growth is slowing, but this mobile cloud thing clearly has legs
Simon Sharwood, 09 Jan 03:05

Right, who feels like going to an Ofcom meeting? Anyone? Bueller?

Show 'em how 'public' feels about ‘effective competition’
Simon Rockman, 07 Jan 10:32

'Open' SIMs, brain chips and Google's Nest: What to expect in wireless in 2015

Analysis We look at events that will shape the industry this year
Wireless Watch, 06 Jan 09:34
Man in an orange jumpsuit clutches prison bars. Image by Shutterstock

No cellphones in cells, you slag! moots prison mobe zap law

Best hope you're not a PAYG user outside Pentonville
Simon Rockman, 05 Jan 16:01
Cell tower, view from below. Image by

Whew, US cellcos... Better find a new revenue stream, QUICK

Analysis Value crashes across American mobile companies
Wireless Watch, 05 Jan 10:02
Huawei Campus Shenzhen Bantian

Huawei? Apple and Samsung's worst nightmare, pal

3 of the top 5 smartphone vendors now Chinese
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Jan 16:58
BlackBerry Passport

El Reg's Giant Mobile Industry Roundup of 2014: Part Deux

Part 2 BlackBerry squares, not-spots and ... cloudobile?
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Jan 11:29

T-Mobile US CEO on wearables: 'Apple Watch is the tipping point'

...and contracts are history, says crystal-ball-gazing bigwig
Simon Rockman, 31 Dec 12:24

El Reg's Giant Mobile Industry Roundup of 2014

Part 1 iPhone-gasms, a Wintel for phones and more...
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Dec 10:27