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FCC to smack Sprint with $105m fine over 'cramming' – report

Stuffing customers' bills with bogus charges will cost it
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 04:56

Unlock your mobe by STROKING it with your PEARL

1. Ram silicon into hapless mollusc. 2. ???? 3. Profit
Simon Rockman, 16 Dec 15:59

We are never getting back to... Samsung's baking Apple's 14nm 'A9' chips?

Promise of 14nm has Cupertino back in Sammy's arms - reports
Simon Rockman, 15 Dec 15:59 STILL won't pop a cap on stolen mobile bills

Brits still paying for mobe thieves' texts and calls

Euro consumers have TOO MUCH choice – telco operators

Let us meeeeerrrrrge, GSMA begs European Commission
Jennifer Baker, 12 Dec 10:31

Vodafone to spend more time hanging out at bus stops

Will use posters for cell sites to receive as well as transmit
Simon Rockman, 12 Dec 07:06
Two mobiles man

Buy Your Own Device: No more shiny-shiny work mobe for you

Bosses to pay for your calls, not your phone
Simon Rockman, 09 Dec 09:32

GSMA denies latest Snowden leak

No 'current' compromise, and our standards docs are public anyway
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Dec 00:58


ISO7816 Tattoo

Vodafone: For Pete's sake! Apple’s 'soft' SIM's JUST AN EE SIM

+Comment We feel like we're taking crazy pills...
Apple iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

Mobile carriers keep the promised land on an ever-receding horizon

Nobody - not you, devlopers or carriers - can afford the next generation of mobile services
Mark Pesce, 17 Oct 05:02


Get your staff working on the move: Develop that app for mobile

Mind the gap between the data centre and the handset
Dave Cartwright, 01 Dec 10:25

Will security concerns scupper your BYOD policy?

Analysis An unwanted gift? Or something for life?
Tom Brewster, 29 Nov 06:12

Cutting the cord without losing touch with your office

Here’s how to do mobile if you're an SME
Dave Cartwright, 28 Nov 16:23

BlackBerry's turnaround relies on a secret weapon: Its own network

Analysis The NOC nobody wanted is actually quite useful
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Nov 13:59

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE

Analysis Well get ON with it then, we're waiting
Iain Thomson, 27 Nov 09:18
The European flag

Dawn raids on Orange over TROMBONING allegations were fine, rules EU court

EC did nothing wrong when it bashed firm's doors in
Jennifer Baker, 25 Nov 19:06
Cellular antenna. Source: Vxla/Flickr

Qualcomm joins Ericsson, Telstra in 450 Mbps LTE demo

Fast enough to burn Telstra's biggest mobile data cap in five minutes
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Nov 03:45

First in line to order a Nexus 6? AT&T has a BRICK for you

Black Screen of Death plagues early Google-mobe batch
How to track her indoors

In a mall at the weekend? WORSE STILL, are you LOST?

Cambridge Silicon Radio intros SIRFusion ... for a knight in
Simon Rockman, 21 Nov 13:25