Networks binds mobe operators to £5bn not-spot deal

Networks agree investment for 90 per cent Blighty voice/text coverage

Bill cram woes piling up for Sprint: Campaigners lob in a sueball

CFPB seeking to get payback for fraudulent charges
Shaun Nichols, 18 Dec 02:56

Could Cisco's Intercloud give it another chokehold on the Internet?

Interview We asked senior veep Nick Earle what it means
Joe Fay, 17 Dec 16:54

FCC to smack Sprint with $105m fine over 'cramming' – report

Stuffing customers' bills with bogus charges will cost it
Neil McAllister, 17 Dec 04:56

Gigabit-over-TV-cable spec DOCSIS 3.1 passes interop test

Saviour of Australia's National Broadband network edges closer to real-world deployment
Simon Sharwood, 17 Dec 00:37

Unlock your mobe by STROKING it with your PEARL

1. Ram silicon into hapless mollusc. 2. ???? 3. Profit
Simon Rockman, 16 Dec 15:59

BT to gobble EE for £12.5bn – BTEE phone home

+Comment Soz Telefonica, BT's gone for the other one for home, mobe, TV, web 4-way
Kat Hall, 15 Dec 17:20

TalkTalk customers demand opt-out fix for telco's DNS ad-jacking tactics

Error Replacement Service is a neat moneyspinner for ISP
Kelly Fiveash, 15 Dec 16:27



French space agency teams with Google for broadband balloons

Antarctic balloon tech to be shared in hope of beaming bits to bods
Simon Sharwood, 14 Dec 23:27

NBN Co, Turnbull, issue contradictory broadband speed promises

Announcement of Telstra and Optus deals mentions 'goal' and 'policy to ensure' 25Mbps
Simon Sharwood, 14 Dec 22:30

HORRIFIED Amazon retailers fear GOING BUST after 1p pricing cockup

Nightmare before Christmas courtesy of RepricerExpress
Team Register, 14 Dec 16:51

FCC says taxpayer-bankrolled bumpkin broadband must be at least 10Mbps

Rural internet gets same standards as cityfolk
Shaun Nichols, 13 Dec 01:03

Chum's house burnt down? Facebook mulls 'DISLIKE' button for that

New knob to avoid this: 'My boyf dumped me' ... 4 Likes
Shaun Nichols, 12 Dec 23:01 STILL won't pop a cap on stolen mobile bills

Brits still paying for mobe thieves' texts and calls

BT Infinity ‘working to fix problem’ after three days of outages

Might be DNS, might be MSO. Either way, it’s BAD

Euro consumers have TOO MUCH choice – telco operators

Let us meeeeerrrrrge, GSMA begs European Commission
Jennifer Baker, 12 Dec 10:31

Tor takes off the gloves after sustained staffer harassment

'Women who work on Tor endure serious threats'
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 08:31

Vodafone to spend more time hanging out at bus stops

Will use posters for cell sites to receive as well as transmit
Simon Rockman, 12 Dec 07:06

Thought your household broadband was pants? Small biz has it worse

Ofcom: Only 56% of SMEs can access 'superfast' connections
OUT-LAW.COM, 11 Dec 10:35
Herdwick sheep walk towards the camera

Govt spaffs £170k to develop the INTERNET OF SHEEP

Forget the networked fridge, it's time for the IPv6 addressable ovine
Lindsay Dodgson, 11 Dec 06:56
Use button

Google+ to offer 'infinite' gender identity options

Choose your gender, or none if you like
Simon Sharwood, 11 Dec 05:32
An abandoned Telstra facility on the Stuart Highway

SURPRISE: Oz gov gives itself room to NEVER finish the NBN

But it WILL spend more money on inquiries

Net neutrality: Cisco, Intel, IBM warn FCC NOT to crack down on ISPs

Dozens of IT giants claim Title II will stifle broadband growth
Kieren McCarthy, 10 Dec 19:58 is HERE: Sckipio slurps funding to cook up SPAWN of VDSL tech

Israeli firm charges ahead with gigabit-over-copper kit
Simon Rockman, 10 Dec 12:44