Hong Kong protest puts mesh nets to the test in state censorship smash

FireChat becomes tool of choice for organizers
Shaun Nichols, 30 Sep 22:30

PEAK IPV4? Global IPv6 traffic is growing, DDoS dying, says Akamai

First time the cache network has seen drop in use of 32-bit-wide IP addresses
Shaun Nichols, 30 Sep 19:14

Beijing says YES, GIVE US the iPHONE 6 even if it spies for the NSA

But are Chinese consumers BUYING it? Hmmm
Jasper Hamill, 30 Sep 11:36

Consumers agree to give up first-born child for free Wi-Fi – survey

This Herod network's ace – but crap reception in bullrushes
John Leyden, 30 Sep 09:32

TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'

iPhones bent in Norwich? As if the place wasn't weird enough
Jasper Hamill, 30 Sep 06:02

New EU digi-commish struggles with concepts of net neutrality

Comment Oettinger all about the infrastructure – but not big on substance
Jennifer Baker, 29 Sep 23:12

Crouching tiger, FAST ASLEEP dragon: Smugglers can't shift iPhone 6s

China's grey market reports 'sluggish' sales of Apple mobe
Jasper Hamill, 29 Sep 13:33

Netflix bullish after six-country European INVASION

One-third of all homes? It could happen
Faultline, 29 Sep 08:35

NBN Co: Melton trial document SMELLS BAD

Network builder denounced leak before seeing it
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Sep 01:03

EE coughs to BROKEN data usage metrics BLUNDER that short-changes customers

Carrier apologises for 'inflated' measurements cockup
Kelly Fiveash, 28 Sep 11:59
BT Openreach van outside Comedy Pub

BT claims almost-gigabit connections over COPPER WIRE

Just need to bring the fibre box within 19m ...
Jasper Hamill, 26 Sep 07:55
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Internet Transit price falls slowing: Telegeography

Brazilians get waxed, Londoners get a steal
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Sep 06:28
Generic mast

Alcatel-Lucent techie: Race for ‘5G’ technologies is 'ridiculous'

'5G’ efforts are missing the point of the new mobile networks
Wireless Watch, 25 Sep 09:02


NBN Co Customer premises equipment

NBN Co says Melton test not valid, likely uses processes developed there anyway

Reg gets its claws into leaked report of FTTP rollout experiment

Transparency by Telstra: a good start but not enough

84,000-plus law enforcement requests, but for what?
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Sep 00:32
NBN Co Customer premises equipment

Vertigan killed FTTP but the battle for scalable FTTN has not begun

Australia's technology industries need to fight for the best-possible FTTN
Simon Sharwood, 01 Sep 22:14
Google UK office logos

Google could be a great partner for Iliad in its quest for T-Mobile

Comment C'est ridicule? Not if it works...
Faultline, 01 Sep 08:04


Sea-Me-We 5 construction starts

New sub cable to go live 2016
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Sep 04:04

Google to go Loony within the year

Balloon broadband forging ahead, says Teller
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Sep 03:05

Comcast: Help, help, FCC. Netflix and pals are EXTORTIONISTS

The others guys are being mean so therefore ... monopoly all good, yeah?
Shaun Nichols, 24 Sep 22:43

NSFW: Click here, watch iPhone 6 being TORTURED

Hammers, blenders, thermite - will Jesus mobe rise again?
Jasper Hamill, 24 Sep 11:17

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...

Guess they don't like our battery-draining update?
Jasper Hamill, 23 Sep 11:37

Comms Alliance preps vectored VDSL2 connection rules

Getting ready for the brand-new, old-copper NBN
Richard Chirgwin, 23 Sep 04:30

Huawei's top UK mobile man walks out in shock resignation

Where could former Samsung man be off to next?
Simon Rockman, 22 Sep 14:55
Miner sculpture

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp

Mountain View distances itself from lame 'network thingy'
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Sep 17:47
Phones4u logo

Vodafone to buy 140 Phones 4u stores from stricken retailer

887 jobs 'preserved' in the process, says administrator PwC
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Sep 14:05
By Veni Markovski - licensed under creative commons (attribution unported)

ISPs' post-net-neutrality world is built on 'bribes' says Tim Berners-Lee

Father of the worldwide web is extremely peeved over pay-per-packet-type plans
Iain Thomson, 20 Sep 03:58

Oh you crazy Frenchies. Iliad won't take no for an answer from T-Mob US

S'il vous plaît bébé, c'est mon anniversaire
London Apple store queue for iPhone 6

Reg bloke zips through an iPHONE 6 queue from ZERO to 60 SECONDS

Vid Arr, he'm used t'magic o' fast forrard, d'ye see
Jasper Hamill, 19 Sep 12:45
Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull: NBN won't turn your town into Silicon Valley

'People have been brainwashed to believe that their world will be changed forever if they get FTTP'
Simon Sharwood, 18 Sep 06:46