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Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner hacked in just 4 DAYS

Sammy's newbie cooked slower than iPhone, also costs more to build
Phil Muncaster, 16 Apr 03:42

Rounded corners? Pah! Amazon's '3D phone has eye-tracking tech'

Now THAT'S what we call a proper new feature
Simon Rockman, 15 Apr 13:58

Report: Apple seeking to raise iPhone 6 price by a HUNDRED BUCKS

'Well, that 5c experiment didn't go so well – let's try the other direction'
Rik Myslewski, 14 Apr 20:36

'China's Apple' heading to Asia and Latin America

Xiaomi boss and former Android man Barra leads the charge towards India, Brazil
Phil Muncaster, 14 Apr 03:57

Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style

Review Biometrics and kid-friendly mode in back-to-basics blockbuster
David Phelan, 11 Apr 09:01

Wanna build a module for Google's Project Ara mix-and-match phone? Here are your specs

Developlent kit released for hardcore hardware hacks only
Neil McAllister, 11 Apr 00:45


Samsung Galaxy S5

Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style

Review Biometrics and kid-friendly mode in back-to-basics blockbuster
HTC One M8 camera tricks

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

Review Nippy, gorgeous featu... Sigh. You're buying BMW, aren't you?
Simon Rockman, 01 Apr 12:00
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Little pink handjob: Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact

Review Sometimes size really doesn’t matter
Alun Taylor, 28 Mar 09:02


BlackBerry not afraid to throw its mobe biz under a bus, says CEO Chen

Updated 'We are not going to go up against WhatsApp'

NORKS' own smartmobe pegged as Chinese landfill Android

Fake kit in the hermit kingdom? That's just Kim Jong-un-believable!
Phil Muncaster, 09 Apr 06:05

Reg slips claws across Nokia's sexy sixties handsets, fondles flagship too

Hands On Budget contenders, premium wannabe break cover - briefly
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 07:06

Indonesia considers smartphone tax to spur local mobe-makers

Foxconn's $1bn factory investment looking like a very smart move
Phil Muncaster, 10 Apr 05:30

Microsoft's gobble of Nokia phone biz gets thumbs-up from China

Deal expected to go through this month, despite Indian tax dispute

Samsung slurps up full charge in 30 seconds with bio-battery

Vid Too bad it's the size of a brick
Iain Thomson, 07 Apr 19:26

Google teases more modular smartphone details in run-up to dev meet-up

Vid Project Ara/Phonebloks handset preparing for debutant ball later this month
Rik Myslewski, 04 Apr 23:29

BlackBerry and T-Mobile try $100 bribe to lure BBers to their side

Chiefs trade faux polite barbs as spat spits along

White House blasts Samsung for tweeting Obama-Ortiz selfie

President's lawyers looking into 'commercial' pic taken by Boston Red Sox player

Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER

Hands on Blog blag bug... You said WHAT would be in the OS?
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Apr 13:30

Qualcomm unveils MU-MIMO silicon

A bit of spectrum space-saving
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Apr 02:29

Vodafone to spend £100m on 150 new Brit phone shops

Extra 1,400 people will be able to work in mobile phone shops