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Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style

Review Biometrics and kid-friendly mode in back-to-basics blockbuster
David Phelan, 11 Apr 09:01

Wanna build a module for Google's Project Ara mix-and-match phone? Here are your specs

Developlent kit released for hardcore hardware hacks only
Neil McAllister, 11 Apr 00:45

BlackBerry not afraid to throw its mobe biz under a bus, says CEO Chen

Updated 'We are not going to go up against WhatsApp'

Indonesia considers smartphone tax to spur local mobe-makers

Foxconn's $1bn factory investment looking like a very smart move
Phil Muncaster, 10 Apr 05:30

NORKS' own smartmobe pegged as Chinese landfill Android

Fake kit in the hermit kingdom? That's just Kim Jong-un-believable!
Phil Muncaster, 09 Apr 06:05

Microsoft's gobble of Nokia phone biz gets thumbs-up from China

Deal expected to go through this month, despite Indian tax dispute


Samsung Galaxy S5

Gimme a high S5: Samsung Galaxy S5 puts substance over style

Review Biometrics and kid-friendly mode in back-to-basics blockbuster
HTC One M8 camera tricks

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

Review Nippy, gorgeous featu... Sigh. You're buying BMW, aren't you?
Simon Rockman, 01 Apr 12:00
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Little pink handjob: Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact

Review Sometimes size really doesn’t matter
Alun Taylor, 28 Mar 09:02


Reg slips claws across Nokia's sexy sixties handsets, fondles flagship too

Hands On Budget contenders, premium wannabe break cover - briefly
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Apr 07:06

Google teases more modular smartphone details in run-up to dev meet-up

Vid Project Ara/Phonebloks handset preparing for debutant ball later this month
Rik Myslewski, 04 Apr 23:29

White House blasts Samsung for tweeting Obama-Ortiz selfie

President's lawyers looking into 'commercial' pic taken by Boston Red Sox player

Samsung slurps up full charge in 30 seconds with bio-battery

Vid Too bad it's the size of a brick
Iain Thomson, 07 Apr 19:26

BlackBerry and T-Mobile try $100 bribe to lure BBers to their side

Chiefs trade faux polite barbs as spat spits along

Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER

Hands on Blog blag bug... You said WHAT would be in the OS?
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Apr 13:30

Qualcomm unveils MU-MIMO silicon

A bit of spectrum space-saving
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Apr 02:29

Vodafone to spend £100m on 150 new Brit phone shops

Extra 1,400 people will be able to work in mobile phone shops

Nokia: ALL our Windows Phone 8 Lumias will get a cool 8.1 boost

Build 2014 Finnish firm will be first to ship WinPhone 8.1 preinstalled, too
Neil McAllister, 03 Apr 02:02

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini tech specs REVEALED

And then there were four – report
Simon Rockman, 02 Apr 17:03

BlackBerry ditches T-Mobile US after iPhone advert spat

Won't renew licence after operator tried to flog Jesus mobes to BlackBerry-strokers

Apple poking at idea of bayonet phone fittings

System could bring new lens options for iOS devices
Shaun Nichols, 01 Apr 23:31