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WAITER! There's a Flappy Bird in my Lollipop!

New Android release includes frustrating, derivative, Easter Egg
Simon Sharwood, 20 Oct 02:45


Sony Xperia Z3 Android smartphone

Xperia Z3: Crikey, Sony – ANOTHER flagship phondleslab?

Review The Fourth Amendment... and it IS better
Nokia Lumia 735 Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 735: Ignore the selfie hype, it's a grown-up phone

Review Microsoft gets (almost) everything right in upgrade
Andrew Orlowski, 06 Oct 11:38
Apple iPhone 4s, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED

Review + Vid Cupertino's fuller phablet stopgap solution?


Foxconn exec on iPhone 6: You're BENDING it WRONG

Stop trying to 'distort' it... That's just gossip!
Jasper Hamill, 09 Oct 15:22

HTC débuts Desire Eye, 'GoPro-slapper' RE digital snapper

No cash, please, we're HTC, says debt-free mobile firm

Is Apple incubating a Macbook, iPad bastard child?

Over 12 inches big and running hybrid OS. The stuff of fantasy. Right?
Jasper Hamill, 07 Oct 18:03

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 SHUNNED by refusenik fanbois

Slowest adoption rate for THREE YEARS. That's like ... forever
Jasper Hamill, 07 Oct 14:02