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Got an Android phone? SMASH IT with a hammer – and do it NOW

Up to a BEELLION mobes vulnerable to Stagefright bug
Iain Thomson, 27 Jul 19:36

BlackBerry vows to make even fewer phones

New strategy means hardware business is just clinging on, at best
Andrew Orlowski, 24 Jul 03:58

British spooks wave through Samsung S6 mobes for UK govt bods

CESG KNOX on wood – certifies vendor's encryption tech
Team Register, 20 Jul 15:01

Marshall wants to turn your phone UP TO ELEVEN

'Loudest phone' is an Android with a sound card for FLACing good sound
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Jul 04:29

Apple and Samsung are plotting to KILL OFF the SIM CARD - report

First they took away our batteries, now this
Shaun Nichols, 16 Jul 22:37



Account at HSBC? BAD LUCK, no iPhone bonk-banking for you

You'll have to get your wallet out, like some sort of Stone Age SAVAGE
Kat Hall, 14 Jul 11:12


Great! Even your wallet will be dependent upon a battery you can't swap

Swimming in smartmobe profit? Let us guess, you're Tim Cook?

Pretty much all the paydirt goes to Cupertino these days, says analyst
Shaun Nichols, 13 Jul 21:42

SatNad's purple haze could see Lumia 'killed'. Way to go, chief!

Microsoft's self-inflicted PR crisis. Note to self: Speak clearly
Andrew Orlowski, 09 Jul 13:15

Smartphones are ludicrously under-used, so steal their brains

Who needs computers everywhere when the one in your pocket is ready for work?
Mark Pesce, 09 Jul 02:30

Apple: Factory minions, need another 90 million iPhones over here, stat

Cupertino gearing up for Fall's fanboi phone-fondling feeding frenzy
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jul 23:38

HTC in crisis: How did it get to this point? How did it get this bad?

Analysis 'We did everything the bloggers told us to!'
Andrew Orlowski, 08 Jul 20:23

Samsung to launch a Snapdragon 808-based clamshell smartphone

Not all phones are black glass rectangles, y'know
Simon Rockman, 08 Jul 15:43

The modest father of SMS, who had much to be modest about

Only the true inventor would deny his invention? Erm, well, not quite
Simon Rockman, 08 Jul 09:04

BB10 AND Android? How BlackBerry can have its cake and eat it

Analysis Expect GreenBerrys and BlackBerrys growing side by side
Andrew Orlowski, 07 Jul 22:19

Sony phone chief vows to keep losing money forever and ever

CEO may be less enthusiastic about staying in market until extinction of competitors
Team Register, 07 Jul 17:34