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Windows 10 MURDERED your Lumia? Microsoft says it may have a fix

Revamped Recovery Tool takes it nice and slow
Neil McAllister, 20 Apr 19:34

Huawei P8: Chinese mobes have arrived and the West should tremble

Analysis Flagship breathes down Samsung's neck
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Apr 16:32

Chinese 'Superphone' manufacturer declares war on Apple

Godwin's Law makes an appearance during handset launch
Simon Rockman, 20 Apr 08:35



iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Mix of Android, iOS and booze turns nasty in Oklahoma
Simon Sharwood, 20 Apr 07:32

Android finally shows up for work, app in hand

The 'ultimate solution to get work done on your device', apparently
Simon Rockman, 17 Apr 17:41

Windows Phone 10: Less stuff that does more – plus IE-killer Project Spartan

Hands On More features, less usability. Fair trade?
Tim Anderson, 17 Apr 15:28

Google's new scribble-tab-ulous handwriting interface for Android

First Look Scrawl-ware does 82 languages, @s and "quotes"
Simon Sharwood, 16 Apr 06:03

Microsoft cramming free stuff into Galaxy S6es? Not so fast – US telcos

Apps scrubbed from AT&T, Verizon mobes, because choice
Neil McAllister, 14 Apr 22:41

Life after Nokia: Microsoft Lumia 640 budget WinPho blower

Review Ticks all the boxes and then some, as long as Win10 doesn't ruin it
Andrew Orlowski, 14 Apr 14:28

Nokia: Yes, we're chatting up Alcatel-Lucent

Deal would create €26bn firm to rival Ericsson
Kat Hall, 14 Apr 09:31

Motorola's 5-incher finds the G-spot: Moto G 4G budget Android smartie

Review Does it all and does it respectably, unless you want a fat camera
Alun Taylor, 13 Apr 09:04