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Pass the Lollipop: Google creepily warms to body contact with Android lock function

Now thieves are encouraged to wrestle mobe from your hands
Kelly Fiveash, 22 Mar 15:52

BlackBerry joins the FREAK show

Working on patches now
Richard Chirgwin, 17 Mar 03:02

Brute force box lets researchers, Cops, pop iDevice locks

Passwords gone in 17 hours unless you upgrade to iOS 8.2
Darren Pauli, 16 Mar 08:28

Fujitsu SPARCs up liquid cooling for smartphones

1mm metal plate contains coolant and can be cut to fit any gadget
Simon Sharwood, 16 Mar 06:02



Consumers beware! Ofcom's seen a scary new mobe nasty: APPS

And some of them might (gasp) exploit your mobe. OMG
Simon Rockman, 11 Mar 14:38

Tastier Lollipops for chosen few as Google releases Android 5.1

Minor update's biggest new feature is burglar-proofing 'Device Protection'
Simon Sharwood, 10 Mar 06:00

United Nations: For pity's sake don't use your iPhone in your car

Just 9 mobes from a year ago can be trusted, says ITU
Simon Rockman, 06 Mar 18:32

Saygus aims buffed up V2 Android mobe at Samsung

MWC 2015 Shows Koreans where to stick the memory
Simon Rockman, 04 Mar 12:02

Google Chrome suffers brain freeze on Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Ad giant to old OS users: Move on already!
Shaun Nichols, 04 Mar 02:41

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A side swipe at smartphone design

Review Edgy? Well, it has a lot of potential
Alun Taylor, 03 Mar 22:02

'Fry-OS 8' iPhone BLEW UP MY PANTS wails roasted Johnson

Fella's hot Valentine's Day action ends in clothes ripped off, 3rd-degree burns
Iain Thomson, 03 Mar 21:43

BlackBerry gets flirty with QWERTY IP, launches $275 Leap

MWC 2015 Everything is up for licensing, too
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Mar 12:03