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Finally, with W10, Microsoft’s device strategy makes sense

Analysis It's not about the hardware... it's about a 'unified experience'
Wireless Watch, 28 Oct 12:36

Xiaomi preps Linux laptops for the post Christmas sales rush

Cheap'n'cheerful firm introduces yet another product line
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 11:58

At last, UK customers are buying PCs again

As for Europe's other major territories ... less said the better
Paul Kunert, 20 Oct 08:36

We snubbed Microsoft's Surface Pro wooing, says Lenovo exec

Canalys Channels Forum 'They asked us a year ago but why would we sell a competitor's device'
Paul Kunert, 15 Oct 17:22




You can hack a PC just by looking at it, say 3M and HP

Thankfully these plastic shields stop data penetrating the retina-consciousness interface
Simon Sharwood, 15 Oct 07:26

Amazon Fire HD 8: Mid-spec Nokia Lumi... er, MediaTek slab

Amazon's Fire tabs shift in wake of Fire Phone debacle
Alun Taylor, 13 Oct 08:59

HP creates laptop for SITH LORDS

Is this really what Meg Whitman meant by 'innovative new computing experiences'?
Simon Sharwood, 09 Oct 04:02

HP boss hopes MS Surface Book will jack up notebook prices

Canalys Channels Forum Dell bigwig 'not happy' though
Joe Fay, 08 Oct 10:03

Ad-slinging rootkit nasty permanently drills into Android mobes, tabs

Kernel-exploiting Kemoge in 20 countries and counting
John Leyden, 07 Oct 17:50

Surface Book: Microsoft to turn unsuccessful tab into unsuccessful laptop

Just joshing, Redmond – its first proper tab-top is packed with power and $1500 price tag
Iain Thomson, 06 Oct 19:46