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Don't – don't – install iOS 9.3 on your iPad 2: Upgrade bricks slabs

Updated Dead tab or a vulnerable tab – your choice, Apple fans
Shaun Nichols, 23 Mar 20:30

One in five PCs will be a tablet with detachable keyboard by 2020

Windows 10 looks to have hit the goldilocks zone for the hybrid PC/tablet experience says IDC
Simon Sharwood, 18 Mar 03:01

Microsoft Surface Book: Shiny slab with a Rottweiler grip on itself

Review Luxury and utility – at Mayfair prices
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Mar 16:26

Don't fear PC-pocalypse, Chromebooks, two-in-ones 'will save us'

Notebooks will be fine if everyone just changes their definition of 'notebook'
Shaun Nichols, 09 Mar 22:08

Your anger is our energy, says Microsoft as it fixes Surface

Updates land for borked Surface Book and Pro 4
Simon Sharwood, 18 Feb 07:30




Tandy 102 proto-laptop still alive and beeping after 30 years, complete with AA batteries

Runtime Eight lines of text. 40 characters per line. Glorious grey LCDs. PLUS: C64 redux!
Darren Pauli, 17 Feb 06:04

Shopping for PCs? This is what you'll be offered in 2016

The world's big three PC vendors explain what they think you want to buy
Simon Sharwood, 15 Feb 08:02

Panasonic Toughbooks are so tough they can smoke

It's a fire-bug, not a feature. So Panasonic's recalling machines from 2011 to 2013
Simon Sharwood, 11 Feb 03:58

Fleet of 4.77MHz LCD laptops with 8088 CPUs still alive after 30 years

Reader has 'a couple of dozen' Toshiba T1000s still in use 24/7, and a tale of embezzlement to dazzle
Simon Sharwood, 09 Feb 04:59

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!

And rather better than a US$35 tablet, if you need a Windows 10 machine lurking around
Simon Sharwood, 08 Feb 07:02

Canonical and Spain's BQ team to put Ubuntu on a tablet

Tablet, schmablet, this is a converged experience. Or something
Team Register, 07 Feb 23:58