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John Ellenby, British inventor of the first laptop, powers off

Obituary GRiD Compass made it into space and onto Aliens
Iain Thomson, 30 Aug 21:12

Intel's makeshift Kaby Lake Cores hope to lure punters from tired PCs

Seventh-generation processors with DRM-friendly UHD engine will appear from next month
Chris Williams, 30 Aug 13:00

Microsoft releases firmware fix for faulty Surface Pro 3 batteries

'Portable' device can now be untethered from wall
Kat Hall, 30 Aug 11:44

$329 for a MacBook? Well, really a 'HacBook' built on an old HP

Bring your own Mac OS licence and cross your fingers before the legal letters land
Simon Sharwood, 30 Aug 06:30

California to put all your power-hungry PCs on a low carb(on) diet

Hippy Golden State would be first to limit machines sold within its borders
Shaun Nichols, 04 Aug 18:38

Tablet sales remain bitter, but Nougat tipped to sweeten the market

Shipment slump means just the iPhone outsells tablets from all vendors
Simon Sharwood, 02 Aug 05:32




Gigabyte BIOS blight fright: Your megabytes’ rewrite plight in the spotlight

Vendors queue for punishment as 'ThinkPwn' fallout spreads
Darren Pauli, 06 Jul 01:05

Apple's 'lappable' iPad Pro concept is far from laughable

Road test We've taken the nine-inch iPad Pro and instant global broadband for a spin
Simon Sharwood, 20 Jun 02:05