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How many Surface power cords are a fire risk? 2.25 million in the US alone

But five million slab-books sold worldwide before March last year
Paul Kunert, 03 Feb 12:52

Tiny tech takes Turkish tin-rattling title

Arduino-based prototyping board an obvious crowdfunding hit
Lester Haines, 26 Jan 11:04

Recall: Bring out yer dead and over-heating Microsoft Surface Pro power cords

People, please 'do not wind, twist or pinch your cords. Here's a free replacement'
Paul Kunert, 19 Jan 19:12

The designer of the IBM ThinkPad has died

Richard Sapper also worked for Alessi and Fiat
Drew Cullen, 06 Jan 15:16

Thinking of buying a Surface? Try a modular OLED Thinkpad first

Review Aiming for expense account impulse buyers
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Jan 12:42

Surface Pro 4: Will you go the F**K to SLEEP?

Review Great design, good hardware… shame about the software
Andrew Orlowski, 22 Dec 13:19




Microsoft beats Apple's tablet sales, apologises for Surface 4 flaws

Flickering lights, sleeplessness leave Redmond's typoslabs feeling drained
Simon Sharwood, 14 Dec 00:58

Tablet computer zoom error saw plane fly 13 hours with 46cm hole

Qatar Airways flight took off from wrong spot, hit lights, made it home without alarm
Simon Sharwood, 11 Dec 03:58

Lenov-lol, a load of Tosh, and what the Dell? More bad holes found in PC makers' bloatware

In brief Visit evil webpage – lose control of your computer
Chris Williams, 05 Dec 15:07

OLPC's modular heir hits the crowdfunding trail

The only thing slower than the original XO is the timeline for delivery of new kiddie-tab
Simon Sharwood, 30 Nov 05:02

Apple's Faulty Powers moment: iPad Pro slabs 'temporarily bricked' during recharge

Fanbois fret following freaky phantom fondleslab freezes
Shaun Nichols, 17 Nov 22:36

Amazon vendors flog thousands of rooted, malware-laden tablets

Because getting infected in the after-market is so tedious
Darren Pauli, 13 Nov 07:31