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Chromebook Pixel owners' promised free data plans being prematurely axed

Google, Verizon: As US politico Joe Wilson once yelled at President Obama, 'You lie!'
Rik Myslewski, 24 Jun 01:13

Microsoft hopes for FONDLESLAB FRENZY as Surface Pro 3 debuts

User-guide slips show Surface Mini expected soon
Iain Thomson, 20 Jun 18:44

Google uses disruptive 'poem' tech to announce new Chromebook availability

New technique from ad-slinger inspires El Reg poem-post
Jack Clark, 02 Jun 21:20

Toshiba's CB30-102 13.3in Chromebook – imagine a tablet with a keyboard

Review Adjusting to life with Chrome's disease
Bob Dormon, 02 Jun 09:29

ASUS launches 5-in-1 Android Windows Phone laptop tablet (breathe)

Computex Kung Fu master and ASUS Daddy Jonney Shih exercises his Chi
Simon Sharwood, 02 Jun 06:56

HP reveals Apple-powered Android 'SlateBook'

How fast can PC-makers rip up their deals to bake Beats audio into their kit?
Simon Sharwood, 01 Jun 23:29


HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation

Chuh. Heavy, dude: HP ZBook 17 mobile workstation

Review Welcome to your portable paving slab
Bob Dormon, 26 May 10:01
Asus Transformer Book Trio

This THREESOME is a HANDFUL: It’s the Asus Transformer Book Trio

Review Android tablet plus Windows laptop... plus Windows desktop
Alun Taylor, 03 Feb 12:01


LenovOUCH! Thinkpad's overheating batteries spark recall alert

Li-ion batt damage threat to 'computer, nearby property'
Iain Thomson, 27 Mar 22:08

WebEx gets shiny Chromebook look

Cisco targets growing platform in otherwise-limp laptop market
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Mar 02:33

Hey doc, what's the PC's prognosis? A. Long-term growth below zero

Everyone wants battery-friendly chips or beefy server silicon, says IDC
Jack Clark, 05 Mar 07:27

Alliance for Wireless Power to pursue new 50W standard

Dell's clambers aboard standards group's magnetic resonance bandwagon
Simon Sharwood, 21 Feb 03:56

Apple patents touch-sensitive controls for MacBook

Boffins break out bezel button blueprints
Shaun Nichols, 18 Feb 20:52