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Broadcom sues Sony over MPEG, wireless etc patents in PlayStation 4

Chip biz alleges console maker let tech pact lapse
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jun 21:55

Take that, Mom! Turns out Super Mario Bros was all about solving complex math problems

Things only 80s kids will remember: Doing NP equations with a D-pad
Shaun Nichols, 01 Jun 20:13

Hooves in spaaace: Goat Simulator goes galactic

Caprine capers continue with Waste of Space expansion
Lester Haines, 25 May 13:40

Cisco suggests network administration is fun and games

'GEEK FACTOR' trademark application mentions 'game software for mobile phones'
Simon Sharwood, 11 May 00:24

Oculus, why do you need to record our every move? Al Franken asks

US Senator wants details on data harvesting by VR spex
Shaun Nichols, 07 Apr 23:48

Antique Code Show


This chap's maintained an Apple game for 32 years – from Mac to iOS

Klondike creator has been at it since the days of Pascal
Shaun Nichols, 23 Mar 08:40

Brit geeks craft bijou Pi Zero gaming controller

Diminutive 'R-Kade Zero' hits Kickstarter
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 11:35

Go No! Google cyber-brain bests top-ranked human in ancient game

Chalk one up for Skynet – for now. Still time for Mankind to pull it back
Shaun Nichols, 09 Mar 19:07

Fail0verflow GitHubs PS4 Linux loader

Jailbreaker goes public, helping put penguins on PlayStations
Richard Chirgwin, 09 Mar 03:57

MAME goes fully FOSS

Multi arcade machine emulator says PEW PEW PEW to closed licences
Simon Sharwood, 06 Mar 21:33

D&D geeks were right – their old rule books ARE worth something now

But only $50, after you cast Spell of Unbinding and place pages upon Glass of Scanning
Simon Sharwood, 22 Feb 07:57