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Blighty flings £4m to help n00b games devs level up

Gov goes all ¡BONG! on code that goes BANG to breed next Lara Croft
Simon Sharwood, 12 Oct 07:26

Microsoft gobbles Chipzilla's Havok 3D physics unit in cloud gaming play

Don't worry – it promises to play nice with others
Neil McAllister, 03 Oct 00:58

Is the world ready for a Raspberry Pi-powered Lego Babbage Engine?

Neat idea could become reality with Reg readers' support

Total War: Warhammer, Blood Bowl and other Games Workshop table-to-screen delights

Game Theory Giant chess with a Terminator? Bring it on
Lucy Orr, 22 Sep 14:03

Game CARTRIDGES make a comeback ... for smartmobes

Plan calls for games once Big in Japan to become small in Japan again
Simon Sharwood, 16 Sep 05:31

Antique Code Show


Nintendo plugs new prez into games console giant

Tatsumi Kimishima handed controller following death of Satoru Iwata
Team Register, 14 Sep 14:32

Hats off to Nintendo’s platform supremo Super Mario Bros at 30

Antique Code Show Mushroom munching pipe bender gets old
Giles Hill, 11 Sep 09:10

Stealth service – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Game Theory Kojima-heavy title was worth the wait... right?
Mike Plant, 07 Sep 10:28

Wangling my way into the 4K gaming club with a water-cooled whopper

Feature Catching a glimpse of uncanny valley
Lucy Orr, 04 Sep 09:05

Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

Game Theory Create your own car, crack on with combat collisions
Lucy Orr, 03 Sep 09:03