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iPad media apps: Stealthed hobbits thwart Google's flaming Eye

Opinion Tablet media applications have a Google invisibility cloak around their stories. As this spreads a deadly revenue-denying dart could penetrate Google's media business model. eyeofSauron 'There is no hope in the void' The worldwide web is wide open, and Google takes full advantage of that, indexing everything it can find …
Chris Mellor, 17 Dec 2010
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NFC mobe-touchpay trial does end run round handset makers

A bank, a network operator and a transport company will be deploying a payment infrastructure based on Near Field Communications (NFC) technology in mobile phones, but without inviting handset manufacturers to the party. StarHub will be running the invitation-only trial of NFC payments in Singapore with DBS Bank, featuring …
Bill Ray, 3 Dec 2010

IBM chips the laser light fantastic

Boffins at IBM have come up with a better way to embed laser communications onto processor and memory chips using plain vanilla CMOS manufacturing processes, paving the way for three-dimensional chips integrating hundreds of processors, their main memory, and on-chip optical networks that will, it is hoped, allow for the …

Multi-colour e-ink to splash down in six months?

Electronic ink is going colour - but you should probably wait a bit for your rainbow-friendly e-reader. A year ago we looked at e-ink technologies, and suggested it would be 2011 before we saw colour e-ink devices on the shelves. On this occasion it seems we got it about right; though if you can wait until the latter part of …
Bill Ray, 14 Nov 2010
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The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables

This Old Box One of Apple's oddest machines just turned 21, meaning that here in California we can now legally buy it a pint and raise a toast — if not to its success, at least to its good intentions. Apple Macintosh Portable The year was 1989, when Apple still had "Computer" in its name (click to enlarge) No, we're not talking about …
Rik Myslewski, 9 Nov 2010
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All hail Barbie Stalker Girl!

I am the father of four daughters, aged 23-10, and have learnt a thing or two over the years about Barbie dolls. The most salient thing is the "generational split" within my family - the two older girls owned Barbies and played with Barbies - the two younger junked the hand-me downs and never played with dolls. Of any kind. Ever …
Drew Cullen, 2 Nov 2010

Apple signals disk free notebooks way to go

Apple's new MacBook Air is as cheap as the MacBook at £849, signalling the end of premium pricing for Apple's slim hinged flash slab. When it was introduced two years ago the MacBook Air was priced pretty high but it had a great spec. It still does but the smaller 11-inch screen model is now priced like the entry level MacBook. …
Chris Mellor, 21 Oct 2010
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Apple hit by iPad sales guessing game

Comment So who exactly forecast Apple's fourth quarter - equivalent to calendar Q3 - iPad sales would be so much higher than the 4.19m the company last night announced that it had shipped during the period? Someone must have done, to prompt all the stories appearing across the internet suggesting that Apple's iPad sales were "lower …
Tony Smith, 19 Oct 2010

Behind the Kindle, under the iPad: an unholy alliance

Frankfurt Book Fair If some of the speakers at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair are to be believed, your life — or at least the part of it that involves snuggling up in bed with a good book and mug of hot cocoa — is about to be turned upside down. Sure, we've heard plenty on books going electronic, but the coverage mostly focuses on the devices — …
Matt Stephens, 14 Oct 2010
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Bloggers swallow iPhone 4 screen weakness claim

Analysis You have to take care with statistics, and that is certainly the case with the report from US computer warranty house SquareTrade headlined "iPhone 4 glass breaking 82 per cent more than iPhone 3GS four months in". Says the company: "SquareTrade analysed iPhone accidents for over 20,000 iPhone 4s covered by SquareTrade Care …
Tony Smith, 13 Oct 2010
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Google sticks goggles on the iPhone

Google is rolling out its Goggles product as part of an update to its iPhone suite, taking iPhone users right up to the bleeding edge of what even Google can achieve. We say "bleeding edge" advisedly, as Google Goggles is a very ambitious attempt to trigger internet searches based on photographs, and one that (in our …
Bill Ray, 6 Oct 2010
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iPhone mules are taking our handsets, damnit!

Thirty years ago, I met a Frenchman who lived in Kent and was on the dole. He had to sign on every two weeks. He was also registered as unemployed in France, where he signed on once a month. So each month he would cross the ferry in his van, laden with... upright pianos. As you already know, pianos were much popular in …
Drew Cullen, 21 Sep 2010
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PARC turns 40: mice, money, and the new interwebs

Mention "Xerox" and "PARC," and you'll likely be greeted by a rolling of the eyes or an off-hand comment like: "Didn't they invent the mouse and let Microsoft make all the money?" That happened to me more than once when I mentioned I was heading to the Palo Alto Research Center to interview a few folks for the iconic institution …
Gavin Clarke, 20 Sep 2010

Fanboys flabbergasted by 'Apple TV runs iOS' revelation

Why is everyone so amazed that the Apple TV runs iOS? True, Apple itself has never said as much, but anyone who has looked at the product's tech specs on the Apple website - posted almost immediately after the device's announcement - will see that it's based on Apple's A4 CPU. The A4 is, of course, the ARM-based system-on-a- …
Tony Smith, 20 Sep 2010
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Jobs moves to the heavens with Apple TV

Analysis With its Apple TV revamp announced Wednesday, Apple dipped its toes into the entertainment cloud — if you'll forgive a muddled metaphor. It's a tentative baby step, but expect more cloudy offerings from Cupertino if the experiment is a success. Although iTunes has allowed you to either rent or buy movies for some years now, …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Sep 2010
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Pundits predict plunging iPad market share

Acer's chairman JT Wang may believe Apple's share of the tablet market may shortly plunge to between 20 and 30 per cent, but market watcher iSuppli doesn't see it falling below 60 per cent, for the next few years at least. Wang argues that the arrival of a fleet of Android-based tablets from his company and others will …
Tony Smith, 26 Aug 2010

Apple as a religion: How the iPhone became divine

Apple lovers vs. Apple haters is a common theme on the tech forums. Some think that there is a consumer psychology dynamic at play, that turns us into Brand Evangelists or Brand Talibans. Two American academics, admittedly new media academics, Heidi Campbell and Antonio La Pastina, take a different tack in comparing Apple to …
Drew Cullen, 3 Aug 2010
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Hybrid hard drives: what's not to like?

Flash-based SSD drives may be bloody fast, but they're also bloody expensive. For some road warriors, price is immaterial, but for most mortals — or for their employers — price is everything. This is where hybrid hard drives come into their own, delivering better performance than traditional hard drives, but for only a small …
Chris Mellor, 28 Jun 2010
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World Cup stats fever - have you got the balls to win?

No host nation has ever lost the opening game of the World Cup. Now combine that nugget with knowing that South Africa is the lowest-ranked football team, by some distance, to have ever hosted the competition – the squad is 83rd in FIFA's rankings. What do you think is going to happen when they face up to Mexico (ranked 17th) …
Robert Blincoe, 11 Jun 2010
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Music biz pot calls Apple black

Comment Here's a question. Do you think Walker's Crisps are the most popular because people just love Walker's crisps? Until the 1980s the British snack business comprised lots of local favourites. Big money marketing changed that, and in the early 1990s, PepsiCo spent millions on muscling the 'portfolio' of 'brands' it had acquired, …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 May 2010

Major manufacturer tells reviewer: sample our kit in... er... a shop

Bootnote What do you do if you're a consumer website and you want to review the latest in 3D telly technology from a very well known major consumer electronics company? Go to John Lewis. That's what Reg Hardware's 3D TV correspondent was today advised to do by the manufacturer's PR agency. It's good news for the Middle England's …
Tony Smith, 19 May 2010

iPad talks to external hard drive? Yes it can

Apple's iPad has internal Flash memory and no easy way to connect an external hard drive. But it can be done. Apple sells a Camera Connection Kit which consists of two plug-in adapters and will cost £25 in the UK from June. They plug in to the iPad's 30-pin dock connector and provide either a USB port or an SD Card reader port. …
Chris Mellor, 14 May 2010
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Apple, the iPhone 4G, the cops and the click-tart

Impressive. A not insignificant section of the intertubes is holding Apple entirely responsible for a brutal, paramilitary-style dawn raid by heavily-armed cops (we exaggerate, before they do) on the lovely home of peaceful citizen and Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. And all we actually know that Apple has done is first, ask Gizmodo …
John Lettice, 28 Apr 2010
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Brussels to rule on cheap pub football sat decoders

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has been asked whether football rights holders can stop a company importing cheap satellite television decoder cards to allow games to be shown in pubs. Football's European governing body UEFA has sued Euroview, which imports decoder cards from elsewhere in the EU allowing pubs …
OUT-LAW.COM, 22 Apr 2010
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Normal Human Being™ reviews the iPad

The iPad has inspired yet another high-powered business type to make a mobile-device purchase. Of a netbook. As you may have heard, Apple's iPad went on sale last Saturday in the US. Since - and even before - that momentous event, boundless bloviatory bytes dissecting Cupertino's "magical and revolutionary" device have …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Apr 2010
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Boy, 4, presses dad's iPhone, wins £500 eBay auction

A four year-old boy bid £500 for - and won - a bookplate signed by JK Rowling - while playing with his dad's iPhone. His father, James Hinton, 30, had been browsing eBay for signed books, when a call of nature intervened. He put his phone down on the sofa, and went to the toilet. Thirty seconds later, he returned to find his son …
Drew Cullen, 29 Mar 2010

After Sony PSP phone, a 3G Nintendo DS?

Mobile gaming lies at the heart of all the best smartphone rumors this quarter, so it's no surprise that talk of a Nintendo handset have resurfaced. The Japanese firm is reported to be preparing a complete revamp of its DS handheld console for launch at June's E3 show, which would come with embedded 3G and ship in time for the …
Wireless Watch, 16 Mar 2010
DVD it in many colours

Android - the winning formula for tablets and netbooks?

What might the iPad have been? Apple announced it as a Magical and Revolutionary Device, defining "an entirely new category". But it actually only addresses a small part of the yawning gap between mobile handsets and notebook computers, where there's still a lot of defining to be done. There's space there for dramatically …
John Lettice, 9 Mar 2010

What's so bad about Samsung's Bada?

Samsung has been showing its first Bada phone, able to download applications from Samsung's version of iTunes and nowhere else. But will Bada really challenge Apple and the iPhone? That's clearly what Samsung has in mind - Bada is a closed platform owned and controlled by Samsung, and Bada applications have to be approved by …
Bill Ray, 9 Mar 2010

Everything you ever wanted to know about Xbox hacking

Analysis Hacking and phishing threats that PC users have suffered for years are now becoming part and parcel of the online gaming experience for users of Microsoft's Xbox console. Chris Boyd (AKA PaperGhost) - who recently joined Sunbelt Software as a security researcher and is a long-time dedicated gamer - has studied the growth of …
John Leyden, 21 Feb 2010

How chavvy is your town? Find out with the ASBOrometer

Just what you never knew you needed, the ASBOrometer, an app for iPhones and Android devices, which lets you know how many people with antisocial behaviour orders there are in your neighbourhood. Here is an application to make you feel lucky and superior or depressed about impending ghettofication, for which we thank Jeff …
Drew Cullen, 17 Feb 2010
iPad vs e-book readers

iPad vs e-book readers: price matters

Analysis Apple would have been daft not to embrace e-books when planning the iPad, but will its new offering hinder the likes of the Kindle? If your definition of an e-book reader is a tablet equipped with a monochrome E Ink screen, then the answer is likely to be in the affirmative. E Ink screens have just one advantage over the iPad’ …
Tony Smith, 29 Jan 2010
Apple iPad

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly

Analysis If you don't understand what Apple's iPad is all about, think of it this way: it's a portable TV. You think we jest? Consider. What we call a TV has long become divorced from its original function: to receive and display broadcast pictures. The process of separation began in the 1980s when we started watching pre-recorded …
Tony Smith, 28 Jan 2010

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

Comment Steve Jobs succeeded in surprising no one. The Apple CEO took to a San Francisco stage Wednesday morning to announce Apple's latest effort to change the face of mobile computing, and even the device's name was no surprise. The Reg first dubbed Apple's impending tablet the "iPad" last October. Essentially a beefed-up iPod touch …
Rik Myslewski, 27 Jan 2010
Apple tablet mockup (from TG Daily)

Apple's iPad - the tablet with the data center soul

Comment The soul of Apple's soon-to-be-unveiled iPad won't reside in Cupertino. You'll find it in Catawba County, North Carolina. That's the whereabouts of the WestStar Mission Critical Data Park, where Apple is busily building its $1bn data center, scheduled to open later this year. Yes, we're fully aware that the iPad is still a …
Rik Myslewski, 20 Jan 2010

iSlate? I spy more control from Cupertino

Apple is probably going to launch some sort of tablet PC next month, probably on January the 26th, but is this a revolution in computing or a revolution in control? The iSlate will take the iPhone concept into a decent-sized package, but more importantly for Apple it takes the security and control model into the realm of …
Bill Ray, 31 Dec 2009
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history

Comment It seems no one will be updating the Galaxy to Android 2, annoying customers whose purchase decision was based on what it would do rather than what it could do. The Galaxy was launched in September and has been updated a couple of times since, but it seems that the handset won't be getting an upgrade to Android version 2 …
Bill Ray, 30 Dec 2009

It's the end of TV as we know it

Comment Carphone Warehouse has signed up to Project Canvas and the BBC is to promote it. This probably heralds the beginning of the end for broadcast TV. The addition of Carphone Warehouse just before Christmas, brings in the recently-acquired Tiscali TV operation, with its experience of using video on demand to deliver services that …
Bill Ray, 29 Dec 2009
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Traffic reports for the wrong country? There's an iPhone app for that

It's central London and it's time to go home. So you just fire up Navigon MobileNavigator before you go, to check Traffic Live for potential bottlenecks. Hmm, looks like there's congestion around the port of Dunkerque, so we'd best rule out that short cut to Hackney via Dover and Lille. But on the other hand, there are no …
John Lettice, 22 Dec 2009
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Android's delicate guts ripped apart

Photos Sure, plenty of people have cracked the iPhone's software, but the Droid's hardware? That's a different matter. Motorola's engineers have worked hard to make their debut Android-powered phone as delicate - and difficult - to deconstruct as possible. The tear-down crew at PhoneWreck got to grips with this Google-powered midget …
Gavin Clarke, 12 Nov 2009

Citrix: Novell's only option for virtualization marriage

What is commercial Linux distributor Novell going to do about server and desktop virtualization? It's a good question, and one that the company's top brass has not really addressed. In July 2006, with the launch of SUSE Linux 10, Novell was the first commercial Linux vendor to ship a Xen hypervisor tuned for Linux. And it is …

Apple tablet spooks world of PCs

Opinion That long-awaited Apple tablet/netbook/media-pad/ebook/whatever has yet to be confirmed let alone offered for sale, and it's already scaring the bejesus out of the competition. And for good reason. As we reported earlier today, an unnamed "veteran analyst" who claims to have had the rare honor of actually laying hands on the …
Rik Myslewski, 3 Aug 2009