Citrix bakes up Raspberry Pi client boxes

Tiny 'puters find a niche in virtual desktops
Shaun Nichols, 24 May 18:48

Toyota not shybot about whybot it will trybot the iBot

Automaker and Segway daddy revive wheelchair project
Shaun Nichols, 23 May 18:52

Got a Fitbit? Thought you were achieving your goals? Better read this

UPDATE Photoplethysmography algo error could be nasty for those who target their training
Simon Sharwood, 23 May 01:12

Modular phone Ara to finally launch

More than just another Google tease
Kieren McCarthy, 20 May 23:01

World goes SIM-free, leaving Sony and HTC trailing behind

Have we reached Peak Smartphone? Analysts disagree
Andrew Orlowski, 19 May 09:59




Electric Babel Fish swims into crowdfunding

An outfit called Waverly Labs claims to have developed an in-ear translator
Simon Sharwood, 19 May 05:04

How Nokia is (and isn't) back in the phone business today

Analysis Who owns what and how it'll all work
Andrew Orlowski, 18 May 14:12

Chaps make working 6502 CPU by hand. Because why not?

Hand-carved, hipster, artisanal micro macroprocessor
Richard Chirgwin, 18 May 05:03

Got $130,000 down the back of the sofa? Great. Grab an HP 3D printer

That's for the entry-level model. Going up the food chain will cost ya
Paul Kunert, 17 May 16:06

Raspberry Pi Zero gains a camera connector

30,000 hot Pis in stores now and factory ready to bake plenty more
Simon Sharwood, 17 May 00:58

Sloppy security in IoT putting 'life and limb' at risk, guru warns

Connecting the cars on the highway to Hell...
Joe Fay, 13 May 13:03