Canonical and Spain's BQ team to put Ubuntu on a tablet

Tablet, schmablet, this is a converged experience. Or something
Team Register, 07 Feb 23:58

BlackBerry axes 200 jobs – including a third of its HQ staff

Troubled smartphone biz's latest recovery plan: Paying fewer people
Shaun Nichols, 05 Feb 22:21

Reminder: iPhones commit suicide if you repair them on the cheap

Bloke bricked his handset after running afoul of Apple security policy
Shaun Nichols, 05 Feb 19:30

Who wants a quad-core 4.2GHz, 64GB, 5TB SSD RAID 10 … laptop?

The folks at Eurocom have released another monster 'mobile workstation'
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 06:02




Scottish MP calls for drone-busting eagles

Impressed by Dutch anti-UAV squadron plan
Lester Haines, 04 Feb 11:38

Tesla PowerWall is a good deal if you don't mind a 25-year payback

So says consumer mag Choice. Elon Musk says version 2 will do better
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Feb 21:46

Masked men 'steal' £250k of smartphones from Exertis

170 iPhone 6s and 380 Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo mobes out the windows
Paul Kunert, 03 Feb 18:10