TWO-FACED Facebook: Vid calls slapped into blabber app

Talking to people over the internet, it's like, well, it's like, what's its name...
Team Register, 27 Apr 21:33

Acer: 'We will be the last man standing in the PC industry'

Pics Acer's Jason Chen will give you Win10 for free
Alistair Dabbs, 27 Apr 15:14

The Apple Watch: THROBBING STRAP-ON with a knurled knob

Review Satisfying wristjob - or premature confabulation?
Adam Banks, 27 Apr 11:13

MIPS quietly bares its processor architecture to universities

Company hopes to use smart young brains to beat off ARM
Simon Rockman, 27 Apr 10:29

Nokia on phone return mutterings: They LIIED. We won't be BAAACK

Talk to the buried handset, the face don't give a damn
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Apr 14:00

Google TUGS Nexus 7-INCHER from its online store

Just as well, perhaps, after Lollipop lick froze some older tabs
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Apr 17:45




Can't wait to bonk with Apple? Then try an Android phone

Blighty bonking tech updated – although not a lot
Bill Ray, 24 Apr 15:31

LenovOUCH expands bits-blistering bodgy battery boomerang

ThinkPads burn two, turn punter's skin scarlet and burned their clothes
Simon Sharwood, 24 Apr 05:26

Microsoft to offer special Surface 3 for schools

Even with reduced on-board storage, 'the cloud ate my homework' isn't going to cut it
Simon Sharwood, 24 Apr 05:02