It's enough to get your back up: Eight dual-bay SOHO NAS boxes

Product Round-Up Desirable data doublers for home or office
Simon Crisp, 02 Aug 09:00

It's Friday! Had a good week? It was probably better than Seagate's

Desktop drives, down. Notebook drives, down. Martinis to take away the pain, down
Chris Mellor, 31 Jul 21:50

Sick burn, LOSER! Nvidia recalls Shield gaming slabs over BLAZE RISK

Don’t keep taking the tablets, chip biz warns
Iain Thomson, 31 Jul 18:55

Magnet-wobble wireless charging system dishes out a respectable 10 kW

Ideal for heavy plant, but could be overkill for mobes
Simon Rockman, 31 Jul 13:54

UK's first 'DIY DAB' multiplex goes live in Brighton

Raspberry-powered stack thumbs nose at costly broadcast convention
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Jul 10:33




Google sneaks out new clip-on tech goggles for saddo Glassholes

Smartglasses in possibly useful situation shocker
Shaun Nichols, 31 Jul 01:56

Small number of computer-aided rifles could be hacked in contrived scenario

Year-long publicity effort hits bullseye ... in a way
Lewis Page, 30 Jul 17:28

The Breakfast (Table) of Champions: Micro Machines

Antique Code Show Desktop gaming in every sense of the phrase
Lucy Orr, 30 Jul 09:02

Tired tablets don't tickle the imagination, so sales fall again

Market fragmenting as Apple and Samsung lose dominance, say new IDC numbers
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jul 01:58