Sparks and recreation: TomTom's stealth wearable success

IFA 2015 Well, it's a success compared with Android Wear, anyway
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Sep 16:45

Mad Max: High-octane dystopian desert demolition derby

Game Theory Create your own car, crack on with combat collisions
Lucy Orr, 03 Sep 09:03

Sony's 4King with us now: Xperia Z5 mobe has UltraHD screen, cam

IFA2015 High-res audio too, but will users care?
Tim Anderson, 02 Sep 22:38

It's MediaTek v Qualcomm in the motherboard of all battles

Rumours and leaks for 2016's hottest processors
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Return of the Pocket PC: Acer shows off Jade Primo PC Phone

IFA 2015 Cause if you get it wrong, you'll get it right next time (next time)
Tim Anderson, 02 Sep 15:38




Mate S: Huawei 'beats' Apple to force-touch phone launch

IFA2015 Knuckle gestures and mini scales also on the way... just not yet
Andrew Orlowski, 02 Sep 15:23

The 100GB PHONE! Well, it has shades of Chrome, so not quite

Not using that bit of data, then dump it into online storage
Simon Rockman, 02 Sep 13:21

Xiaomi aims to knock Apple off its branch with move into computers

Latent luxury Linux laptop targets financially fit fruity firm's finest
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Small wonder, little competition: Asus Chromebook Flip

Review World's first 10-inch touchscreen convertible Googletop
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Leak-shamed Intel finally bares nifty Skylake details to world+dog

Now will you please stop spaffing our slides everywhere?
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Sep 01:31

Groin-melting Fujitsu LifeBook batteries recalled in conflag alert

Rip out these batts now – unless you like staring down at the charred remains of your lap
Team Register, 02 Sep 00:57