Xiaomi gears up for phone-free UK launch

But Chinese mobe firm has at least hired a phone-fixing outfit
Simon Rockman, 01 Jun 08:01

ASUS reveals 'Zensational' style-over-substance kit

Computex This year's smartmobes and fondleslabs are trying to look like handbags
Simon Sharwood, 01 Jun 07:30

Siri, please save my iPhone from the messages of death

Apple's iMessage bomb bug blasts iOS versions of Snapchat and Twitter, too
Shaun Nichols, 29 May 18:54

Man sparks controversy, fined $120 for enjoying wristjob while driving

Put it away, Macesin! Do you have a solicitor, Macesin?

Colour me bad: Kraken time or damp squid with Splatoon

Game Theory Water way to fight a war
Mike Plant, 29 May 11:17

Wearable fitness tech: Exercising your self-motivation skills

Breaking Fad Do health trackers really keep you in good shape?
Nigel Whitfield, 29 May 09:01




Microsoft's free Windows 10 upgrades to suppress PC sales

Punters will take the upgrade, trouser the cash and buy an Apple Watch, says IDC
Simon Sharwood, 29 May 05:25

And then the Google lad says: Of course you can use Android Wear without a smartphone

Google I/O Take that, Apple! Now they'll fly off the shelves
Iain Thomson, 29 May 00:19

Android M's Now on Tap cyber-secretary is like Clippy on Class A drugs

Google I/O Plus: Android Pay, fingerprint tech ... but for now, only if you're a developer
Iain Thomson, 28 May 21:11

Chip chef Avago gobbles up Broadcom for $37 BEEEELLLION

17bn in greenbacks – the rest in shares
Chris Mellor, 28 May 17:58