Google's Nest weaves new Weave protocol that isn't Google's Weave

An Internet of Stuff comms tech to kill Apple's still-born Homekit?
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Oct 23:55

Are Samsung TVs doing a Volkswagen in energy tests? Koreans hit back

Motion Lighting mode is a feature, not a cheat, says biz
Iain Thomson, 01 Oct 23:33

AMD to axe a few more staff as it struggles to get back to black

Around 500 layoffs planned in modest restructuring proposal
Neil McAllister, 01 Oct 22:00

Boeing builds British Airways 787 Dreamliner in 4 minutes

Post-moonshot aircraft builder has apparently smartened up its act
Lester Haines, 01 Oct 12:37

Microsoft sabotages own Lumia smartmobe flagship launch

Post-leak Windows phones to stand at back at Surface party
Andrew Orlowski, 01 Oct 12:18

Microsoft and Google ink SECRET TREATY to end all their patent wars

Chumship pact pie carve-up details kept under wraps
Neil McAllister, 01 Oct 00:58




Tear teardown down, roars Apple: iFixit app yanked from store

Peek into Sir Jony's precious boxes, pay the price
Shaun Nichols, 01 Oct 00:16

Roku 4 specs leak: Yes, it's got 4K streaming and a games controller

Exclusive Latest version of streaming media box puts it to the head of the market
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Sep 21:49

Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%

Pics and video Sergey Brin gets car number 3 off the lot
Iain Thomson, 30 Sep 19:24

Eight cores good, ten cores better: MediaTek resumes Qualcomm multi-core war

It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it, apparently
Simon Rockman, 30 Sep 16:31

AMD spray-paints 'Pro A-series for biz' over its Carrizo notebook chips

Easy does it ... don't want to scare off corporate customers with too much fanfare, eh?
Chris Williams, 30 Sep 00:14