Official: AMD now stands for Avoiding Miserable Death

Officially on El Reg, that is – Mini-chipzilla in the black after strong console chip sales
Chris Williams, 21 Jul 20:45

Selfie-proof smartmobes will hit stores for Christmas

Corning's Gorilla Glass 5.0 can survive 80 per cent of 1.6m drops, at least in the lab
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jul 06:54

What do you call a spreadsheet with decent numbers for a change? qualcomm_q3_2016.xlsx

China sales, overdue royalties help chip biz right its ship
Shaun Nichols, 21 Jul 00:46

Microsoft Azure doubles up to $800m a quarter – and is wiped out by dying phone sales

Analysis Win some, you lose some: profit up, revenue down
Iain Thomson, 20 Jul 02:31

Shock: Apple patents the phone book

Cupertino pondering cellular broadband tech in laptops
Shaun Nichols, 19 Jul 21:20




AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company

Vid Aerial inspectors, air traffic control and flying COWs ahead
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 00:55

Did mock cop bot trot on fraught tot? Maybe not

Mall patrol droid maker hits back at claims its machine ran over a kid
Shaun Nichols, 15 Jul 23:05