Get off the phone!! Seven out of ten US drivers put theirs and your lives at risk

Texting on the road the equivalent of four beers, says experts
Iain Thomson, 20 May 21:34

US Air Force launches not-so-secret space plane. Thanks Russia

X-37B up and in orbit. Let a thousand solar sails bloom
Iain Thomson, 20 May 19:57

Virtual reality pr0n on the Rift? 'Why not?' says Oculus founder

Virtual muck not struck from smut bucket content glut to Luckey's luck

AMD promises 100 gigabyte/second memory

Open HBM architecture detailed, first devices due in June
Richard Chirgwin, 20 May 04:46

KFC's new secret ingredient is a bluetooth keyboard on your tray

German outlets put finger-clicking good kit under meals, claims brand heath benefits
Simon Sharwood, 20 May 03:04

US Air Force reveals what's inside its top-secret space plane, this time

We're not weaponizing space! It's just CubeSats, ion-drives, and solar sails
Iain Thomson, 19 May 20:44




Get another loan, fanbois, the new MacBook Pro and iMac are here

Retina 5K gets crammed into latest Jony Ive desktop
Shaun Nichols, 19 May 18:36

AI pioneer reckons China's where the Rise of the Machines will start

‘More willingness to challenge basic assumptions’
Kat Hall, 19 May 15:41

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – a true monster in the making

Game Theory It started with a kiss
Lucy Orr, 19 May 09:05

Apple threw its TV out the window after years of research: report

But activist investor Carl Icahn says it'll ship in 2016
Simon Sharwood, 19 May 07:28

Google wraps search designer in Cardboard

Search UI guru Jon Wiley now leading VR design
Richard Chirgwin, 19 May 05:02

You can't put a price on LOVE, says Apple after court's Samsung payout slash

The ‘look and feel’ bit didn't look and feel right
Shaun Nichols, 18 May 19:51