Unity, Mozilla team up to bring PEW! PEW! PEW! to browsers, too

GDC 2015 Latest game dev tools feature built-in WebGL exporter
Neil McAllister, 03 Mar 22:41

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge: A side swipe at smartphone design

Review Edgy? Well, it has a lot of potential
Alun Taylor, 03 Mar 22:02

'Fry-OS 8' iPhone BLEW UP MY PANTS wails roasted Johnson

Fella's hot Valentine's Day action ends in clothes ripped off, 3rd-degree burns
Iain Thomson, 03 Mar 21:43

Huawei preps to drop mobile & wearables lovebombs on U.S.

C'mon Americans, pleeeeease love our cuddly Chinese firm
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 13:52

BlackBerry gets flirty with QWERTY IP, launches $275 Leap

MWC 2015 Everything is up for licensing, too
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Mar 12:03




Here comes Vulkan: The next generation of the OpenGL graphics API

GDC 2015 OpenGL is 22... it's time for a replacement – Khronos Group
Tim Anderson, 03 Mar 09:31

Google's 'encrypted-by-default' Android is NOT encrypting by default

Updated It's sad that this isn't really a surprise
Iain Thomson, 02 Mar 22:23