Intel's makeshift Kaby Lake Cores hope to lure punters from tired PCs

Seventh-generation processors with DRM-friendly UHD engine will appear from next month
Chris Williams, 30 Aug 13:00

Microsoft releases firmware fix for faulty Surface Pro 3 batteries

'Portable' device can now be untethered from wall
Kat Hall, 30 Aug 11:44

$329 for a MacBook? Well, really a 'HacBook' built on an old HP

Bring your own Mac OS licence and cross your fingers before the legal letters land
Simon Sharwood, 30 Aug 06:30

Michael Dell promises new EMC/Dell/VMware engineered systems

Expect them ASAP once the EMC deal closes, which will be real soon now
Simon Sharwood, 30 Aug 02:30

Apple sued over shoddy iPhone touchscreens

Class action accuses Cupertino of ignoring handset defect
Shaun Nichols, 29 Aug 19:59

Touchy iPhone 6, 6 Plus chips prone to breaking down and giving up

And Apple's Geniuses can't help you when it happens
Shaun Nichols, 24 Aug 23:12




Pow! Right in the Jawbone: Fitbit cleared in tech ripoff legal ordeal

Judge knocks out claims it stole competitor's trade secret
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Aug 18:28

Stop lights, sunsets, junctions are tough work for Google's robo-cars

Hot Chips If only we had self-driving processors that were stupidly fast, says web giant
Chris Williams, 24 Aug 08:31