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Network virty comes to VMware's cloud

vCloud Air gets closer to servers-by-the-hour and hangs out the 'startups wanted' sign
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jan 06:02

It's a very freaky cloud, the kind you don't take home to mother

Platform9 suggests OpenStack act as SUPERFREAK for vSphere control freak
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jan 05:01

VMware wins cool reception for two-CPU eval software

VSAN needs three hosts, program offers two CPUs … you do the math
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 23:03

Citrix goes into the mouse business

VDI outfit makes a point about fat fingers and Apple's Bluetooth-on-fondleslabs ban
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jan 08:29

Xen accelerates ARM server race with version 4.5

1TB memory for guests on ARM and lots of VM-wrangling fun for admins
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jan 03:01

VMware finds new post-paranoia RAM-saving tricks

Transparent Page Sharing is now off by default, which means more memory may be needed
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jan 04:32

XenServer takes half a step forward, none towards hybrid cloud

Version 6.5 won't frighten Microsoft or VMware, but the app delivery caper is moving
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jan 05:58

Docker's just a bit dodgy, but ready for rollout says Gartner

The cavalry's coming with crypto, backup and proper management
Simon Sharwood, 12 Jan 04:58

VMware planning 'biggest launch' on Feb 2

vSphere 6, step into the spotlight
News team, 05 Jan 00:28

VMware says anyone - not just EMC - can play with its best bits

ScaleIO kernel links are through public API, not an exclusive back door
Simon Sharwood, 21 Dec 21:58

Tintri adds Hyper-V to its virtualised server support

Oh Hyper-V, oh Hyper-V, now you are but one of three
Chris Mellor, 15 Dec 18:04

Parallels to adopt Docker as native app format in Cloud Server

Early container enthusiast forced aboard the bandwagon
Simon Sharwood, 15 Dec 08:02

VMware exiting 2014 with a bang and a security whimper

AirWatch p0wned, but vRealize and CloudVolumes realized and DevOps embraced
Simon Sharwood, 12 Dec 05:32

Creating more harmony around end user computing

Compromise is not a dirty word
Dale Vile, 10 Dec 15:08

Will tech titans SWALLOW upstart where Apple guru Steve Wozniak works?

Comment Storage blogger gives his take on Primary Data

VMware warns of vCenter cross-site-scripting bug

Six quick fixes flicked to give vAdmins Friday snits
Simon Sharwood, 05 Dec 08:02

Docker: Here, take the wheel – now YOU can run your own containers

DockerCon EU New tool lets you grab your Dockers in the privacy of your own firewall
Neil McAllister, 05 Dec 02:35

Docker grabs conductor's baton, jumps into cluster orchestration

DockerCon EU Forget containers – are you ready for a platform?
Neil McAllister, 04 Dec 19:02

Docker part 4: Microsoft CAN'T ignore it. Aux armes, citoyens!

Prognostication, Redmond and the Red Wedding
Trevor Pott, 04 Dec 12:37

The age of the hybrid cloud desktop hypervisor is upon us

VMware workstation 11 arrives, complete with cloudy connection
Simon Sharwood, 04 Dec 08:29

Cisco and IBM team on 'VersaStack' integrated infrastructure bundle

Cisco brings compute and networking, IBM brings storage, NetApp and EMC take a whack
Simon Sharwood, 04 Dec 04:24

NetApp goes for a ride on VMware's EVO: RAILs

ROBO RAIL FlexPod-style, but nobody knows where the compute will come from
Chris Mellor, 04 Dec 00:33

CoreOS's Docker-rival Rocket: We drill into new container contender

Analysis Can CoreOS achieve liftoff in Linux container space race?
Neil McAllister, 03 Dec 19:30

Rethinking desktop delivery

Time to break out of the Windows upgrade cycle
Dale Vile, 03 Dec 15:19

Chef and HP cook up partnership for infrastructure as code – even on Windows

HP Discover Infrastructure automation goes mainstream?
Tim Anderson, 02 Dec 16:57
Docker Logo

Part 3: Docker vs hypervisor in tech tussle SMACKDOWN

Comment We see you by the virty containers, VMware
Trevor Pott, 02 Dec 10:03
Container meltdown

CONTAINER WARS: CoreOS blasts Rocket rival at Docker

Claim's Docker's direction is 'fundamentally flawed'
Neil McAllister, 01 Dec 20:51
Docker Logo

Docker, Part 2: Whoa! Spontaneous industry standard! How did they do THAT?

Sysadmin Blog OSS guys acting as one ... it's not natural
Trevor Pott, 01 Dec 09:00
A rack of Nvidia VCAs

Citrix clambers aboard GPU-powered app-delivery bandwagon

VMware, meanwhile, reveals patent-pending desk-o-matic decision maker
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 05:01
Cloud security image

VMware secures trademark for something cloudy and secure

What is 'VMware SWITCH'? And is it linked to Virtzilla's looming investor call?
Simon Sharwood, 28 Nov 00:06

User flexibility without the risk

Don’t stumble into the responsibility void
Amazon claims 5x read performance for Aurora vs MySQL

Inside Aurora: how disruptive is Amazon’s MySQL clone?

Storage engine made for the cloud – shame it's only for MySQL
Tim Anderson, 26 Nov 10:46