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Microsoft, Docker bid to bring Linux-y containers to Windows: What YOU need to know

Analysis It ain't there yet, but Redmond vows to make it work
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 02:28

VMware's new VDI play is self-destructing virtual desktops

Forget BootCamp, set policies to let temps - and Macs - in and then boot them out
Simon Sharwood, 14 Oct 07:04

VMware's tool to harden virtual networks: a spreadsheet

NSX security guide lands in intriguing format
Darren Pauli, 14 Oct 01:40

'I went from a two-hour commute to a 10-min scooter ride by the sea'

eXpat Files Welcome to Bermuda, where you don't have to wear the shorts
Simon Sharwood, 12 Oct 11:00

VMware squeezes out vSphere 6.0 release candidate – or is it vSphere 2015?

Virtzilla planning hosts with the most - 64TB of storage, 480 physical CPUs and 12TB RAM
Simon Sharwood, 03 Oct 03:10

The magic storage formula for successful VDI? Just add SSDs

They're cheap, they're plentiful... why not?
Trevor Pott, 02 Oct 11:47

Vendors join hands to foster open source NFV

Reference platform rather than standards
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Oct 02:02

Radisys plants flag in NFV biz

Targets mobe operators with switch and software
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Sep 03:33

VMware releases XenApp to Horizon porting tool

A new skirmish in the VDI cold war
Simon Sharwood, 17 Sep 07:33

VMware updates vSphere, recommends new security fixes

Final nail in XP's coffin as Virtzilla bans it as Web Client host?
Simon Sharwood, 10 Sep 03:58

Another day, another virtualiser gives Docker a big sloppy kiss

Xen promises its Orchestrator will treat VMs and Containers with equal respect
Simon Sharwood, 09 Sep 04:28
Docker Red Hat

Cisco climbs aboard containerisation cloudwagon, with security reservations

Teams with Red Hat to add SDN so containerised apps can get to work faster
Simon Sharwood, 02 Sep 00:02
VMware logo

Suppose they gave a VMworld and vSphere didn't show up?

VMworld 2014 Virtzilla's flagship was hard to find in SFO, but is coming along nicely
Simon Sharwood, 29 Aug 01:03

Speaking in Tech: Live from VMworld

Podcast Anyone go to the keynote? Anyone? There's a blog post...
Team Register, 27 Aug 17:02

VMware puts VDI in the woodchipper

VMWorld 2014 Project Fargo and CloudVolumes shred VDI storage requirements
Simon Sharwood, 26 Aug 23:58

Atlantis furtles furious flash-DIMM VDI scorcher

VMworld 2014 Putting the hype in hyper-converged
Chris Mellor, 26 Aug 21:29

Honey, I shrunk the workstation … into a Chromebook

VMworld 2014 VMware teams with Google and NVIDIA to bring plenty o' pixels into
Simon Sharwood, 26 Aug 19:29

Docker's VMware tryst is about giving sysadmins the whip hand

VMworld 2014 The time has come to beat cloud upstarts into shape
Simon Sharwood, 25 Aug 22:52

EMC to toss Avamar and other code into its VMware's EVO boxen

Phoenix servers used in elastic cloud storage appliance will rise again
Simon Sharwood, 25 Aug 21:47

VMware's MARVIN emerges as 'EVO' for branch offices and web-scale rigs

VMworld 2014 Converged infrastructure appliance made by Dell, Fujitsu and EMC. Yes, EMC
Simon Sharwood, 25 Aug 14:33

VMware to release own version of OpenStack

VMworld 2014 Commodifying your rebellion and selling it back to you
Simon Sharwood, 25 Aug 14:02

Silicon Valley jolted by magnitude 6.1 quake – its biggest in 25 years

Pics Did the earth move for you at VMworld – oh, OK. It just did. A lot
Chris Williams, 24 Aug 14:24

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Intel, HyTrust geo-fence wandering virty servers

VMworld 2014 You. Virtual workload. Go sit over there, and stay there
Simon Sharwood, 22 Aug 19:37

Citrix says reports of XenServer's death are greatly exaggerated

Keep Calm and Carry On Using XenServer In The Data Centre … pretty please?
Simon Sharwood, 22 Aug 17:52

VMware buys CloudVolumes to speed app installations

Acquired tech said to 'de-compose' Windows, a job Microsoft was doing by itself
Simon Sharwood, 21 Aug 04:32

Hi-ho EVO: VMware eyes TWO new hardware-flavored trademarks

VMworld 2014 'EVO' and 'EVO: RAIL' filed in early August – just in time for...
Team Register, 20 Aug 22:43
big droplets falling from rain cloud

Citrix drizzles lightly and briefly on VMware's parade with Xen update

Xen App and Desktop get refreshes and native Chrome OS Receiver returns
Simon Sharwood, 20 Aug 12:00
Nokia Car Mode

Xen to practice art of motor vehicle embedded development

Vroom vroom! Virtualised Volvos and Volkswagens are coming your way
Simon Sharwood, 19 Aug 02:58
Docker Red Hat

Docker kicks KVM's butt in IBM tests

Big Blue finds containers are speedy, but may not have much room to improve
Simon Sharwood, 18 Aug 04:33
VMware Monster VM

El Reg's virtualisation desk pulls out the VMworld crystal ball

MARVIN musings and other Gelsinger Gang guessing games
Simon Sharwood, 15 Aug 06:28
Docker Red Hat

VMware hangs with the cool kids in the Containers gang

We almost invented containers but were too shy to talk about them says CTO

Citrix reveals product design methodology, asks YOU to use it

The old 'X dollars in your audio budget should go on speakers' method gets an airing
Simon Sharwood, 07 Aug 02:28
Sennheiser SKM 900 wireless microphone

Vulturization: Who'd be a sysadmin today?

Podcast Trevor and Phoummala chat to Nutanix's Dwayne Lessner about hype, Hyper-V and more
Trevor Pott, 01 Aug 20:30
Apple Mac Mini 2012

VMware builds product executables on 50 Mac Minis

And goes to the Genius Bar for support
Simon Sharwood, 31 Jul 04:38