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Budge up VMware, array upstart Tintri's ramming in Red Hat Linux KVM

Virtual server sysadmins are the new storage admins
Chris Mellor, 11 Apr 08:29

Microsoft builds teleporter weapon to send VMware into Azure

Updated Virtual Machine Converter now converts Linux VMs too
Simon Sharwood, 10 Apr 06:03

VMware gets Wanova Citrix with new Horizon Suite

VDI and app streaming baked into one suite
Simon Sharwood, 09 Apr 16:02

The... Windows... XPocalypse... is... NIGH

Sysadmin Blog DON'T PANIC... just listen to Trev
Trevor Pott, 08 Apr 09:36

Hyper-V telling fibs about Linux guest VMs

Ignore our 'overly aggressive' warnings, says Redmond, your VMs are healthy
Simon Sharwood, 07 Apr 01:34

Cisco edges away from VMware, tries Red Hat on for size

Blocks and Files Drives nails forged with Red Hat iron into VCE's coffin
Chris Mellor, 04 Apr 08:04

Where the HELL is my ROBOT BUTLER?

Sysadmin blog Forget big-spending globo biz: it's about the consumer... and he's desperate for a nap
Trevor Pott, 04 Apr 06:03

C'mon, Commvault: You have the tech to build VM mutants...

Blocks and Files Why not give rivals a fright?
Chris Mellor, 31 Mar 09:36

VMware reveals more VSAN nodes

Cisco, Dell and Fujistsu having a waft and the clock is ticking
Simon Sharwood, 30 Mar 23:56

VDI a 'delightful' experience... Really?

GPU Technology Conference GPU devs at Silicon Valley shocked to their, er, cores in GTC session

AWS unleashes its DaaS 'Workspaces' plus share 'n' sync companion

FIRST LOOK US-only launch takes place on same day Citrix AWS-enables XenDesktop
Simon Sharwood, 27 Mar 03:20

Why it's time to wrap brains around software-defined networking

Gartner says under 500 orgs use SDN in production, but it's condensing in the cloud
Simon Sharwood, 26 Mar 04:02
Merlin Data Center Backup Generators

Put your feet up and make the virtual data centre work for you

Control every layer - without upsetting your service provider
Dave Cartwright, 25 Mar 12:41
VMware VSAN Concept

VMware happy for VSANs to work alongside actual SANs

'VSAN plus' virtual and physical SAN span plan leaves storage admins to do the heavy lifting
Simon Sharwood, 20 Mar 01:58

Speaking in Tech: Holy SiT! It's our 100th ep. Time for a video-podcast

Vid special Friends don't let friends reject Edward Snowden for Lena Dunham
Team Register, 12 Mar 12:58

REVEALED: What you'll pay for VSAN software and hardware

There's one official piece of VSAN-ready kit on sale
Simon Sharwood, 12 Mar 12:01

I, for one, welcome our VMware VSAN overlord

Storagebod Though I wish it would open up a bit...
StorageBod, 12 Mar 08:26

VMware drops vSphere 5.5 Update 1 into sysadmins' laps

DDoS fix, web client leaves Linux in lurch, plus VSAN bugs revealed
Simon Sharwood, 12 Mar 07:02

VMware unleashes desktop-grade desktop-as-a-service service

Virtzilla looks to have found a way to get around Microsoft's weird VDI licenses
Simon Sharwood, 11 Mar 01:14

Nutanix photo-bombs VMware's selfie with delayed patent release

Patent signed off in December revealed day before VMware debuts VSAN
Simon Sharwood, 07 Mar 10:26

Wanted: Virtual Steve Jobs to tell us one more thing about VSAN

Without prices for VSAN nodes comparison between traditional and virtual SAN costs is tough
Simon Sharwood, 07 Mar 01:30

Who loves office space? Dell does: Virtualization to banish workstations from under desks

Engineer, 3D modeller: there's a rack slot waiting for you
Rik Myslewski, 07 Mar 00:39

VMware wanted to keep its VSAN pricing secret – now it's all over the web

Price tags revealed with some Google-fu ahead of next week's reveal
Trevor Pott, 06 Mar 22:53

VSAN emerges at a WHOPPING 32 nodes and two MEEELION IOPS

But VMware's not after top tier storage workloads … yet
Simon Sharwood, 06 Mar 18:02

Grab a cloudy boss: VMware raids Amazon Web Services

Shouldn't that have happened before it coughed vCloud Hybrid Service?
Paul Kunert, 04 Mar 12:36

Brocade, Broadcom, Freescale trio aglow in the OpenFlow chateau

Support for version 1.3 now slipped into tech gear
Jack Clark, 03 Mar 19:18
Pat Gelsinger

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger's DARKEST FEARS revealed

Form 10-K shows Virtzilla knows it has a lot of work to do in the hybrid cloud
Simon Sharwood, 28 Feb 07:28
George Teixeira and Ziya_Aral

Future storage tech should KILL all-in-one solutions, says CEO

DataCore boss waxes lyrical on software-defined storage
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 12:57
New EMC VNX range

Daddy EMC pushes past VMware, muscles into Microsoft Hyper-V shops

You heard it right: Windows cloud is EMC's next big thing
Chris Mellor, 21 Feb 14:38
Drivers Kenjiro Shinozuka and Kouhei Sagawa celebrate Team Tokai's win

VMware hyper-converge means WE don't NEED no STEENKIN' OS...

...in our virtual machines, says Reg man Chris Mellor
Chris Mellor, 21 Feb 08:01
firing range - target in cross hairs

VMware takes aim at AWS with hybrid cloudy infra service

Calling all channel types, Gelsinger needs you
Paul Kunert, 20 Feb 15:01
REM's Shiny, Happy People

Microsoft claims x86 hypervisor market lead

In Latin America. For one quarter

FalconStor preens its feathers as turnaround gathers speed

Profitable quarter and deducing backup/VTL bundle on the way
Chris Mellor, 19 Feb 11:41
Primary Data home page

Fusion-io founders' stealthy startup: We uncloak THIS YEAR... but don't expect product

Scores more cash for 'next-gen data virtualisation, mobility tech'
Chris Mellor, 19 Feb 09:07
Stonehenge from the north east

VMware embiggens VSAN to petabyte scale

Developers may have tended to understate the hugeness of the object
Simon Sharwood, 19 Feb 03:01