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Docker kicks KVM's butt in IBM tests

Big Blue finds containers are speedy, but may not have much room to improve
Simon Sharwood, 18 Aug 04:33

El Reg's virtualisation desk pulls out the VMworld crystal ball

MARVIN musings and other Gelsinger Gang guessing games
Simon Sharwood, 15 Aug 06:28

VMware hangs with the cool kids in the Containers gang

We almost invented containers but were too shy to talk about them says CTO
Simon Sharwood, 13 Aug 05:29

Citrix reveals product design methodology, asks YOU to use it

The old 'X dollars in your audio budget should go on speakers' method gets an airing
Simon Sharwood, 07 Aug 02:28

Vulturization: Who'd be a sysadmin today?

Podcast Trevor and Phoummala chat to Nutanix's Dwayne Lessner about hype, Hyper-V and more
Trevor Pott, 01 Aug 20:30

VMware builds product executables on 50 Mac Minis

And goes to the Genius Bar for support
Simon Sharwood, 31 Jul 04:38

Cisco says network virtualisation won't pay off everywhere

Another sign of strain in the Borg/VMware relationship?
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jul 06:28

VVOL update: Are any vendors NOT leaping into bed with VMware?

It's not yet been released but everyone thinks it's the dog's danglies
Chris Mellor, 29 Jul 12:29

VMware counters containers with SaaSy VM disk swap

Patent-in-process offers new way to upgrade cloudy apps
Simon Sharwood, 28 Jul 06:35

Colbert report reveals VMware's AirWatch integration plan

Sync and social sharing drawn onto simplified but undated roadmap
Simon Sharwood, 28 Jul 00:27

Huawei to virtual world: Give us your desktops and no-one gets hurt

Telecom-directed virty efforts won't be pitched at mainstream workloads … yet
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jul 06:32

How's VMware doing? Like a bull in a China shop, boasts virty beast

Growth in Middle Kingdom plus beans spilled on software-defined networking cash
Jack Clark, 22 Jul 23:22

Nakivo: Yet another VMware server backup biz going bananas

That's not a sneeze, that's its actual name
Chris Mellor, 18 Jul 20:45
Ben Goldacre

VMware wants IM clients to hookup with calendars and databases

Patents seek back channel data lookups based on IM content
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jul 05:05

Citrix releases tech preview of next XenServer

Rapid virtual desktop booting the headline feature of what might be v 6.5 or perhaps 7.0
Simon Sharwood, 17 Jul 07:02

Why is VMware hiring data center gurus in JAPAN? It doesn't take a vExpert to work it out...

Virty giant plans Pacific assault on Microsoft and Amazon
Jack Clark, 08 Jul 18:18

Docker, schmocker: HUAWEI is the new virtualisation challenger

Gartner mages' virtual symmetrical quadrilateral frowns at Citrix
Simon Sharwood, 08 Jul 02:14

Ding, ding! Round two with our VDI experts – put your Qs to the panel

Webinar Register now for live video stream on Wednesday, July 9
Trevor Pott, 07 Jul 23:59

Oracle targets Windows workloads with virtualisation manager update

Big O SPARCs up its storage management offerings
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jul 03:02

VSANs choking on VMware's recommended components

Virtzilla dumps 19 controllers from list of approved kit
Darren Pauli, 03 Jul 05:26

Who wants to strap on a helmet and crash test vSphere?

VMware creates private beta community, but don't join if you plan virtual nukes
Simon Sharwood, 02 Jul 04:58

VMware's desktop push heads for casualty ward, in a good way

End-user computing push continues with Horizon release and new vertical templates
Simon Sharwood, 30 Jun 05:32

VMware ends free SUSE for vSphere customers offer

The cost of running virtual appliances may just have gone up
Simon Sharwood, 26 Jun 03:58

Unisys makes a tilt at converged infrastructure and containerisation

Reference platforms on the way to allow other server-makers to spread the love
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jun 05:31

VMware versus Nutanix: With Dell charging in, it's time to end the war

Sysadmin blog Hurling rocks at an upstart is one thing, but chucking rocks at big Mike?
Trevor Pott, 24 Jun 18:21
VMware Monster VM

VMWorld content catalog hints at slow AirWatch integration

VirtzillaLand's 2014 rides and thrills revealed
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jun 05:29

Hey, VMware. You've got competition – from a Belgian upstart

Did we mention this open source object store isn't just targeting VMware?
Chris Mellor, 16 Jun 09:34

VMware puts a price on NSX and tells partners to open fire

Indoctrination phase complete: let the selling begin!
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jun 08:03
VMware Monster VM

VMware to offer converged compute and storage hardware

Update 'MARVIN' is going to get lots of folks paranoid
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jun 01:43

Watch this: Managing user experience with UE V 2 0

Video QA training sessions recorded for you
David Gordon, 07 Jun 10:20
VM bigot badge

VMware kills control freak protector, says 'big plans' for HA afoot

vCenter Heartbeat is no more, let the VMworld speculation begin!
VMWare Fusion

You can take VMware off the desktop but you can't take the desktop ...

Virtzilla releases tech previews for 16-vCPU Workstation and Fusion desktop tools
Simon Sharwood, 23 May 02:58

Watch this! A webinar about Extended Hyper V Replica

Video Online training session - ungated just for you
David Gordon, 22 May 10:37