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Huawei: KRYDER STORAGE CRISIS is REAL and 'we’re working on it'

The shark threatening to eat big data just got bigger
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Nov 12:31

Non-profit or charity? Win a data centre makeover from Nutanix

Promo Last chance for your Web-scale Wish
David Gordon, 20 Nov 11:38

Data-center upstart grabs Wozniak, jumps into virtual storage fight

Primary Data launches at EMC and Quantum with 'data hypervisor'
Chris Mellor, 19 Nov 20:01

Seagate connects Hadoop and Lustre in an open sourcery ceremony

Streamlining workflows, and easier processing for Hadoop-using apps
Chris Mellor, 19 Nov 16:59

All-singing-all-dancing hyperconverged Maxta gets Cisco's blessing

Follows Simplivity, but with added metro cluster support
Chris Mellor, 19 Nov 15:29

It'll all end in tiers: HP tosses small biz another 3PAR-flavored bone

Data tiering and virtualisation come to MSA array land
Chris Mellor, 18 Nov 18:50

EMC CEO Joe Tucci tries to win hearts and minds from VC backers

Analysis VMware spin-off? Let the shareholders decide
Chris Mellor, 18 Nov 17:31



Shaking that AAS: It's time for vendors to stop selling storage

Storagebod They should follow Amazon's lead
StorageBod, 24 Nov 09:26

EMC CEO Joe Tucci tries to win hearts and minds from VC backers

Analysis VMware spin-off? Let the shareholders decide
Chris Mellor, 18 Nov 17:31


NetApp cyclists part from storage firm... go to Bora Bora

Go further, faster ... from former sponsor
Chris Mellor, 17 Nov 12:44

LSI driver bug is breaking VSANs, endangering data

More VSAN hardware trouble for VMware
Darren Pauli, 17 Nov 06:30

ANOTHER red-ink-spattered quarter for Overland Storage

Comment Tandberg and Sphere3D deals offer hope after 18 bad ones
Chris Mellor, 14 Nov 17:25

All-flash fight looms as SolidFire nabs former Bocada CEO

Hurley Burley lighting up a marketing fire for the array startup
Chris Mellor, 13 Nov 13:21

PRAISE the $DEITY! Quantum preaches the joys of StorNext for religious video folk

Virty file management bods spot market gap, leap in
Chris Mellor, 13 Nov 09:28

Speaking in Tech: LIVE from Dell World 2014

Podcast Is server or storage technology leading tech development?
Team Register, 12 Nov 17:04

Ex-IBM x86 server chap joins flash-in-the-DRAM upstart

+Comment Alex Yost moves to Diablo
Chris Mellor, 12 Nov 14:03

Through the Looking Glass: Vulture pecks at software-defined storage

Comment All the king's horses & men can’t find a decent definition
Chris Mellor, 11 Nov 16:29

Kryder's law craps out: Race to UBER-CHEAP STORAGE is OVER

Analysis Bad news for cloud and archive
Chris Mellor, 10 Nov 15:03

Tintri takes on hybrid storage startup rivals with VM-eating array

Fifth-gen product ups capacity, performance, management
Chris Mellor, 10 Nov 12:50
The launch explosion, captured in a Sea Launch video

Wipro uses Nexenta to blast its way out of the hardware prison

Comment Software-defined eclipses software-based
Chris Mellor, 07 Nov 17:04

Avere: Cloud storage needs caching too. Why? Because latency...

Comment Get your Amazonian data flowing faster
Chris Mellor, 07 Nov 15:59

Search engine guru sniffs cloud, makes it rain in Amazon jungle

Harmsel biz blog Upstart promises Amazon S3 compatibility, cost on premises

Fujitsu's ETERNUS CD10000: Better Ceph than sorry?

Storagebod Is it too soon for mainstream production...
StorageBod, 06 Nov 18:58
Un Frog

Forget Paris: OpenStack is not a cheap alternative to VMware

Storagebod Linux-type vibe is great, though
StorageBod, 06 Nov 09:09

Nexenta snuggles up to Seagate's spinning models

Object storage software now talks to firm's HDDs
Chris Mellor, 05 Nov 15:06