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Seagate's spinning rust most likely to crash, claims backup biz

PLEASE! They're using consumer drives in enterprise gear, says firm
Chris Mellor, 23 Jan 09:03

Big Blue weeps as another 8% slips off its storage scales

Comment IBM's still swimming in billions of dollars, mind
Chris Mellor, 22 Jan 14:03

EMC parachutes EMEA bigwig into UK boss role

Only temporary, says PR man, as we 'figure out our options'
Paul Kunert, 22 Jan 10:59

Pure Storage confirms EMEA veep Rose has left the building

CEO Dietzen talks up flash, his EMC hire and plans for IPO
Paul Kunert, 21 Jan 16:03

SimpliVity claims fivefold sales boost, hugs Cisco tightly

Sysadmin blog Underdog grows into possible buyout target
Trevor Pott, 20 Jan 10:58

Diamonds are forever, Fujitsu Eternus now for VDI

Want to connect 3,500 VMs? No problem
Team Register, 20 Jan 04:56

Yep, we'll judge WHOLE DARN storage config. Problem with that?

Adios SFS 2008. SPEC SFS 2014 is here – benchmarkers
Chris Mellor, 19 Jan 12:45

Qubole rains down analytic insights from Hadoop cloud

Comment Facebook-style tools for business development
Chris Mellor, 19 Jan 10:53

Hyperconverged IDC shamans mumble mantras over market

Simplivity scores but Nutanix well ahead
Chris Mellor, 16 Jan 14:59


Right, we've bagged IBM’s X86 server biz... now what? – Lenovo

Firm mulls storage market, penetrates EMC VSPEX
Funnel of cash. Credit: via SXC –

Kaminario swallows $15m – ONE MONTH after last cash gulp

Comment Upstarts get fatter but there's only room for so many
Chris Mellor, 23 Jan 13:32

Big Blue weeps as another 8% slips off its storage scales

Comment IBM's still swimming in billions of dollars, mind
Chris Mellor, 22 Jan 14:03


Nimble loses sales Mann as veep exits

Eric Mann off after 4 months
Chris Mellor, 15 Jan 10:58

ISO floats storage security standard

ISO/IEC 27040:2015 is bedtime reading for storage admins
Richard Chirgwin, 15 Jan 03:03

Toshiba tosses out uber-slim THREE TERABYTE HDD

Didn't need no steenkin' shingles, either
Chris Mellor, 13 Jan 11:18

Virtually yours: Citrix swallows Sanbolic

Borged into software-defined storage entity
Chris Mellor, 13 Jan 10:36

SanDisk's flash chip nightmare: How I'd escape black hole if I was in charge

Comment Reg man Mellor weighs into tech rights battle
Chris Mellor, 13 Jan 08:03

Lenovo, Huawei could face SanDisk FlashDIMM dam – analysts

Preliminary injunction mandated 'in part'
Chris Mellor, 12 Jan 14:09
ANU's Manjin Zhong

Boffins' quantum USB stick trumps fibre optic reliability

Caveat: the 2 Kelvin pants you need to carry it would put you in a state ...
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Jan 04:02

Hauling DRaaS: Unitrends CEO off to consulting job

+Comment In with the Wiess, out with the Coney
Chris Mellor, 09 Jan 14:13

'IDC, why did you play down EMC?' IDC: WAAAAHHHH

Comment Redefines object Marketscape, won't say why
Chris Mellor, 09 Jan 10:43
Adata DashDrive HD710

Eight pocket-pleasing USB 3.0 hard drives

Product Roundup Got a new laptop? Get your back up
Simon Crisp, 09 Jan 10:02

BOOM! Seagate attacks storage array hardware market

Analysis 'DEHHINO' tech titans must go all-flash to survive
Wolverine in a cage - X-Men publicity pic

SanDisk opens its cages, sets its mutants FREE

Spins off borged NexGen amid 'not core business' spiel
Chris Mellor, 08 Jan 17:03
Denon AVR-X4100W with Atmos height speaker terminals

Get your special 'sound-optimising' storage here, hipsters

Comment If you believe that, you'll believe anything....
StorageBod, 08 Jan 10:26