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Dell and Unitrends both bulk up their backup

Extra options should you suffer a ROBO apocalypse
Chris Mellor, 22 Jul 07:58

Clouds gathering above Big Blue's storage empire

Public cumuli from AWS, Google and Microsoft, to be specific
Chris Mellor, 21 Jul 09:27

Activist investor plans to de-federate EMC: report

Elliott Management Corp puts a billion bucks on the table to spin out VMware
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jul 07:27

Office 365's free terabyte leaves Amazon's Glacier melting

Redmond's cloud storage is cheaper and faster to restore than AWS's data locker
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jul 00:57

Hybrid array startup Tegile plucks CMO from Violin

Leaves flash firm for mutant newbie
Chris Mellor, 18 Jul 14:08

IBM's GPFS marries LTFS: You may now kiss the enterprise

Parallel file system says 'I do' to tape
Chris Mellor, 18 Jul 07:31

Cloud porch pooch Nasuni: Hardware is so yesterday, man

Extends product and accelerated sales
Chris Mellor, 17 Jul 16:25

Wham, bam, thank you NAND: SanDisk SSD sales soar

Flash writing on the wall for HDD makers
Chris Mellor, 17 Jul 11:58

Hey Microsoft: You want to keep hardware partners onside? Stick to software

See, not so hard. Just ask this guy - departing Atlantis CEO

Violin offers pay-as-you-GROW pricing on its Flashing WFA blades

Like a tight dress, it starts digging into you when you get fat
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 18:06

Seagate chances ARM with NAS boxes for the SOHO crowd

There's an Atom-powered offering, too
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 17:11


IMFT 25nm Flash die

Hey Intel – that new Pro 2500 SSD looks awfully familiar

Comment Chipzilla makes power-shifting tweaks

EMC boss Tucci’s last battle: Stopping a forced VMware selloff

Analysis Elliott Management sinks its teeth into retiring godhead
Chris Mellor, 22 Jul 12:42
Tegile Zebi chassis

Tegile boots Dell array out of chemical biz. Dell responds: Tegile, who?

Blocks and Files Upstart says it's up, up and away ... but not on the giants' radar – yet
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 05:04
VMware VSAN Concept

Listen bud – crud FUD flood is dud, says Dell: 'We do support VSAN'

Blocks and Files IT titan scoffs at rivals' whisperings
Chris Mellor, 02 Jul 22:03


Hybrid upstart Tintri: Legacy vendors? We're eating their lunch

Claims VM-aware hybrid biz is growing...
Chris Mellor, 15 Jul 13:54

IBM shoots Elastic Storage into SoftLayer cloud

TW-ANG-ANG-ANG-ANG: Elastic wallet needed
Chris Mellor, 14 Jul 14:41

Gartner: To the right, to the right – biz sync firms who've won in a box to the right...

Magic quadrant: Top marks for, er, completeness of vision, EMC
Chris Mellor, 14 Jul 14:04

Two years in the making: Sneak peek at VMware's future VVOL tech

Virtual volume storage to erupt onto array scene next year
Chris Mellor, 14 Jul 12:24

It's a boxless, super-flash, hyper-converged world: But what'll we do for BULK STORAGE?

Blocks & Files Cloud storage gateways on the up. Here's why
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 15:32

Who's that new kid making hybrid SAN kit? Yes, it's MICROSOFT

StorSimple jumps inside software layer
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 12:32

Backers stump up 'Amazon' $20m to fund Avere's cloud ascension

NAS-furtling filer biz pushes for cloud storage gateway bigness
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 11:21

Tegile boots Dell array out of chemical biz. Dell responds: Tegile, who?

Blocks and Files Upstart says it's up, up and away ... but not on the giants' radar – yet
Chris Mellor, 10 Jul 05:04

Catalogic swaps CEO for buyout veteran

Syncsort subsidiary's in for interesting times
Chris Mellor, 09 Jul 15:44
NIMBOXX intro video

A Google-style hyper-scale data centre... but WITHOUT the Google

At least that's the claim from new hyper converged upstart
Chris Mellor, 08 Jul 12:33
Wayne Lam

Let the SAN shine: Cirrus Data Solutions plugs speedy solution

No reboot, no problem, says former FalconStor man
Chris Mellor, 07 Jul 15:47

IDC busts out new converged systems charts, crowns Oracle as Platform King

Nutanix/Simplivity not shown - but they're there. Oh yes
Chris Mellor, 07 Jul 08:34
WD TV bix

WD adds Miracast support to feed-slinging tellybox gizmo

Small glitch: You still can't watch stuff from iTunes on it
A person measuring her waistline

Kiss my DRaaS: Actifio reckons its virty gear will shrink your storage

From virtualised copy to recovery from the cloud
Chris Mellor, 04 Jul 17:03

Terror in Cloudland? CTERA trousers $25m investment

'Tremble, mortals, as we enter the Platform Era'
Chris Mellor, 03 Jul 09:26
Fail and You

VSANs choking on VMware's recommended components

Virtzilla dumps 19 controllers from list of approved kit
Darren Pauli, 03 Jul 05:26