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SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Skyera offering more capacity, less power usage
Chris Mellor, 30 Oct 10:58

Hey - who wants 4.8 TERABYTES almost AS FAST AS MEMORY?

China's Memblaze says they've got it in PCIe. Yow
Chris Mellor, 29 Oct 15:26

Storage, probably like a college girl buying a belt. Be ready for the freshman 15

Storagebod OMG, I just need to let my array out a bit
StorageBod, 29 Oct 13:27

Has NetApp solved the TLC for biz puzzle? We look at its MYSTERY SSD Mars sauce

Analysis They MUST know something others don't. Right?
Chris Mellor, 29 Oct 12:47

Whoa, back up a little CommVault: ANOTHER weak quarter?

Hammer head promises improvements
Chris Mellor, 29 Oct 11:43

Samsung wants a bite of flash cache, will eat Proximal Data – sources

AutoCache provider will slot nicely into Korea Co's offerings
Chris Mellor, 29 Oct 11:02

Storage array giants can use Azure to evacuate their back ends

Site Recovery can help to move snapshots around
Simon Sharwood, 29 Oct 07:28

NetApp buys SteelStore from Riverbed

US$80 million for Riverbed, a better hybrid backup story for the Blue Staple
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 22:32
OpenStack: If it were only as easy as this picture makes it seem

OpenStack upstart SwiftStack slurps up $16m from backers

Interview The object of its object storage funding exercise
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 17:01
server room

Recovery-ware upstart Zerto: From Hyper-V to VMware and back again

Intros new cross-hypervisor replication product
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 16:27



Diablo boss on chipsets, ULLtraDIMM and the Netlist fracas

Opinion/Interview Badalone won't back down
Trevor Pott, 27 Oct 10:44

Pure Storage developing converged systems

Comment Commodity server hardware the next big target market
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 10:01

ESXi is telling fibs to backup software

Embiggened VMs may not be backed up until you turn off CBT and turn it on again
Simon Sharwood, 27 Oct 04:37

Bitcasa bins $10-a-month Infinite storage offer

Comment Firm cites 'low demand' plus 'abusers'
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 13:02

Dropbox-but-with-an-actual-box firm touts new biz appliances

Cloudy-style biz P2P - but without the cloud
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 11:29

Pssst. Want to buy a timeshare in the clouds?

Comment The Google dilemma — controller or spreader of knowledge?
Chris Mellor, 24 Oct 08:36

Upstart brags about cheaper-than-Amazon private cold data cloud

Storiant man asks you to check out their racks
Chris Mellor, 23 Oct 15:57

Amazon's AWS opens data center in Germany – just as we said

Scalability away from Uncle Sam, in theory
Gavin Clarke, 23 Oct 14:05

There's a lot more to backup than you thought

Which kind will you choose?
Chris Mellor, 23 Oct 10:29

Flash! Ah-ahh: Storage in 2014

Join us in the Reg Studios on 27 November
David Gordon, 23 Oct 08:35

SNIA's Australia/New Zealand chapter winds itself up

Board declares mission accomplished
Simon Sharwood, 22 Oct 21:30
Panzura Quicksilver cloud storage controller

Panzura's cloudy gear hits others' WAN optimisation kit for six

If you believe their claims. Promising if true, mind
Chris Mellor, 22 Oct 11:24

It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future

Worstall on Wednesday Or why the reversal of globalisation ain't gonna 'appen
Tim Worstall, 22 Oct 09:02
The full Spanglish breakfast: mealy pudding, bacon, black pudding, sausages, fried egg, toast

Reg man has the cure for IBM storage: Just swallow 10 firms

Comment It'll only set you back a few billion
Chris Mellor, 21 Oct 15:18
Andrew Warfield, Coho Data CTO

Reg Vulture grills Xen hypervisor daddy on latest storage upstart

Interview Coho Data techie gets technical on flash-disk rivals
Chris Mellor, 21 Oct 13:05

Will EMC swallow cloudy upstart? These analysts seem to think so

Maginatics baits hook with software-only storage
Chris Mellor, 21 Oct 10:26

Two-timing HP snubs Scality's RING, organises object threesome

Cleversafe smoothly slips into third wheel territory
Photo of a stack of $100 bills

IBM storage revenues sink: 'We are disappointed,' says CEO

Time to put the storage biz up for sale?
Chris Mellor, 20 Oct 14:32

Violin: Don't weep for Tier 1 storage... it'll soon be flashtastic

Comment CEO: Scale-out hyper-converged systems? Pah!
Chris Mellor, 20 Oct 11:28
FabricCache from QLogic

QLogic: Healthy fibre boosted our bottom line

Grantley servers help drive sales
Chris Mellor, 20 Oct 10:43