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Oracle ♥s Fibre Channel in virty box refresh

Virtual compute appliance adds support for not-dead-yet networking protocol
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 03:03

Is HP riding the EVO: RAILs to oblivion?

Comment Adopts potential StoreVirtual killer, but needs to find it a market postion
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 14:20

EMC reshuffles deck, reveals Core Technology SUPER DIVISION

Soz, investors, it will NOT be spinning off VMware
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 14:09

What the Dell? Big Mike and co join Nexenta for EVO: RAIL file access

Hyper-etc virty SAN will use well-known software
Chris Mellor, 15 Oct 11:46

Lure of OpenStack overwhelms EMC: Must ... SLURP... startup

Anything Cisco can do, we can do with Cloudscaling
Chris Mellor, 14 Oct 10:01

Symantec backs out of Backup Exec: Plans to can appliance in Jan

Will still provide support to existing customers
Chris Mellor, 13 Oct 11:34

Nimbus Data sues over unpaid bill: 'Kit didn't work', says customer

'Refused to pay the remaining balance until the computer equipment was fully functional'
Chris Mellor, 13 Oct 08:58

Nutanix goes all-flash, will rescue dying data from imploding cities

But only if they're reasonably close together, natch
Chris Mellor, 13 Oct 08:37

Rebellion sees Chromium reverse plans to dump EXT filesystem

A Linux derivative without Linux's very own filesystem was a strange look
Simon Sharwood, 13 Oct 00:28

'I went from a two-hour commute to a 10-min scooter ride by the sea'

eXpat Files Welcome to Bermuda, where you don't have to wear the shorts
Simon Sharwood, 12 Oct 11:00
Nutanix NX-3000 server-storage node

Iron out the kinks and all-flash servers just might have a future

Comment Nutanix leading way to disk-free serving
Chris Mellor, 10 Oct 10:22
Synology DS414 4-bay NAS box

Get NAS-ty: Reg puts claws to eight four-bay data dumpsters

Product round-up Storage you can see, clouds you create
Shaun Dormon, 10 Oct 09:31

SPLITTERS! Symantec cleft in twain

Security and storage units must now take their own paths
Chris Mellor, 10 Oct 09:02


Blood image

SDI Wars: EMC must FORGET ARRAYS, adapt or disappear

Sysadmin blog Can the storage giant overcome a lack of necessary leadership?
Lego Gears of War gun

SDI wars: WTF is software defined infrastructure?

Sysadmin blog This time we play for ALL the marbles
Trevor Pott, 17 Oct 08:04
Nutanix NX-3000 server-storage node

Iron out the kinks and all-flash servers just might have a future

Comment Nutanix leading way to disk-free serving
Chris Mellor, 10 Oct 10:22

Activist investors DESTROY COMPANIES. Don't get me started on share dealings...

Comment The great storage vulture pecks at the industry
Chris Mellor, 09 Oct 14:02


Veeam varies virty voyage with free endpoint backup tool

No wonder Symantec's struggling to turn a quid
Simon Sharwood, 10 Oct 05:02

Cisco denies plans to pull its cash out of VCE

All-singing, all-dancing boxen partners have our 'full support'
Chris Mellor, 09 Oct 17:21

I want to TRANSPLANT your storage BRAINS: WD desktop NAS refresh

Puts Storage Spaces on Sentinel, leaves RAID behind
Chris Mellor, 09 Oct 16:59

Sophos gulps down hot Mojave, will puff out more secure clouds

Safer cloudy stuff for ALL. Except non-Sophos customers
Jasper Hamill, 08 Oct 15:21

Shouty investor Elliott makes PUBLIC CALL for VMware sale

Comment Billion dollar shareholder ups the EMC ante
Chris Mellor, 08 Oct 13:58

An EMC-HP Borg cube will totally ANNIHILATE its storage worlds

Comment Why overlapping kit from a merger equals a disaster in waiting
Chris Mellor, 08 Oct 04:03

NetList returns Diablo's ULLtraDIMM sueball with counter-injunction

Which drags SanDisk into this flashy legal mess
Chris Mellor, 07 Oct 20:02

Hopeful hybrideer Reduxio grabs more cash for disk+flash

Company aims to leapfrog existing hybrid vendors
Chris Mellor, 07 Oct 10:24

Storage startups: Hey VCs, it's not just the size, it's the frequency

Comment Backers should analyse patterns closely
Chris Mellor, 07 Oct 09:26
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Moneymen dash to hand cash to storage upstarts

Comment In pursuit of high-growth investment
Chris Mellor, 06 Oct 08:02

Bring your spade: The BIG DATA Gold Rush has begun

Most forty-niners didn't get rich – shovel-makers did
Chris Mellor, 03 Oct 12:37
X300 SSDs

SanDisk hopes to lure in enterprise clients with a little TLC (SSD)

Analysis Sets up disk-to-flash conversion service too
Chris Mellor, 03 Oct 08:38
Samsung 60nm 1Gb DDR 2 DRAM chip and DIMM

DRAM! Speedy software upstart PernixData's caching up fast

Caching speed upped by several orders of magnitude
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 15:02

David Goulden tosses away CFO cap, holds onto EMC II CEO crown

+Comment Zane Rowe becomes chief cash counter
Chris Mellor, 02 Oct 13:02