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Cray flogs 1PB of TASty storage to German übercomputing boffins, leaves them in tiers

Leibniz supercomputer gets SSD-to-archive storage gear
Chris Mellor, 09 Apr 13:58

How Brit computer maker beat IBM's S/360 - and Soviet spies

'We are the biggest', crafty biz told Iron Curtain prospects
Gavin Clarke, 09 Apr 08:03

Azure Australia data centre undergoing final testing

The containers are in place and the lights are flickering
Simon Sharwood, 08 Apr 22:03

Open-sourcer Nexenta fires up V4 storage OS

Plenty of horsepower but it hasn't got the Edge
Chris Mellor, 08 Apr 15:29

European Court of Justice rips up Data Retention Directive

Rules 'interfering' measure to be 'invalid'
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Apr 10:36

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50

Big Blue's big $5bn bet adjusted, modified, reduced, back for more
Gavin Clarke, 07 Apr 09:32

Delphix: Hey now, we're the database hostess with the Postgres

Version 4 also frees data on Unix to escape to Linux land
Jack Clark, 12 Mar 22:47

Toshiba baby OCZ flings open coat, bares PCIe flasher to world

Z-Drive 4500, complete with 410,000 random read/write IOPS
Chris Mellor, 11 Mar 16:28

Hey IBM – Lenovo here. Sort your server factory strike out, will you?

Big Blue's problem - until server biz buyout deal closes
Toshiba MK6465GSX

Toshiba: Our 2.5-incher does the same job as a 3.5-incher

A case of trying hard to put a better spin on it - in a good way
Chris Mellor, 10 Mar 11:01

Inside Facebook's engineering labs: Hardware heaven, HP hell – PICTURES

10 years of Facebook Better duck, Amazon... Hardware drone incoming
Jack Clark, 05 Mar 11:01



Server tech is BORING these days. Where's all the shiny new goodies?

Blocks and Files Cisco, Dell, HP - let's get cracking, guys
IBMStorage Revenues by quarter

IBM needs to sell its stuttering storage biz lines

Blocks and Files Given the financial results, you know it makes sense
Chris Mellor, 22 Jan 14:17

Oh no, RBS has gone titsup again... but is it JUST BAD LUCK?

Storagebod You'll be SHOCKED at how recently shillings were still in play in some banks' systems
StorageBod, 05 Dec 10:31
IT Crowd. Source: Channel 4 / 2entertain

Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2: Quick start guide for sysadmins

Sysadmin blog What do you mean you forgot your key?
Adam Fowler, 18 Oct 19:03


Data Centre World: It's hard work cooling off those hot racks

Show report Colo show unites mind and body
Bob Dormon, 04 Mar 09:31

Tough times in the server market, even though more iron moved in '13

Sadly it was teeny-to-medium, not lovely Big Iron
Paul Kunert, 27 Feb 14:56

Dell gambles solid server sales for NetSuite's riches

Shooting SaaS means more dosh, it hopes
Gavin Clarke, 27 Feb 09:27

NO WONDER Big Blue dropped it: IBM server biz BOMBED in Q4

Ta for the $2.3bn, Lenovo... just take IT OFF US
Paul Kunert, 26 Feb 13:01

Software needs meaty cores, not thin, stringy ARMs, says Intel

But we'll do ATOM for servers anyway because some people need it, says enterprise GM
Simon Sharwood, 26 Feb 06:34

Toshiba new HG6 range REVEALS slimmest SSD module you can buy

Tosh refreshes fifth-generation SSD line-up
Chris Mellor, 25 Feb 08:01

How Facebook flipped the data centre hardware market

10 years of Facebook The first rule of cloud fight club is...
Jack Clark, 20 Feb 11:03

EVault hints it might snuggle up with daddy Seagate's Kinetic drives

Also joins the Entertainment Storage Alliance
Chris Mellor, 20 Feb 08:36

Server vendors lovingly dress Intel's latest Xeon in memory jewels

The chip is the star, but each server comes with some baubles
Jack Clark, 19 Feb 12:18

Intel's new Xeon: Easy to switch between dual memory modes? Uh, no

Analysis Resilience or throughput – set it then forget it
Rik Myslewski, 19 Feb 02:18

HP busts out new ProLiant rack mount based on Intel's new top o' line server chippery

How does six terabytes of memory in a 4U rack grab you?
Rik Myslewski, 19 Feb 00:59

Better late than never: Monster 15-core Xeon chips let loose by Intel

New mission-critical CPUs are mission-critical to Chipzilla's critical money-making mission
Rik Myslewski, 18 Feb 18:00

Flappy Bird becomes massively multiplayer PHOENIX

Even Ernie and Bert from Sesame Street are on the bandwagon
Simon Sharwood, 14 Feb 03:01
Synology RS3614xs+

SME storage challengers emerge one feature at a time

Sysadmin Blog Get small and medium benefits from storage advancement
Trevor Pott, 12 Feb 12:09

HP 'clarifies' firmware/support contract rules

Cough up security patches are all you'll get
Richard Chirgwin, 12 Feb 03:57

Server tech is BORING these days. Where's all the shiny new goodies?

Blocks and Files Cisco, Dell, HP - let's get cracking, guys
Steve Furber's ARM SoC Architecture

Dell reveals 'proof-of-concept' ARM microserver

Applied Micro X-Gene 64-bit ARM rig available for 'support testing with select customers'
Simon Sharwood, 05 Feb 04:59
Satya Nadella

It's Satya! Microsoft VP Nadella named CEO as Bill Gates steps down

Server boss steps up to the plate, ends months of fevered speculation
Gavin Clarke, 04 Feb 14:39