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Whoops, my cloud's just gone titsup. Now what?

No email? No CRM? No Daily Mail iPad edition? You need a plan
Rachel Fielding, 06 Aug 10:01

Cisco to reveal UCS for small businesses

New fabric interconnect for up to 15 servers emerges
Simon Sharwood, 29 Jul 05:01

Rackspace touts cloudy, single-tenant OnMetal servers to world+dog

Pricing revealed for dedicated boxes that provision like clouds
Neil McAllister, 25 Jul 21:46

Sysadmin Day 2014: Quick, there's still time to get the beers in

He walked over the broken glass, killed the thugs... and er... reconnected the cables*

SAP: It was our Big Data software wot won it for Germany

Vorsprung durch grossendatatechnik, as we like to say in Germany
Gavin Clarke, 22 Jul 08:56

Manic malware Mayhem spreads through Linux, FreeBSD web servers

And how Google could cripple infection rate in a second
Iain Thomson, 18 Jul 21:30

Speaking in Tech: How I was outsmarted by my LG smartwatch

Podcast Plus: Google's new hired hacker, 'Princess' Parisa Tabriz
Team Register, 16 Jul 09:41

Donahue grabs Atlantis double crown: Takes CEO and pres titles

Virtual software firm's former CEO goes upstairs
Chris Mellor, 16 Jul 09:14

Mobile, cloud, social? Data? Nadella strings sexy words together

Comment Long-winded memo makes us miss Steve Ballmer
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 09:02
2001 HAL poster

Microsoft's new 'Adam' AI trounces Google ... and beats HUMANS

Asynchronous design crucial in giving 120-machine cluster the edge in neural-network wars
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 00:26
The BladeSystem c7000 Platinum edition chassis populated with blades

No more sprawl: Let us consider the benefits of blade servers

Webcast HP joins us in the Reg studio on 29 July
David Gordon, 11 Jul 10:25
IBM's System x3620 M3 server

China clears Lenovo's slurp of IBM server biz

Firm reckons deal will close this year, despite US national security concerns


LG G Smartwatch running Android Wear

Speaking in Tech: How I was outsmarted by my LG smartwatch

Podcast Plus: Google's new hired hacker, 'Princess' Parisa Tabriz
Satya Nadella

Mobile, cloud, social? Data? Nadella strings sexy words together

Comment Long-winded memo makes us miss Steve Ballmer
Andrew Orlowski, 15 Jul 09:02
Pair of pliers with other tools

Readers' choice: What every small-business sysadmin needs

Sysadmin blog The essential toolkit
Trevor Pott, 28 May 11:42
Angry Birds

Look, pal, it’s YOUR password so it’s YOUR fault that it's gone AWOL

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Security begins at home... and ends up in someone else’s
Alistair Dabbs, 23 May 11:58


IBM promises mainframes on tap as SoftLayer lands on London

Unbelievable... Chessington's nowhere near London
Joe Fay, 30 Jun 13:03

Aereo presses pause on 'tiny antenna' TV-streaming service

Vows to fight on after US Supreme Court ruling

Unisys makes a tilt at converged infrastructure and containerisation

Reference platforms on the way to allow other server-makers to spread the love
Simon Sharwood, 25 Jun 05:31

Hello?! Converged data centre peeps? Dell likes US too, says VMware

New list of VSAN Ready Nodes emerges with some oldies, some n00bs and HP
Darren Pauli, 25 Jun 01:29

MIT boffins build 36 core processor with data-traffic smarts

Network-on-chip design uses internet-inspired scheme to solve bussing problems
Iain Thomson, 23 Jun 21:39

Russian gov to dump x86, bake own 64-bit ARM chips - reports

ARM advocates and NSA back-door paranoids rejoice!
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jun 02:58

32,000 motherboards spit passwords in CLEARTEXT!

Supermicro's cure wasn't much better than the disease
Darren Pauli, 20 Jun 06:29

Unisys cozies closer to Intel, 'sunsets' proprietary processor

Software-defined fabric architectures claim another victim
Rik Myslewski, 17 Jun 21:55

Hey, VMware. You've got competition – from a Belgian upstart

Did we mention this open source object store isn't just targeting VMware?
Chris Mellor, 16 Jun 09:34

Watch this: A webinar about System Center Orchestrator

Video Microsoft's 'best kept secret'
David Gordon, 12 Jun 11:36

Verizon: Only a CROWD of storage tech firms can hold up our hefty cloud

Mega telco hooked up to HDS, Oracle, NetApp ... you name it
Chris Mellor, 12 Jun 11:05

Intel pleads for €1bn EU fine to be overturned, is DENIED

Couldn't, er, chip away at 5-year-old penalty either

US telco titan Verizon floats storage clouds over Himalaya

Amplidata sets off on data mountain expedition
Chris Mellor, 11 Jun 19:03

Cheap, backwards-compatible PCIe 4.0 on track for 2015 2016

PCI-SIG 16GT/sec interconnect dependent on the kindness of strangers
Rik Myslewski, 10 Jun 21:59
VMware Monster VM

VMware to offer converged compute and storage hardware

Update 'MARVIN' is going to get lots of folks paranoid
Simon Sharwood, 10 Jun 01:43

Google reaches into own silicon brain to slash electricity bill

Skunkworks PEGASUS system tramples cloud's ugly power-sucking secret
Jack Clark, 05 Jun 19:06
NSA parody T-shirt


Snowden Anniversary You may want to move to Iceland at this point
Protonet win

German server lockbox scores MEELLION dollar seed-smashing record

Thwarting the NSA as a startup business model
Darren Pauli, 05 Jun 05:28
Nervous girl bites nails

Will IBM System x sink without trace before Lenovo can grab the helm?

Server market doom plunge slows, but Big Blue's doesn't
Paul Kunert, 29 May 14:58
EMC federation logo

Watch this: A webinar about VMWare's PowerCLI

Video Useful primer from QA
David Gordon, 28 May 17:09