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IEEE signs off on 400 Gb/s Ethernet development

And we shall call it P802.3bs
Simon Sharwood, 04 Apr 03:21

Tesla cars can now 'do an ET' without hurting anyone's bottom line

'I can tell, you know how I can tell? 'Cos we’re connected'
Simon Rockman, 03 Apr 11:58

Who's up for yet another software-defined net protocol? Cisco wants to see some hands

Openly flexes OpFlex at IETF, Juniper et al not even looking
Jack Clark, 02 Apr 19:55

Bechtolsheim's baby Arista Networks heads toward IPO

Profitable bit-fiddler files S-1 for market debut
Jack Clark, 31 Mar 20:59

Hardwired crypto certificate FAIL bricks Juniper router kit

Is this the final nail in the dusty gear's coffin, wonder sysadmins
Richard Chirgwin, 31 Mar 01:28

Facebook taps up NASA boffins to launch drone fleet, laser comms lab

Brit experts also tapped up to connect 5 billion more people to Zuck's ad network
Jack Clark, 27 Mar 22:51

Cisco ships six fixes for DoS bugs

Happy Thursday, sysadmins
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Mar 05:02

Zombie Nortel grabs Cisco by the neck, again

Spherix claims patent rights over practically every network
Richard Chirgwin, 27 Mar 02:30

Interview: Cisco's security supremo on the Internet of Everything

El Reg asks Chris Young how we can stop the IoT becoming a $19 TREELLLION honeypot
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Mar 00:58

Chinese boffins ginger up Hadoop with OpenFlow funnel

Software-defined networking speeds scheduling across clusters
Simon Sharwood, 18 Mar 11:19

GFI LanGuard 2014: Go on. Find my weaknesses and point them out

Review Latest version shows what it can do
Trevor Pott, 17 Mar 13:44

Panel: Death of Cisco and Juniper switches are greatly exaggerated

OFC 2014 'There's always going to be specialized hardware' say industry execs
Jack Clark, 12 Mar 00:32
Data Center GM Diane Bryant weighing old and new cables

Intel and pals whip out 1.6Tbit/s cable: Come on baby, light my fibre

Something for your data center's bright sparks to think about
Jack Clark, 10 Mar 23:43


Sony CV-2000 reel-to-reel consumer video recorder

I want SDN and I want it now!

Sysadmin Blog Laziness? Or automating the mundane?
Some network cables

What's wrong with network monitoring tools? Where do I start...

Opinion That red screen? It's just embarassment
Dave Cartwright, 13 Nov 08:31
Toshiba p-BiCS technology

SanDisk starts beating path to 3D NAND flash

Reckons product ready for market by 2015
Chris Mellor, 23 Jul 12:43
Apple's solar array in Maiden, North Carolina

Water, sunshine or pig s***: How will YOU power your data centre?

Top tips for anyone building their first server empire
Tim Worstall, 17 Jul 09:03


High-end SAN peddler Dot Hill delivers profit – market says 'meh'

Stock down 14% due to trimmer margins, weak outlook
Chris Mellor, 07 Mar 16:02

New 4G router pitched at biz bods sick to death of titsup networks

Um, when you say 'unlimited data plan...'
Simon Rockman, 04 Mar 10:26

NEC takes control of its OpenFlow controllers

ProgrammableFlow 5.1 to include uber-controller
Richard Chirgwin, 04 Mar 04:03

Brocade, Broadcom, Freescale trio aglow in the OpenFlow chateau

Support for version 1.3 now slipped into tech gear
Jack Clark, 03 Mar 19:18

Cisco kicks off $300k Internet of Things security competition

Borg wants an Internet of secure things and wants you to do the heavy thinking
Richard Chirgwin, 03 Mar 02:02

Ethernet boffins get ready to kick off 400G development

Networking's unkillable gorilla to get faster again in 2016 or 2017
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Mar 23:57

Software containers for BYOD/mobile device management: Big Tin Can

This baby will never escape from the bit of string back to corporate
Simon Rockman, 28 Feb 07:57

IBM stuffs 64Gbps of traffic down 'low quality' fibres

New short-haul speed record hailed as showing multimode fibre will be around for years
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Feb 03:58

Aaah-CHOOO! Brit boffins say WiFi can 'sneeze' malware

Vulnerable access points could spread viruses like that snuffly chapy next to you on the train
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Feb 02:29

Q: Just why are AT&T, banks snubbing kit from Cisco & co? A: Control

Analysis We drill into what's causing seismic shifts in the networking world
Jack Clark, 25 Feb 12:36

Juniper, HP join the MWC NFV frenzy

MWC 2014 Look who wants to add 'intelligence to the dumb network'
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Feb 07:02

Netflix coughs up to cruise on Comcast

'Interconnection agreement' to provide 'high-quality video experience'
Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 03:59
Printed key

Saving private spying: IETF Draft reveals crypto-busting proxy proposal

'Explicit Trusted Proxy' would allow carriers to decrypt data to speed transmission
Richard Chirgwin, 24 Feb 01:56

Nokia may consider merging with Juniper: report

Spurned by Alca-Lu, Finns go shopping stateside
Simon Sharwood, 21 Feb 01:41

Alca-Lu joins race to make telco networks more cloudy

Proprietary doors open just a little
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Feb 06:31
Sochi opening

Walking in a WiFi wonderland

Sochi games are a software-defined networker's dream run
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Feb 05:02

Ericsson and Ciena ink SDN development and distribution deal

Deal will allow carriers' networks to 'evolve into SDN-enabled infrastructure'
Uncov chronicles the failure of Web 2.0

Cisco HAUNTED by $655m memory components snag

Networking giant pays BIG to battle faulty kit
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Feb 12:05
Sony CV-2000 reel-to-reel consumer video recorder

I want SDN and I want it now!

Sysadmin Blog Laziness? Or automating the mundane?
Trevor Pott, 14 Feb 11:04