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HPC bods boogie to 68 new Top500 hits at New Orleans show

SC14 Intel, IBM and ARM flex flop-tastic muscles
Chris Mellor, 18 Nov 15:07

NASA launches new climate model at SC14

75 days of supercomputing later ...
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Nov 06:33

Nvidia doubles Tesla grunt at SC14

2.9 teraflops, 4,992 cores: here comes the K80
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Nov 03:01

The optic NERVE of it: Intel declares WAR on InfiniBand

Chipzilla emerges from ocean belching flames. Again
Richard Chirgwin, 18 Nov 02:27

HPC bod SGI racks UV brains, reaches 30 MEEELLION IOPS

UK 300 concept gets SSD supercharge
Chris Mellor, 17 Nov 14:34

Cray heaves out even mightier, Lustre-ous Sonexion 2000

Met Office and Los Alamos bomb boffins are apparently among its fans
Chris Mellor, 17 Nov 09:26

SAVE ME, NASA system builder, from my DEAD WORKSTATION

HPC Blog Anal-retentive hardware nerd in paws-on workstation crisis



Cray-cray Met Office spaffs £97m on VERY AVERAGE HPC box

Only 250th most powerful in the world? Bring back Michael Fish
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Oct 07:29

It's Big, it's Blue... it's simply FABLESS! IBM's chip-free future

Worstall on Wednesday Or why the reversal of globalisation ain't gonna 'appen
Tim Worstall, 22 Oct 09:02

HPC Wales stretches its reach to Northern Ireland

Selling cycles across the Irish Sea
Richard Chirgwin, 22 Oct 06:33

Vote for us: We're slinging cash at supercomputers!

Australian election campaign features cash-for-cores promise
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Oct 02:58

'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster

6TB of DRAM, 38TB of SSD flash and 120TB of disk storage
Chris Mellor, 16 Oct 13:17

IBM goes gunning for Intel with Nvidia GPU-charged Power8 servers

Claims victory for OpenPower Foundation in war on 'proprietary tech'
Neil McAllister, 03 Oct 19:12

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power

Big Blue shows off Swiss research project
Richard Chirgwin, 02 Oct 05:29

ARMs head Moonshot bodies: HP pops Applied Micro, TI chips into carts

First 64-bit ARMv8 SoC emerges in ProLiant form, but it's not for everyone
Appro LLNL Edge Cluster

Enough with the rack-grappling, kids. Try this MYSTERY app

HPC blog Ultra Comprehensive ISC14 Cluster Comp Results - part 2
IBM's System x3630 M3 server

Students playing with impressive racks? Yes, it's cluster comp time

HPC blog The most comprehensive coverage the world has ever seen. Ever

Scotland wins WORLD RECORD as voters head to referendum polls

HPC blog Uni of Edinburgh team lands teraflop-tastic LINPACK laurels