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Google reveals rapid cloud expansion

Google has decided to play catch-up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announcing that it's going to add 12 regions to its cloud services by the end of 2017. The rollout will start with a Western US region hosted in Oregon, and an East Asia region to be built in Tokyo. Each of these regions will have multiple availability zones, …
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GoDaddy goes boldly into cloudy servers

GoDaddy has decided to get into the cloudy server caper. The used-to-be-a-hosting-company is wisely dodging the likes of Amazon Web Services and Azure, instead choosing to offer web developers servers-in-seconds, packed with all the software goodies they're likely to deploy for a small business web site. Bitnami's aboard, with …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Mar 2016

Druva boxes clever

Druva has extended its base in end-point data protection to cover cloud apps Box, Google Work and Office 365. If you're working on your mobile smart device and desktop, Druva's inSync product will protect your data on that device. Now, if you are using Box, Google Work (Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail) or Exchange Online …
Chris Mellor, 21 Mar 2016
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Microsoft adds OneDrive to bug bounty program

Microsoft has expanded its bug bounty program to include OneDrive. The change, announced in this brief post on Redmond's security blog, means researchers will be paid between US$500 and $15,000 for confirmed vulnerabilities. Microsoft's bounty-hunter rules ban attempts to grab user credentials (for example via social …

Your 30 second guide to the past three months on Planet Adobe: Talk about sitting on cloud 9

Adobe is crediting a surge in cloud services with helping to drive its best financial Q1 take ever. The Silicon Valley software giant said that its Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud services recorded strong growth on the quarter and spurred the company to increase its revenue target for the year. For the three months [PDF] …
Shaun Nichols, 17 Mar 2016
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Oracle whistles happy tune as shadow of AWS bus parks on database lawn

Oracle is brushing off challenges from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to its core database business as a natural consequence of leadership. Rivals are pouncing to take advantage of the shift from on-prem licensing of software to the cloud, the firm reckoned. “People are coming after us, because we are by far the market …
Gavin Clarke, 16 Mar 2016
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Speaking in Tech: Dropbox says buh-bye to AWS, goes private

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise Hosted by Greg Knieriemen, Ed Saipetch and Sarah Vela. This week, Eddie is sipping wine on the French Riviera while Greg and Sarah discuss SXSW, Dropbox and Data Gravity. Our special guest is Gabe Chapman from NetApp. The details: (1:00) POTUS crashes SXSW (6:23) Airbnb …
Team Register, 16 Mar 2016

Oracle made slightly less money last quarter, and America is to blame

Oracle is blaming a strong dollar in cutting into its Q3 fiscal 2016 numbers. The enterprise giant reported [PDF] a three per cent decline in revenues and a 14 per cent drop in net income on the year-ago quarter, but said that when adjusted for constant currency, revenues would have been up one per cent and income down just …
Shaun Nichols, 15 Mar 2016
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AWS's grand plan: It'll slurp your databases, spit them into its cloud

Amazon is to launch its AWS Database Migration Service today, in a bid to slurp big enterprises into the cloud by making it easier to ditch their legacy systems, according to reports. Since the beginning of the year, more than 1,000 databases from “many hundreds” of companies have used an early version of its migration service …
Kat Hall, 15 Mar 2016
Mammatus clouds by Craig Linsday, CC 3.0 licence

Ever heard of 'multi-cloud'? Get with cool kids – it's the New Big Thing™

Comment Hybrid cloud is so yesterday – multi-cloud is where it’s at. Spreading your cloud apps between different providers is now becoming a trend. Four in five firms were using multi-cloud services last year, according to cloud firm RightScale. Six in 10 UK companies used more than one provider, said Adapt a year earlier. There are …
Danny Bradbury, 15 Mar 2016
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Dropbox slips 500PB into its Magic Pocket, not spread over AWS

Dropbox has sucked the vast majority of its data off Amazon's cloud servers and into its own custom storage centers. This shunting of customers' files has been dubbed Project Magic Pocket. In a blog post on Monday, Akhil Gupta, Dropbox's veep of engineering, said his company has been an early adopter of Amazon S3 to store bulk …
Iain Thomson, 14 Mar 2016

DDoS protection biz Incapsula knackers its customers' websites

Glitches at distributed denial-of-service mitigation biz Incapsula left the websites it defends offline twice on Thursday. Incapsula blamed "connectivity issues" for the global PITSTOP, aka the worldwide degradation of its services. "A rare case triggered an issue on the Incapsula service and caused two system-wide errors at …
John Leyden, 10 Mar 2016

Microsoft has crafted a switch OS on Debian Linux. Repeat, a switch OS on Debian Linux

OCP Summit Put down your coffee gently. Microsoft has today released the source code to an open-source operating system, based on Debian GNU/Linux, that runs on network switches. The software is dubbed SONiC, aka Software for Open Networking in the Cloud. It's a toolkit of code and kernel patches to bend switch hardware to your will, so …
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Qualcomm ARM server chips try on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for size

Qualcomm and Red Hat are busy porting the latter's enterprise-friendly flavor of Linux to Qualy's upcoming 64-bit ARM server processors, we learned today. Specifically, the pair are "collaborating" to bring Red Hat's Enterprise Linux Server for ARM Development Preview to Qualcomm's 24-core ARMv8-A silicon shown off in October …
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Telstra strides into enterprise SDN with VPNs, dynamic WANs

Australia's dominant carrier Telstra has sniffed the software-defined winds and decided to label some services as software-defined networking (SDN), with Cisco's help. There's nothing startling about the carrier's initial three services, the first of which is a vanilla virtual private network that can connect physical …

WANdisco boss: 'We're seeing a humongous movement to the cloud'

+Comment WANdisco has active-active replication technology that's been used for disaster recovery and other business continuity-type uses. That's all well and good but not epoch-making or associated with major disruptions ... until now. If what WANdisco CEO and cofounder Dave Richards says is true, the entire on-premises IT …
Chris Mellor, 3 Mar 2016
AWS Snowball appliance

There's a courier here says he's got 50TB of cloud data for you

Amazon Web Services has announced it will happily delivery 50TB of cloud data to your doorstep. The data will arrive wrapped in a Snowball, the rugged 50TB array the company revealed last year as a way to import data to its cloudy storage services. Amazon's idea with Snowball is that lots of people want to adopt cloud storage …

Cisco CTO: Containers will ride to private cloud's rescue. Oh yes!

Cisco Partner Summit The emergence of containers will spark a renaissance for on-premises data centers, thus luring many businesses away from public cloud services, Cisco CTO Zorawar Biri Singh reckons. Speaking at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego, Singh said he believes as much as 30 per cent of public cloud workloads will be going offline …
Shaun Nichols, 3 Mar 2016 storage fail causes lengthy outage

UPDATE One of's European instances is enduring a lengthy un-planned PITSTOP incident – that's a Partial Inability To Support Totally Optimal Performance, a whit below our other status indicator of a Total Inability To Support Usual Performance or TITSUP. Salesforce's ”trust” page (that's what the company calls what any …

Oracle adds own cloud tier to its mainframe VTL

Oracle has updated VSM 6 to v7 four years after VSM 6 was launched, adding beefier CPUs, greater scale and auto-tiering to Larry’s own cloud. VSM is a deduping virtual tape library (VTL) or disk array with a tape library interface, and up until now has been for mainframes only. It can write data to an attached tape library …
Chris Mellor, 2 Mar 2016
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Tutum technology bobs back to surface as Docker Cloud

The Tutum technology Docker borged late last year has resurfaced in the form of Docker Cloud. Docker bought NY-based Tutum back in October, for an undisclosed sum. At the time, Tutum had under ten employees, and was pushing its service as a "limitless" free beta. Back then, Docker described its new buy as a complete platform …
Joe Fay, 1 Mar 2016

Google cloud wobbles as workers patch wrong routers

Add another SNAFU to the long list of Google cloud wobbles caused by human error: this time The Alphabet subsidiary decided to patch the wrong routers. The wobble wasn't a big one: it lasted just 46 minutes and only hit Google Compute Engine Instances in the us-central1-f zone. Of course it wasn't minor if yours was one of the …
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Azure Australia in un-planned PITSTOP slowing cloudy storage and virtual machines

UPDATE Microsoft’s Azure cloud services are wobbling in Australia. This morning, Micrsoft reported “a subset of customers using services with dependency on Storage, such as Virtual Machines, and RemoteApp in Australia East may experience higher than expected latency.” Over the weekend, Microsoft reported that Visual Studio Team …
Simon Sharwood, 28 Feb 2016

Google fingers wetware, yet again, as the reason for a cloudy outage

“People,” sang Nick Cave, “They ain't no good.” And Google's learning that applies double to clouds, after again finding human intervention caused an outage. The problem, titled Quotas were reset to default values for some Customers lasted most of Tuesday's business hours on the US West Coast and meant “7.8% of Google Compute …
Simon Sharwood, 26 Feb 2016

Microsoft urges law rewrite to keep US govt's mitts off overseas data

Microsoft today badgered the US House Judiciary Committee for changes to the law following Europe's safe harbor collapse and Redmond's data center search warrant battle. Microsoft wants legislation governing America's ability to seize data on overseas servers modernized. It's resisted a US Department of Justice (DoJ) warrant …
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Feb 2016

Got Oracle? Got VMware? Going cloud? You could be stung for huge licensing fees

Oracle has been telling a number of organisations running its database software that they are breaking the company's licensing rules – and therefore owe it millions of dollars in unpaid licence fees. The issue hit the headlines in January after US confectionery giant Mars took Oracle to court in the US over claims Mars had …
Gavin Clarke, 24 Feb 2016
Soaring costs in San Fran. from

Speaking in Tech: IPO freeze, less capital for risks... job cuts. Time to get out of the Valley

Podcast speaking_in_tech Greg Knieriemen podcast enterprise It's another episode of El Reg's enterprise tech cast, with your hosts Greg Knieriemen and Ed Saipetch. This week, Sarah Vela is missing so SolidFire's (now NetApp's) Amy Lewis jumps in to take her seat while we talk about private clouds, Ravello and the tech IPO freeze. Our …
Team Register, 24 Feb 2016

Spotify hits the G-Spot, leaps into Google's cloud

Google's cloud has scored big: music streaming service Spotify, the subject of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) case study, has made a big bet on The Chocolate Factory's cloud. The announcements by Google and Spotify tell a tale of streamer operating from its own bit barns and some AWS resources. Spotify says it decided the time …
Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 2016
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DigitalOcean to splash down Bangalore bit barn

DigitalOcean has announced it plans to bring a bit barn to Bangalore, India. The hosting company has chosen Bangalore as its sixth location, adding to its Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt and Toronto facilities. The idea is to excite local startups, which DigitalOcean reckons will be keen to clamber aboard its cloud. …
Simon Sharwood, 24 Feb 2016

Oracle acquires Ravello, will bake it into Big Red Cloud

Oracle has acquired Ravello, purveyor of a cloud-spanning hypervisor. Ravello de-cloaked in 2013, giving the world technology that virtualises hypervisors to make them portable. The outcome of that trick is the ability to encapsulate an app and run it just about anywhere, without having to re-tool it for a particular cloud. …
Simon Sharwood, 23 Feb 2016
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IBM tailors Swift for cloud, gets into bed with VMware, Github

Big Blue has used its IBM InterConnect conference in Las Vegas to announce cooperative deals with Apple, VMware and GitHub, as the venerable commuting giant seeks to suck in more cloudy business. "Businesses are adopting cloud-based applications to accelerate innovation, but they are still struggling to combine those cloud …
Iain Thomson, 22 Feb 2016

Black Monday: Office 365 down and out in Europe

The exact cause of today’s periodic Office 365 blackout remains a mystery some eight hours after the service in EMEA first fell over. Poor unsuspecting souls took to Twitter this morning to vent their frustration at their lack of productivity caused by the cloudy productivity suite’s outage. “We are experiencing a national …
Paul Kunert, 22 Feb 2016

Hey virtual SANs – say hello to a virtual filer

Startup Infinit has software running in servers that can aggregate local storage and public cloud storage into a virtual filer. The upstart was founded in February 2012 and has had, by modern standards, derisory investment with $100k angel funding that year, another $340k of angel funding in 2013, and a $1.8m seed round in …
Chris Mellor, 18 Feb 2016
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Red Hat in Google cloud Gluster chuck

Red Hat’s ramping up the pressure on Ubuntu by going deep on another cloud provider’s platform. The Linux spinner’s Gluster Storage shared-nothing, file storage system is now available on Google’s cloud platform. Red Hat hopes to boost its fortunes by making its Linux-based infrastructure code available as an option to those …
Gavin Clarke, 18 Feb 2016
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Azure lost some virtual machine backups for eleven hours

Microsoft's Azure cloud has had a nasty hiccup that saw it unable to find virtual machines recently added to its backup service. As Microsoft's status page records, from “04:40 to 17:36 UTC 17 Feb 2016, customers using Azure Backup Service might be unable to discover newly added IaaS Virtual Machines within their old Backup …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Feb 2016

Public enemies: Azure, Amazon, Google, Oracle, OpenStack, SoftLayer will murder private IT

Analysis On-premises IT is facing decimation by six public cloud enemies: Amazon, Azure, Google, OpenStack, Oracle and SoftLayer, who are on course to have the majority of customers' IT spend by 2018. An Internet retailer, started up as an online book store, and a website search facility have kickstarted an IT phenomenon which could …
Chris Mellor, 16 Feb 2016

Brit bit barn and hosting slinger C4L Group sold for £23m

LSE-listed Castle Street Investments has slurped network services and bit barn hosting biz C4L Group Holdings for circa £23m. Under the terms of the sale, the investment vehicle - born out of its online dating firm Cupid - will pay £20.2m for C4L’s equity (£14.2m in cash, the rest in shares), and assume £2.8m of debt. C4L …
Paul Kunert, 16 Feb 2016

Adobe issues patch to nix its Mac-killing Creative Cloud update

Adobe has re-issued a software a Creative Cloud update that had gobbled users' storage data. The firm Monday said it had removed the Creative Cloud Desktop update, which it admitted “incorrectly removed” files from the Mac’s system root directory. “We have removed the update from distribution, and are in the process of …
Gavin Clarke, 15 Feb 2016

Hazy outlook for Verizon cloud storage after compute gets axed

Comment The Grand Old Duke of Verizon has marched his troops up the public cloud storage hill; is it time to march them down again? In January 2014 Verizon was going to use Amplidata’s object storage known as Himalaya in a public cloud storage offering. Amplidata was subsequently bought by HGST in March 2014. At the time Verizon …
Chris Mellor, 15 Feb 2016
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Want AWS Lambda without the Amazon lock-in? Meet Project Kratos, a San Francisco company which has recently secured $11.5 million venture capital funding, has announced Project Kratos, which "will enable enterprises to run AWS Lambda functionality in any cloud provider, as well as on-premise," according to the project description. Project Kratos, like other products, runs …
Tim Anderson, 12 Feb 2016
Sunset by cc 2.0 attribution generic

Zero. Zilch. Nada. That's how much Netflix uses its own data centres now

Netflix has announced it no longer does any meaningful work in its own data centres. The video streamer says it was turned off on-premises IT when it suffered database corruption in 2008. It's taken eight years of work to turn off that on-premises tech. During that time Netflix moved everything into Jeff Bezos' Discount Bit …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Feb 2016

You can leave your hat on, warbles Rackspace to OpenStack users

Rackspace has announced private-cloud-as-a-service running Red Hat's cut of OpenStack. Rackspace's definition of “private cloud” is a little different. Most of the rest of the industry imagines the concept as pooling one's on-premises servers so that they behave more like a public cloud, complete with “give me a VM and give it …
Simon Sharwood, 12 Feb 2016