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EU's top data cops to meet Google, Microsoft et al over 'right to be forgotten'

Plan to hammer out 'coherent' guidelines. Good luck chaps!
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Jul 15:56

Will the next US-EU trade pact prevent Brussels acting against US tech giants?

'It's not a question of whether, but of how much'
Jennifer Baker, 18 Jul 14:27

Microsoft's Black Thursday: XBox Live goes down as XBox Studio canned

Just as 18,000 staff told they face pink slips
Jack Clark, 17 Jul 22:28

Skiddies turn Amazon cloud into 'crime-as-a-service' – security bod

AWS is a growing haven for malware in survey of top web providers
Jack Clark, 17 Jul 02:14

Nadella: Yes I can put 2 THINGS FIRST. I will say them at the same time – CLOUDOBILE

'We are building an operating system for human activity'
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jul 15:58

Rackspace chases the channel with hands-on 'managed cloud'

Actual people will tend your numinous servers
Simon Sharwood, 16 Jul 06:31

Don't mention ZE WAR: Battling Box touts unlimited storage to biz

Having a hard time being profitable? Quick - give every byte away
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 22:16

Smashing, groovy, baby – yay, capitalism! Digital Ocean flogs Brit VMs

Plucky Linux cloud startup floats where Amazon fears to tread: Slough
Jack Clark, 15 Jul 17:30

VMware launches vCHS in Japan and reveals China Telecom partnership

SoftBank scores in Japan as 'CT E-surfing Hybrid Cloud Services' name picked for Middle Kingdom ops
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jul 02:37
SoftLayer's data center

IBM to drop SoftLayer pod in Melbourne

Big Blue joins the race to cloudify Australian business
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jul 01:32
Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos

Blighty's Amazon Cloud Lord: It's a battle of men vs boys, and I ain't no boy

I'm going to do a Microsoft on Microsoft. And SAP and the rest of them, too
Gavin Clarke, 14 Jul 09:02
management cloud2

VMware hiring exec to launch Australian hybrid cloud

Don't bank on a local bit barn: the job ad talks a lot about 'partner(s)'
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jul 22:02


A man who has fallen asleep at an IDF booth

What is it with cloud computing? Engage VM, disengage brain?

Sysadmin blog Nine bits of advice from our man Trevor
Puppet Labs Logo

If you like slipping your hand into Puppets, look for these certified types

Sysadmin blog Software to do your job for you, what's not to love?
Trevor Pott, 24 Jun 21:29
nuclear war launcher usb hub

VMware versus Nutanix: With Dell charging in, it's time to end the war

Sysadmin blog Hurling rocks at an upstart is one thing, but chucking rocks at big Mike?
Trevor Pott, 24 Jun 18:21
USA, Canada - which one is which?

Vulturization: 'Privacy' is fightin' words to cloud touters – they get angry

Podcast Plus: Canadians have figured out OpenStack ... surely the end is nigh?
Trevor Pott, 23 Jun 09:26


Forget the mobile patent wars – these web giants have patented your DATA CENTER

Special report Route traffic? Made a load balancer? Oops
Jack Clark, 11 Jul 20:54

Salesforce fires tractor beam at RelateIQ, hauls upstart into mothership

If you can't beat it – pay $390m to EAT IT
Jack Clark, 11 Jul 19:17

Microsoft, Red Hat, IBM and others help Google build cloud Trojan Horse

Tech companies team up to build Kubernetes container manager
Jack Clark, 10 Jul 23:02

Get ready for LAYOFFS: Nadella's coma-inducing memo, with subtitles

Six-pager sent to human race, cc Redmond staff
Shaun Nichols, 10 Jul 19:41

Use apps anonymously? We'll help make that happen – Amazon techie

Web giant flashes new mobile backend at software makers, talks to The Reg
Jack Clark, 10 Jul 18:57

Why is VMware hiring data center gurus in JAPAN? It doesn't take a vExpert to work it out...

Virty giant plans Pacific assault on Microsoft and Amazon
Jack Clark, 08 Jul 18:18

THE GERMANS ARE CLOUDING: New AWS cloud region spotted

eu-central-1.amazonaws.com, aka, your new Amazon Frankfurt bitbarn
Jack Clark, 07 Jul 17:40

Dimension Data cloud goes TITSUP down under... after EMC storage fail

UPDATE Replacement hardware needed as Australian cloud flops for 48-plus hours
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jul 07:00

VMware's super-secret MARVIN: It's software-defined war on future IT

Sysadmin blog Life after servers? Don't talk to me about life after servers!
Trevor Pott, 03 Jul 00:06

Amazon sues former employee who took Google cloud job

Alleges breach of non-compete clause in contract
Gavin Clarke, 02 Jul 10:38
IBM personal computer money shot

Remember the turbo button on PCs? New AWS instance has one for CPU burst

Yes, we know it slowed old kit - but not in Amazon's case
Shaun Nichols, 02 Jul 02:31
3-rotor WWII Enigma

Microsoft thumbs nose at NSA, hardens crypto for Outlook, OneDrive

New server-side feature makes it harder for spies to snoop
Neil McAllister, 01 Jul 20:05

Distributed Linux OS wizards CoreOS release first commercial product

VCs fling $8m at FOSS OS that updates like a browser
Jack Clark, 30 Jun 11:30

Cloudera, MapR, IBM, and Intel bet on Spark as the new heart of Hadoop

Screeching sound heard amid Spark stampede as Cloudera changes opinion on Hive

Power BI: Office 365 just got more intelligent

Review How clever is the latest addition?
Danny Bradbury, 29 Jun 00:01
big droplets falling from rain cloud

DON'T BOTHER migrating legacy apps to the cloud, says CTO

You'll just be disappointed, says UBS gros fromage
Joe Fay, 27 Jun 09:31
Google walks

Google adds 'data protection' WARNING to Euro search results

Wanna see EVERYTHING? Just click the 'use Google.com' button. Simples
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Jun 15:12