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BOFH: Join the club

Episode 14 “You make it sound so... nasty,” the PFY says to the Boss as he fingers through several sheets of complaints. “What – trying to maim a supplier’s employees just because you don’t like their product!?” the Boss snaps. “THEY STARTED IT!” the PFY retorts. “How?” “They sent us their product!” “And in response you’ve been …
Simon Travaglia, 29 Oct 2010

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

Episode 13 Isn’t it always the way that the moment you get down to doing something important that requires a large part of your concentration, some idiot rolls up with an inane problem that just can’t wait? Like now, for instance, when the PFY and I are trying to quietly drill a small inspection hole in a recently delivered crate to …
Simon Travaglia, 15 Oct 2010

BOFH: Lock shock

Episode 12 “No, I’m pretty sure you don’t work for the company,” the PFY says, tapping away furiously on his keyboard. “What’s up?” I ask, as the PFY mutes the phone while the bloke on the other end has some form of protracted verbal seizure. “That idiot from accounts who wanted us to pick up the bill for his home broadband has got a …
Simon Travaglia, 08 Oct 2010

BOFH: Robot wars

Episode 11 “I could have been killed!” the Boss whimpers, rubbing a couple of prominent bruises. “I think that’s a little far-fetched,” the PFY sniffs. “What was it going to do, 360-degree-camera you to death?” “It had a circular saw in its hands!!” “Really? It had hands!?” “Well, its claw then!” “IT’S GOT A CLAW!?” “WHATEVER THE …
Simon Travaglia, 01 Oct 2010

BOFH: Die, Robot

Episode 10 “A Security Robot?!” the PFY gasps. “Really?” “Really,” the Boss nods. “And we have no say in the matter?” “It’s a security thing.” “But our technical budget pays for it.” “Our Capital budget, yes, but the operational expenses will come out of security’s budget.” “So what sort of robot will it be – something like …
Simon Travaglia, 17 Sep 2010

BOFH: Lies and the lying liars who lie about them

Episode 9 “And how long will it take?” the user echoes from the handsfree speaker on the PFY’s phone. “To restore access to your email? I’m not sure. Have you tried closing down Outlook and restarting it?” the PFY responds. “Yes.” “What about restarting it in Safe Mode?” “I tried that,” the user says – a little too quickly. “Well …
Simon Travaglia, 13 Aug 2010

BOFH: Little ups and downs

Episode 8 "I... uh..." the Boss says, wandering into Mission Control aimlessly, searching for the right words to bring up whatever's on his mind. "Yes?" I ask, letting him off the hook. "The lifts" he says cryptically.. "The lifts?" I repeat.. "The buttons on the lifts" he says. "They have buttons - yes - well spotted," I say. " …
Simon Travaglia, 16 Jul 2010

BOFH: Risky business

Episode 7 "All I'm saying," I say, trying not to lose my rag, "is that you don't have to keep all your email messages in their entirety." "Yes, but I need my email as a record," the PR droid burbles. "That may be, but you don't need a record of the 50 messages between you and the woman from the office across the road saying 'what do …
Simon Travaglia, 18 Jun 2010

BOFH: The poncy director's cut

Episode 6 EXT: COUNTRYSIDE A lush pasture with snow-capped mountains in the distance. A fluffy white rabbit hops into shot, stops and nibbles on some grass. [Dissolve to...] INT: BOSS'S OFFICE The BASTARD, PFY and BOSS are clustered around the screen of the Boss's desktop machine. PFY See, he just pushes his machine off the desk …
Simon Travaglia, 21 May 2010

BOFH: On the couch

Episode 5 Don’t get me wrong. I’m as likely to get workplace trauma counselling as the next guy – especially when the company’s tame shrink is an ancient old boiler who was probably there when time was invented. Still, as luck would have it she fell to her death from her slippers a couple of weeks back and the company was forced to …
Simon Travaglia, 30 Apr 2010

BOFH: Forgive and forget

Episode 4 They say the secret to a good relationship is to be able to forgive and forget - and so I'm working hard on the forgiving bit with the PFY. He, for his part, is working on the forgetting - which I'm told is a perfectly normal by-product of ECT - even though a lot of private hospitals frown on the use of it unless it's …
Simon Travaglia, 23 Apr 2010

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third

Episode 3 It's a wonderful day today - nothing could spoil my mood, with the prospect of a long Easter weekend with nothing more to do but eat junk food and catch up with hours of TV watching. My good mood swells even further when I stumble upon a wadge of banknotes taped to the underside of a drawer in my former supervisor's desk. …
Simon Travaglia, 02 Apr 2010
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BOFH: The PFY Chronicles part 2

Episode 2 Things are quiet at Mission Control. No, quiet would be an understatement. The room seems unnaturally large and cavernous, and there's an echo that just shouldn't be there... I could swear I heard the words "sleep no more" coming from the PC speaker, but I'm sure I'm imagining it. My contemplations are interrupted by two …
Simon Travaglia, 12 Mar 2010
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BOFH: The PFY Chronicles

Episode 1 It’s a bleak morning in Mission Control. Even the Boss’s normal expression of guilty ignorance is replaced by one that could almost be mistaken for loss... "Dead?" he asks quietly. "I'm afraid so," I respond. "But... he was doing so well." "He was, but then that dodgy life support machine switched itself off." "I thought …
Simon Travaglia, 12 Feb 2010

BOFH: Key performance undertakers

Episode 17 The PFY and I happened to stay out a little late at a Christmas do and unfortunately ended up in the company of some industry commentators - never a good move. Given that the PFY and myself know the perils of drinking with reporters - people who drink for a living and for whom seven pints of overproof cider counts both as an …
Simon Travaglia, 23 Dec 2009

BOFH: Made of win

Episode 16 “We should enter one of those Innovation in IT awards!” the Boss burbles one day, sidling up to the PFY and myself in a pseudo-ingratiating manner. “We should what now?” the PFY asks. “IT awards. We should enter one – it’s a great way of raising the company’s profile.” “Oh, the company’s going to some awards?” I ask. “No …
Simon Travaglia, 27 Nov 2009

BOFH: Slab happy

Episode 15 Isn’t it annoying when senior management simply has to have access to every door, room, system and application in the enterprise - even if they have no idea what to do with the access once they get it. Like our new IT Director (after the previous Director tragically stepped over the protective railings and into the path of …
Simon Travaglia, 13 Nov 2009
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BOFH: The stupidity criticality

Episode 14 "I just don't understand him!" the PFY snaps. "Yes, well, you've got to remember we’re talking about a new Boss, so we're really looking at one of three types of people," I reply. "A - a grizzled professional who's seen and endured the stupidity of users. B - an idiot with no idea who just keeps his head down and waits till …
Simon Travaglia, 30 Oct 2009

BOFH: Baitin' switch

Episode 13 "OK, let's just take a look then," our recent office addition says, clicking on the network management tool. "Ah, there's your problem - your port is only set to 10 megabits per second, half duplex. If I just change that to auto you'll notice a short outage while your machine's network interface readjusts itself to 100 meg …
Simon Travaglia, 16 Oct 2009

BOFH: Weapon of choice

Episode 12 “...and it turns out that he’d ordered the 157-H43 instead of the 157-H44 unit," one engineer says, walking into Mission Control. "And as we all know...” “...the H43 has the tab on the other side!!!” the other engineer finishes. They both burst out laughing. Good times. The PFY has heard more than his fair share of …
Simon Travaglia, 02 Oct 2009

BOFH: Trussssst in me

Episode 11 Things have taken a strange turn - the Boss is trying to broker some form of peace between us and the Beancounters... "I'm just trying to understand the animosity," the Boss says. "It's historic," I say. "It goes back centuries." "It can hardly go back centuries - computers have only been around for half a century, and you …
Simon Travaglia, 11 Sep 2009
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BOFH: Hammer time!

Episode 10 "Ooooh, watch this!" I gasp happily to the Boss as he and I observe the PFY, from the relative safety of the webcam monitor in Mission Control. "What?" the Boss asks. "He's going to take a look at her PC!" "Isn't that part of his job?" "No this isn't a work machine, this is a home machine!" I snigger. "Still, if it's a …
Simon Travaglia, 24 Jul 2009

BOFH: A spot of bother

Episode 9 It's a bloody Friday afternoon. People should know not to bother us when all we're wanting is a slow glide to the weekend... >ring< "Our system isn't working." "Really," the PFY says, putting his newspaper down with a sigh. "What system is that then?" "The one which does the ticker tape thing at the bottom of my web." " …
Simon Travaglia, 03 Jul 2009
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BOFH: Stick this

Episode 8 "You've got to think of it in terms of sticks and carrots," I say to the PFY, "because users are complex - but stupid - stubborn animals, like donkeys." "Meaning?" "Meaning they respond to both rewards and punishment. So what you've got to do is find a balance between rewarding them for good behaviour - like not calling you …
Simon Travaglia, 12 Jun 2009

BOFH: Snout, meet trough

Episode 7 "How can you be broke?" I ask the PFY as I carry our lunch back to the table in several pint glasses. "I dunno." "But you were only paid yesterday!" "Yes, but I had expenses!" the PFY sniffs. "What could you possibly blow a month's cash on in a day?" "A Home Theatre PC ensemble," the PFY responds defensively. "Ah. OK, I …
Simon Travaglia, 29 May 2009

BOFH: Spontaneous Legal Combustion

Episode 6 The following concludes episodes 4b, 4c and 5b, which are available exclusively to Register Platinum Cookie readers (with access to the content opulent Register Website). For the benefit of general (Lead Cookie) readers, the following flashback snippets have been approved for distribution: Boss: You Bastards! (Episode 4b) …
Simon Travaglia, 01 May 2009

BOFH: Grand Theft Auto

Episode 5 "So what I'd like to know," the Boss seethes, "is what the hell took you so long?" "What do you mean 'so long'?" the PFY asks, sounding a little hurt. "You left here FIVE HOURS AGO to pick up a replacement toner cartridge!" "Yeah but..." "TWO OF YOU! IN MY CAR!" "You offered it!" I add. "But in any case we needed to be …
Simon Travaglia, 17 Apr 2009

BOFH: Defiling the profile

Episode 4 "What do you know about social networking?" the Boss murmurs quietly one morning, as I'm putting the finishing touches on my espresso. "You mean social networking as in 'I and a group of mates would like to be able to publish our outrageous drinking activities'? Or 'The wife and I have recently separated and I'm looking to …
Simon Travaglia, 27 Mar 2009

BOFH: Cable entanglements

Episode 3 "I've been thinking," the Boss says, wandering into Mission Control feigning nonchalance. "Surely with the number of movements in the building at the moment and the increasing copper price and all, we should invest in some data cable. Keep a stock of it on site. Ten boxes or so, what do you think?" "Excellent idea!" the PFY …
Simon Travaglia, 13 Mar 2009

BOFH: Aspie no questions

Episode 2 "It's... it's destroyed!" the Boss sniffles as he tilts the remains of his home computer up for me to see. "True, but then he was just doing what you told him to do." "It told him to go ahead and start the machine up if he thought it was fixed!" "No, you said, 'OK, give it a bash' - a completely different thing altogether …
Simon Travaglia, 20 Feb 2009

BOFH: A safe bet

Episode 1 "It's a Christmas miracle!" the PFY gasps, opening the safe door after our extended Christmas break to find... nothing. "Hardly," I say, reaching down to the floor of the safe to retrieve a business card from amongst the coins and cards than no doubt fell out of the Boss's wallet. "Secure Safe Services. Protected Storage …
Simon Travaglia, 23 Jan 2009

BOFH: Blackmail and fine wine

Episode 40 "So which of you is on call over the break?" the Boss asks. "Why are you asking?" the PFY asks. "Just thought it might be an opportune time to do a bit of housekeeping, you know, security audits... er..." "Our firewall has Intrusion Detection built into it," the PFY explains. "So we're safe then?" "As safe as a domain …
Simon Travaglia, 12 Dec 2008

BOFH: The Christmas party

Episode 39 "...Which leads to the next item - the office Christmas function," the Boss says to the assembled masses of the IT department. "The office function or the building function?" one of the helldesk geeks asks. "Just the office," the Boss says. "The director and I have been talking and he's keen that we all do something …
Simon Travaglia, 05 Dec 2008
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BOFH: The unwanted software compo

Episode 38 "So let me get this straight," the Boss says, looking at his email to the PFY's latest masterpiece. "You're proposing a software... amnesty?" "Yes," the PFY answers. "And what's a software amnesty when it's at home?" "It's a chance for people to turn in software they don't use any more," I explain. "So maybe you bought a …
Simon Travaglia, 21 Nov 2008

BOFH: The paperless cafeteria

Episode 37 "How's that paperless office coming along then?" the Boss asks enthusiastically as he enters Mission Control on his daily constitutional. "Paperless office?" the PFY asks. "Yes, you were saying the other day that we should go to paperless." "No I was saying how our printing and copying contract was extortionate," the PFY …
Simon Travaglia, 14 Nov 2008
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BOFH: Taking out a contract

Episode 36 "But the notes I have say you built a new machine just last year!" the Boss snaps, looking at the PFY's list of parts. "Why do you need a new one so soon?" "It's technical," the PFY says "You wouldn't understand." "Try me," the Boss snaps back. "What do you know about Quad Core Processor Technology?" "Nothing." "L1 and …
Simon Travaglia, 07 Nov 2008

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