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NHS hosptial photo, by Marbury via Shutterstock

NHS England fingered over failure to forward patient correspondence

NHS England is to blame for a backlog of 374,000 items of undelivered clinical correspondence following a move to Capita's Primary Care Services contract, the Public Accounts Committee has concluded today. The NHS has wasted £2.4m pounds reviewing the handling of misdirected clinical correspondence, after Capita commenced a …
Kat Hall, 06 Jun 2018
Hacker with face obscured, wearing a hoodie,  works in front of a bank of monitors. photo by Shutterstock

UK military may recruit wheezy, alcoholic keyboard warriors

The United Kingdom’s military should relax its medical requirements to help it enlist more skilled cyber-operatives. So said Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, who is chief of defence staff, in a valedictory address delivered on Tuesday at think tank "Policy Exchange". Peach's remarks touched on the changing nature of the UK …
Simon Sharwood, 06 Jun 2018

Australia wants tech companies to let cops 'n' snoops see messages without backdoors

The Australian government will press ahead with its not-a-backdoor anti-encryption plans and hinted that collaboration with tech companies is its approach to accessing encrypted messages. The latest attempt to pitch the counter-terrorism legislation came from Angus Taylor, the government's Minister for Law Enforcement and …
Map with blue flag in Isle of Man

UK has data adequacy issues? Oof, that's too bad! says Isle of Man

The Isle of Man – a largely unassuming island in the Irish Sea measuring just 52km (32 miles) long and 22km (14 miles) wide – fancies itself as a technology centre and is looking to hitch its wagon to both Brexit and data protection. Long referred to as a tax haven, though residents prefer to say it has low taxes, the island …
Rebecca Hill, 05 Jun 2018

John McAfee plans 2020 presidential tilt

John McAfee will run for US president again. In spite of going on the run from the Securities Exchange Commission last month, McAfee yesterday Tweeted his decision, which reverses his previous statements that his political career was over. In spite of past refusals, I have decided to again run for POTUS in 2020. If asked …
editorial only image of Whitehall. Pic Daniel Gale/Shutterstock

UK Foreign Sec BoJo asks tech firms to save endangered species

UK Foreign Secretary and Beano* character wrought in flesh, Boris Johnson, put tech boffins and conservationists in a room together today and asked them to come up with a way of combating illegal wildlife trade. Representatives from the likes of Google and Amazon were regaled with stories from the Zoological Society of London …
Richard Speed, 04 Jun 2018
The new Uber rider app icon

Uber 'does not exist any more' says Turkish president

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared that Uber is “finished” in the nation and not long afterwards local authorities started finding ride-sharing operators. Erdoğan is currently on the campaign trail and in a Friday, June 1st, speech said “This thing called Uber emerged. That business is finished. That does not …
Simon Sharwood, 04 Jun 2018
Customer service motivation cube

Knowing Your Customer: You need to, but regulation makes KYC extra-crispy...

There’s a conundrum called know your customer (KYC), the process of verifying the identity of a company’s clients. A decade ago, KYC was a mild inconvenience that could be tackled using some familiar procedures. Today, as the volume of business conducted online has exploded and the value of personal data has grown, the issue …
John E Dunn, 01 Jun 2018
which way

Whois? Whowas. So what's next for ICANN and its vast database of domain-name owners?

Special report DNS overseer ICANN has tried to put a brave face on it but even for an organization with a self-importance that often leads it down a path to delusion, being told that your most important contract is effectively unenforceable has to sting. This week, a German court in Bonn informed the organization, which oversees the naming …
Kieren McCarthy, 01 Jun 2018
China selfie revolution

Chinese president Xi seeks innovation independence

Chinese president Xi Jinping has given a major speech on the country’s science and technology agenda, and signalled that China will innovate for itself rather than source technology from the rest of the world. Xi’s speech to the 19th Academician Meeting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the 14th Academician Meeting of the …
Simon Sharwood, 01 Jun 2018

German court snubs ICANN's bid to compel registrar to slurp up data

Global domain name system overlord ICANN’s latest attempt to deal with compliance with European data protection law has been dealt a blow after a German court rejected its request to force a registrar to keep gathering people’s information. The DNS overseer filed a lawsuit in Bonn against German domain registrar EPGA on Friday …
Rebecca Hill, 31 May 2018
Dollar pound image via Shutterstock

Ex-Autonomy CFO and auditors Deloitte bitten by Brit corp watchdog

The UK's Financial Reporting Council has announced that it will investigate "the conduct of Sushovan Hussein", a month after a US court found the former Autonomy chief financial officer guilty of fraud. In addition, the corporate governance watchdog is also going after Deloitte auditors Richard Knights and Nigel Mercer, along …
Gareth Corfield, 31 May 2018
Screen with one new Facebook friend request

From Russia with(out) Zuck: Popular Facebook boss gets another invite to turn down

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is facing calls to appear in front of Russian lawmakers, who – clearly aware that the chances of him accepting are almost zero – insist the invitation alone is noteworthy. The Facebook boss is the political witness du jour, with parliamentarians across the world clamouring for him to appear before …
Rebecca Hill, 31 May 2018
Crown courtroom. Pic: Shutterstock

UK judge appears in dock over Computer Misuse Act allegations

A Crown court judge stands accused of breaching the Computer Misuse Act after allegedly accessing a case file that she had a personal interest in. Her Honour Judge Karen Jane Holt appeared at Southwark Crown Court yesterday. It was said that in September 2016 she viewed the digital case file for one Cecil McCready, a music …
Gareth Corfield, 31 May 2018

Samsung escapes obligation to keep old phones patched

The Dutch Consumers Association has lost a court case trying to force Samsung to ship security updates for older phones. The case could have had far-reaching impacts, since there's little point in writing software for only one market. The Consumentenbond wanted the court to force the smartphone giant to provide security …
A man with no money in his wallet

Cold call bosses could be forced to cough up under new rules

The UK government is planning to make company directors personally liable for nuisance calls – two years after it first promised the powers to the data protection watchdog. At the moment, the Information Commissioner's Office can only hand out fines to companies that make spam marketing calls. Under the new plan, announced …
Rebecca Hill, 30 May 2018
Apple logo as Russian flag

Russia to Apple: Kill Telegram crypto-chat – or the App Store gets it

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor has written to Apple with a request to remove messaging app Telegram from its App Store. Or else. The regulator’s notice about the letter also requests that Apple cease “sending its service push notifications to Russian users.” The notice says the letter also includes the …
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2018
Security Australia shutterstock

Australia’s SigInt spooks may be turned inwards after all

The Australian Signals Directorate, the nation’s signals intelligence agency, may be turned inwards after all. Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 730 that the Directorate (ASD) may be used to defend critical infrastructure such as the financial system or emergency services …
Simon Sharwood, 30 May 2018
Meeting about GDPR

Who had ICANN suing a German registrar over GDPR and Whois? Congrats, it's happening

A fight over private information and the internet's domain name system is heading to a German court, in a proxy battle between European legislators and American intellectual property lawyers. On Friday – the same day that new European GDPR privacy legislation took effect – DNS overseer and US corporation ICANN filed a lawsuit …
Kieren McCarthy, 29 May 2018
Michel Barnier, chief EU Brexit negotiator

Chief EU negotiator tells UK to let souped-up data adequacy dream die

The European Union's chief Brexit negotiator has poured cold water on the UK's dreams of a special deal on data adequacy* after it leaves the bloc. In a speech given over the weekend, Michel Barnier said that the UK "needs to face up to the reality of Brexit" and the way the EU's decision-making systems work. The UK has …
Rebecca Hill, 29 May 2018
Vote button

Cyber-stability wonks add election-ware to ‘civilised nations won’t hack this’ standard

The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) has called for an end to cyber-attacks on electoral infrastructure. The GCSC works to develop “norms” of behaviour it hopes governments and others will adopt in order to leave internet infrastructure untouched during conflict. The body believes that as the internet is …
Simon Sharwood, 29 May 2018

Trump’s new ZTE tweet trumps old ZTE tweets that trumped his first ZTE tweet

On Friday, United States president Donald Trump Tweeted that ZTE will be allowed to sell into America again, subject to board changes, security controls, and a fine. May 9, 2018: ZTE closed down In more stable policy circles, the Chinese vendor was on the outs because of national security fears, and in the face of an American …

GDPRmageddon: They think it's all over! Protip, it has only just begun

The big day has finally arrived, Europe's General Data Protection Regulation is now in force – but as the calendar flicked over last night, those breathing a sigh of relief will be sorely disappointed. For a start, it is a naive company that has treated 25 May as a deadline, thinking it won't have to worry about data …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
Max Schrems

Max Schrems is back: Facebook, Google hit with GDPR complaint

Max Schrems, the thorn in Facebook’s side, has returned to launch the first challenges under the EU’s new data protection laws. The complaints, filed on the day Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, take aim at what he describes as Google and Facebook’s “forced consent”. Under the GDPR, when …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
Police search

MPs slam UK.gov's 'unacceptable' hoarding of custody images

The UK government's approach to deleting custody images of innocent people – in that it only scraps them on request – is unacceptable and possibly illegal, MPs have said. In a report published today, the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee slammed the Home Office's attitude to its custody image database, and the …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018

US websites block netizens in Europe: Why are they ghosting EU? It's not you, it's GDPR

Folks trying to read the NY Daily News, say, or the Chicago Tribune – the third-biggest US daily newspaper – online from a location within the EU have been blocked from visiting the websites due to new data protection laws. Visitors in the bloc trying to load articles from the Tribune, or stablemates the Los Angeles Times – …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
Trying to catch money in a net

Can't pay Information Commissioner's fine? No problem! Just liquidate your firm

The UK's data protection watchdog has recovered only about half the value of fines doled out to dodgy data controllers, and those handed to spam marketing firms are the most likely to remain unpaid. According to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act, the Information Commissioner's Office has fined companies …
Rebecca Hill, 25 May 2018
NBN Co fixed wireless antenna

Waiting for 100 Mbps NBN on wireless? Errr, umm, sorry about that

Households hoping to one day access 100 Mbps fixed wireless services on the National Broadband Network got a hard let-down last night, when CEO Bill Morrow said the rollout would not proceed. Delivering 100 Mbps over fixed connections has caused nbn™ and its retailers trouble, to the extent that in January, the company stated …

Brit doctors surgery fined £35k over medical data fumble

Bayswater Medical Centre (BMC) in London is licking its wounds after taking a not insignificant punch to the wallet for discarding highly sensitive medical information in an empty building for a year and a half. NHS Barnet reveals 187 breaches of personal data READ MORE The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said today …
Paul Kunert, 24 May 2018

Mobile app devs have, oh, about 9 hours left to decide whether to stay on Google's ad platform

Android app developers have hours left to decide whether to change their business models or leave Google's ad ecosystem because of its stubborn stance on the EU's new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations, due to come into effect tomorrow. Devs tell us uncertainty over whether they comply with GDPR is forcing …
Andrew Orlowski, 24 May 2018
Lady  standing on a hand with a megaphone shouting into mans ear

UK's spy auditor: What should we ask when reviewing super-slurp warrants?

The body formed to audit Britain's spies has asked non-government bods what its team of judicial commissioners should consider when handing out warrants for bulk data-slurping. The Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office (IPCO) – put together last year to consolidate the power of three separate commissioners – is tasked …
Rebecca Hill, 24 May 2018
End of the line (train line). Photo by Shutterstock

Doc 'Cluetrain' Searls' privacy engine project is just the ticket for IEEE

David “Doc” Searls, coauthor of 1999's cyber-utopian Cluetrain Manifesto, has persuaded the IEEE to launch one of two new projects seeking to inject a dose of ethics and privacy awareness into the world of technology. The IEEE announced the two efforts today. One, initiated by Searls, is IEEE P7012, which aims to create a “ …
Enigma machine Shutterstock

US Senator Ron Wyden to Pentagon: Encrypt your websites

As if trying to buy a flying fleet of F-35s wasn't enough, now the Department of Defense is being asked to secure its Websites. In a letter [PDF] sent by US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) to the DoD's CIO Dana Deasy, Wyden points out that HTTPS and HSTS (to direct browsers to the HTTPS site if they request the unencrypted version) …
Lab tech with urine sample - Shutterstock

Oz sports’ pee-samplers outed buying Cellebrite phone-crack kit

Australia is ramping up its use of phone-cracking technology to crack serious criminals: its peak sports anti-doping body has taken a Cellbrite licence. ASADA, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, announced the near-AU$13,000 licence at the government's tender site in April. The announcement says ASADA is using the …
child browsing on tablet outdoors. pHOTO BY SHUTTERSTOCK

Kids and the web latest: 'Won't somebody please think of the children!' US Congresscritters plead

US Congress is pondering a bipartisan measure to expand the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) – the law that, well, protects children's privacy online. Senators Ed Markey (D-MA) and Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), along with Represetnative Joe Barton (R-TX) and Bobby Rush (D-IL) have introduced bills in both houses …
Shaun Nichols, 23 May 2018

Lawyer warned FCC of Securus phone-tracking risks 10 months ago

Some ten months before Sen. Ron Wyden would request the FCC examine legal concerns over the service, a US lawyer had alerted the agency to potential problems with the Securus THREADS database. Law360 found that Lee Petro, a Washington DC-based attorney at Drinker, Biddle, and Reath LLP, noted in a July 25, 2017 filing (PDF) to …
Shaun Nichols, 23 May 2018

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