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Brit thesp Kate Winslet eyes lead female role in Steve Jobs biopic – report

Near, far, wherever you are. iBelieve the heart does go on
Team Register, 21 Dec 14:40

Norks: FBI's Sony Pictures' hacking allegations are 'groundless slander'

Kim Jong Un's officials demand joint probe with USA
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Dec 17:09

Google sues Mississippi Attorney General 'for doing MPAA's dirty work'

More to stolen Sony emails than SSNs and salaries
Iain Thomson, 20 Dec 00:23

Apple v BBC: Fruity firm hits back over Panorama drama

Guess who's off Tim Cook's Christmas card list
Simon Rockman, 19 Dec 15:56

Couch potatoes relax: Netflix scores big STREAMING TV PATENT win

OpenTV not unique enough to protect, says court
Jennifer Baker, 18 Dec 15:54

Judge bars dead Steve Jobs from appearing on TV news FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE

Apple icon's deposition won't be given to the public
Shaun Nichols, 18 Dec 04:57

ASA slaps Ebuyer AGAIN - this time for ignoring regulator

Toothless watchdog growls, firm says 'LA LA LA, WE'RE NOT LISTENING'
Kat Hall, 17 Dec 12:43

NY premiere of The Interview cancelled after hackers' terrorist threats

GoP hint at 9/11-style attack for screenings of Nork assassination movie

Profit-shy Instagram adds 5 new filters for hipster-photo types

Wow. So photograph. Much lighting. Very colour
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Dec 10:32

Apple WINS iPod antitrust fight, jury nixes BILLION-dollar payout bid

Cook & Co defeat long-running suit over scrubbed MP3s
Shaun Nichols, 16 Dec 20:49

Amazon workers in Germany stage CHRISTMAS STRIKE

Frequently-revolting staff stomp off for three days
A sinking ship

Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid

Claim sweep that sunk site is just 'part of this game' – but will the Bay be back?
Neil McAllister, 15 Dec 21:26


BBC Testcard

The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three

+Comment See this hair shirt? It cost a fortune (we've expensed it)

How HAPPY am I on a scale of 1 to 10? Where do I click PISSED OFF?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Our survey says: whuh-waah
Alistair Dabbs, 06 Dec 07:00


Comment Plug them in, say goodbye
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Dec 13:21

Whistling Google: PLEASE! Brussels can only hurt Europe, not us

+Analysis And Europe's pro-Google. Why should we worry?
Andrew Orlowski, 25 Nov 09:37


Four tuner frenzy: The all-you-can-EEat TV Freeview PVR

Review Enough functionality to fight YouView et al?
Nigel Whitfield, 15 Dec 10:01

Hold the front page: Spain's anti-Google lobbyists lobby for Google News return

'Scrapped scraper puts rights under threat,' mumbles AEDE
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Dec 18:30

Tides of Maritinia: The spy who jumped into a sci-fi water world

Page File Bumbling morality tale gets interplanetary update

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Thin plot, great CGI effects

Film review No more Middle Earth for you, Peter Jackson
Kat Hall, 13 Dec 09:00

Want disruption? We got disruption: Race protest halts VC Thiel's Q&A

Pics PayPal investor interrupted by Ferguson campaigners at UC Berkeley
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Dec 19:42

Denmark BANNED from viewing UK furniture website in copyright spat

Not even replica chairs allowed in this brave new world
Jennifer Baker, 12 Dec 14:15

Finland ditches copyright levy on digital kit, pays artists directly

Result? Industry happy, collecting societies fuming
Jennifer Baker, 12 Dec 11:42

Sonic BOOM: 10 blast-tastic soundbars

Product round-up Fatten up your fat telly audio
Steve May, 12 Dec 10:03

Spanish scraper scrapped: Google axes Google News

+Comment Is that copyright levy still a good idea, Herr Oettinger?
Andrew Orlowski, 11 Dec 12:27
How the bronze statue of Assange, Snowden and Manning would look

Assange's WikiLeaks: Give generously this Xmas – for STATUE of our DEAR LEADER

Julian to grab spotlight in 'courage monument' (w hangers-on Manning, Snowden)
BBC Testcard

The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three

+Comment See this hair shirt? It cost a fortune (we've expensed it)
Andrew Orlowski, 10 Dec 13:29
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Amazon comes over all eBay with new ‘make an offer’ facility

Connoisseurs of fine collectiblesold tat rejoice
Burning copyright symbol. Photo by: Martin Fisch on flickr"

Grooveshark to sink its teeth again into Pandora (legally this time)

Freetards' MP3 slinger says it'll be too legit to quit in the new year
Shaun Nichols, 09 Dec 06:29
Photo from stage looking out on crowd

Manchester festival marketers fined £70,000 over spam ‘mum’ texts

Especially offensive to complainants who'd just lost their mothers
Credit: David Shankbone

Competition probe opens door to Canal+ Spain for Rupert Murdoch

Analysis Nothing but blue Sky for press baron...
Faultline, 08 Dec 07:02
Post-apocalyptic city

Experimental sci-fi novel Elysium is ALMOST irritating ...

Page File ... but is actually unique and clever instead – and nothing to do with Matt Damon

'Why do Register commentards get so frothy-mouthed?' Thus started WW3

CoTW Well, it'll certainly start now you've all read that
Gareth Corfield, 06 Dec 13:00