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Guess which US tech giant was just hit with a $137m tax bill in China?

Was it Moracle? Moogle? Med Hat? Madobe? Macebook? Or maybe Mapple?
Neil McAllister, 26 Nov 04:33

Dawn raids on Orange over TROMBONING allegations were fine, rules EU court

EC did nothing wrong when it bashed firm's doors in
Jennifer Baker, 25 Nov 19:06

Ex-EU digi supremo Steelie Neelie's net neutrality bid in tatters?

National govts want to row back on 'open internet' law, leaked doc suggests
Jennifer Baker, 25 Nov 08:18

Anti-download biz sued for 'abusive' robo-call demands for money

Rightscorp accused of unfairly extracting personal info on piracy suspects from ISPs
Shaun Nichols, 25 Nov 04:24

Abbott scholarship leaker escapes conviction

Freya Newman handed two-year good behaviour bond after revealing secret scholarship
Darren Pauli, 25 Nov 00:40

Google dodges 'costly' legal precedent, settles Daniel Hegglin case

Search giant saves blushes in online abuse case
Kat Hall, 24 Nov 16:07

Businessman takes Google to High Court to block online abuse from search results

Wants search giant to wipe traces of anonymous postings
Kat Hall, 24 Nov 10:59

Beware Brit cops bearing battering rams. Four nabbed over Trojan claims

Rozzers join international Europol operation
Jasper Hamill, 21 Nov 16:35

Former Systemax execs charged over $9m fraud, tax evasion

Gilbert Fiorentino in the dock, keeping brother Carl brother company
Paul Kunert, 21 Nov 15:59

Assange™ slumps back on Ecuador's sofa after detention appeal binned

Swedish court rules there's 'great risk' WikiLeaker will dodge prosecution
Neil McAllister, 20 Nov 23:28


Sydney Opera House Hackathon logo

Australia's going to need a standalone metadata retention bureau

Retained metadata is too valuable to be left to ISPs and carriers

Yes, Samaritans, the law DOES apply to you. Even if you mean well

Downrange How to escape from the do-gooders' creepy Twitter surveillance app
Gareth Corfield, 02 Nov 11:25

Inside the EYE of the TORnado: From Navy spooks to Silk Road

Comment It's hard enough to peel the onion, are you hard enough to eat the core?
Stuart Burns, 29 Oct 10:03

Diablo boss on chipsets, ULLtraDIMM and the Netlist fracas

Opinion/Interview Badalone won't back down
Trevor Pott, 27 Oct 10:44


Feds to auction off second tranche of Silk Road Bitcoins worth $19 MEEELLION

Civil forfeiture laws could mean big payday for police
Iain Thomson, 18 Nov 04:32

Pharmacist caught spying on friends' med records fined £1,000

Sussex magistrates issue stiff wrist-slapping
John Leyden, 14 Nov 12:14

No more tomorrows for TomorrowNow suit as Oracle and SAP settle

Long-running third party support suit is over
Simon Sharwood, 14 Nov 08:01

US carder gets nine years in cooler, must pay back $50 MEELLION

Department of Justice goes gangbusters in pursuit of carder.su crims
Darren Pauli, 14 Nov 02:00

Ethernet patents claim smacked down by US judge

World+Dog's blue cables and springy plastic toggles safe from troll, for now
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Nov 01:58

Remember that internet sales tax? Wasn't that a great idea? It's dead

Boehner takes it out back ... two gunshots heard
Shaun Nichols, 12 Nov 22:34

EU Ryanair 'screen-scraping' case could affect biz models

Our database is NOT FREE (the toilets, on the other hand*)
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Nov 07:02

SO LONELY: Woman DARED to get rid of her iPHONE - Apple DUMPED all her TXTS

Cupertino hauled to court over iMessage cockup
Shaun Nichols, 12 Nov 02:29

Net neutrality, Verizon, open internet ... How can we solve this mess?

Analysis The finer points of telecoms policy explained in normal language
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Nov 01:03
BrickArms' Toy taliban figure

EU battles over 'anti-terrorist' passenger records slurper law

Cops want your name, number, email, credit card data, itinerary
Jennifer Baker, 11 Nov 14:33

We don't NEED NO STEENKIN' DRONE RULES, peers told

Red tape not needed for privacy, says DfT minister
Kat Hall, 11 Nov 13:32

EU cyber-cop: Dark-net crooks think they're beyond reach (until now)

G-men all smiles after this week's raid on Tor hidden servers

Brit cops nab six in Silk Road 2.0 drugs sting

Suspects seized across Blighty as police crack down on dark web souk
Jasper Hamill, 07 Nov 13:00
chalk outline of  human body at crime scene

Murder suspect charged after pics of strangle victim posted on 4chan

He turns himself in after high-speed car chase with cops
Iain Thomson, 06 Nov 23:07