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Facebook kills pic of Mohammed weeks after Zuck's Je suis Charlie!

Don't harm the profit, I mean, prophet. No, wait, profit
Iain Thomson, 29 Jan 00:58

Switch it off and on again: How peers failed to sneak Snoopers' Charter into terror bill

Analysis Lord 'I am not a tweeter' King fears Snapchat jihadists
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jan 12:32

FBI-baiter Barrett Brown gets five years in chokey plus $890,000 fine

Hack welcomes free food and chance to report on penal system
Iain Thomson, 23 Jan 04:32

Netlist and Diablo set for legal jaw-jaw, not a war-war

Flash tech dispute could be settled in a matter of weeks
Chris Mellor, 22 Jan 15:00

NO WARRANTS NEEDED for metadata access, argues Oz A-G

Submission to metadata inquiry says telecoms data is not intrusive
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jan 02:12

Copycat drug souk Silk Road 2.0: Another man cuffed

Site had been generating $8m in sales PER MONTH, say Feds
Kat Hall, 21 Jan 14:06

Prosecutors have 'EVISCERATED' my defense, cries Silk Road lawyer

Ulbricht's attorney claims 'unfair' treatment after 'hearsay' testimony thrown out
Neil McAllister, 21 Jan 04:33

Telcos try to head off net neutrality rules with legislation

Those election dollars put to good use as Congress pushes 'discussion draft'
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Jan 23:58

Last Pirate in Brussels: Put ME in charge of yer IP treasure chest. Yarr!

Analysis Reda takes swig of rum, sends Black Spot to WIPO
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Jan 15:01
Suitcase bulging with cash

Alca-Lu's Chinese joint venture in corruption scandal

Manager missing after flinging accusation of insider deals
Richard Chirgwin, 19 Jan 22:18
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Amazon's tax deal in Luxembourg BROKE the LAW, says EU

Transfer pricing arrangements at crux of matter
Jennifer Baker, 16 Jan 15:28

Mt Gox Bitcoin baron: I was NOT Silk Road boss Dread Pirate Roberts

Extraordinary twist in trial of alleged drugs souk mastermind
Shaun Nichols, 16 Jan 06:39


Welcome to 'uber-veillance' says Australian Privacy Foundation

You're already quantified and known, says researcher Katina Michael
NHS Files on a desk

In the EU? Setting a 'retain that data' rule? Better comply with e-Privacy

Opinion EU Parl legal bods: There are LIMITS on data-snaffling
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Jan 10:41

OnePlus vs Micromax: Dream of Google-less Android now further away

+Comment Case highlights strange behaviour from Google-friendly VC-backed firm
Andrew Orlowski, 30 Dec 13:07
Parliament in the clouds

Parliament: All's well with RIPA snooping, no problem here

Comment Home Affairs Committee shrugs shoulders over whistleblower witchhunts
Gareth Corfield, 06 Dec 12:00


New York side-eyes California's hack attack laws: I'll have what she's having

AG proposes new rules for admitting IT security breaches
Shaun Nichols, 15 Jan 23:03

David Cameron: I'm off to the US to get my bro Barack to ban crypto – report

Plans to pressure President for tighter surveillance controls, sources say
Neil McAllister, 15 Jan 07:31

Mr President, is this a war on hackers – or a war on people stopping hackers?

Analysis New cybersecurity proposals hit wrong targets, say experts
Iain Thomson, 15 Jan 01:57

Uber BLOCKS COPS to stop stings

Australian transport regulators' Uber accounts have been locked out
Simon Sharwood, 15 Jan 00:58

Australia tries to ban crypto research – by ACCIDENT

Academics could risk JAIL under defence trade laws starting in May
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jan 21:04

Apple v Ericsson: Yet ANOTHER patent war bubbles over

Fruity firm shoots, Swedes return fire, lawyers cheer
Kat Hall, 14 Jan 13:05

Silicon Valley WAGE-FIX: Tech firms mull new deal to kill staff lawsuit

Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel say details coming soon
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Jan 11:14

Ross Ulbricht trial Day One: 'I DID invent Silk Road ... but I'm innocent'

Claims shadowy site operators left him 'holding the bag'
Neil McAllister, 14 Jan 01:05

UNDER A VEST: Man cuffed for smuggling 94 iPhones strapped to his body

Pic Cops nab mobe-suit fella while entering China
Shaun Nichols, 13 Jan 20:14

Welcome to 'uber-veillance' says Australian Privacy Foundation

You're already quantified and known, says researcher Katina Michael
Richard Chirgwin, 13 Jan 03:14

Google v Oracle: US Supreme Court turns to Obama in Java copyright war

Seeks 'views of United States' in code ownership case
Neil McAllister, 12 Jan 21:16

Trial of alleged Silk Road kingpin set to begin

Ross Ulbricht faces seven charges and 20 years' porridge
Kat Hall, 12 Jan 12:46
NHS Files on a desk

In the EU? Setting a 'retain that data' rule? Better comply with e-Privacy

Opinion EU Parl legal bods: There are LIMITS on data-snaffling
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Jan 10:41

Dread Pirate Roberts suspect's defence holed below the waterline

Judge scuppers attempt to maroon some charges for supposed Silk Road skipper
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 05:01

Australia ignores data retention in summer slack-off

Cops 'n' spooks dominate dribble of submissions to Senate inquiry
Richard Chirgwin, 08 Jan 00:14
spiders crawl through tunnel of binary numbers

Right to be forgotten? That’s not Google’s call – data MEP Albrecht

And don't you dare swap our privacy for, um, potatoes
Jennifer Baker, 07 Jan 16:59

If Europe is against US's Irish email grab, it must pipe up now

Analysis European Commission still silent despite Ireland's plea
Jennifer Baker, 07 Jan 08:02
Hydrogen filling station

Toyota to Tesla: we can play the free patent game as well

CES 2015 Thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents to go royalty-free

Tor pedo torpedoed: Ex-US cybersecurity guru jailed for 25 years in abuse pics sting

Maintains innocence, claims he was just trying to 'defeat Tor'
Neil McAllister, 06 Jan 21:11
Photo by licensed under creative commons please attribute

End well: this won't. European Copyright Society wants one EU law to rule 'em all

Not as if members have hugely divergent IP traditions, right?
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Jan 17:02
The Queen Mother by Phil Houghton

Sony-blasting Lizard Squad suspects quizzed by UK and Finnish cops

Hey, David Icke! Quick man, check your PayPal account!
John Leyden, 02 Jan 12:28