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Google forced to – wah! – OBEY the LAW with privacy policy tweaks

Ad broker agrees to tell you what it does with your privates
Kat Hall, 30 Jan 13:16

Reddit: Don't worry, we didn't tell that foreign government about your /r/brony addiction

Uncle Sam on the other hand ... Data demands by feds revealed
Shaun Nichols, 30 Jan 03:57

Mobile broadband giants blow $45bn on Uncle Sam's finest air

FCC closes spectrum auction with four-times more dosh than it had dreamed of
Shaun Nichols, 29 Jan 22:58

Telstra: we don't collect the metadata the government wants now

So much for A-G Brandis' 'this'll be easy for telcos to collect' argument
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jan 06:53

Trans-Pacific trade treaty close to signoff says USA

Japan offers America a side of rice, but nasty copyright provisions remain
Richard Chirgwin, 29 Jan 03:57

Turnbull's Digital Transformation Office has NO PLAN, but awesome power

There's a mission statement-y kind of thing and an FAQ but that's it for now
Simon Sharwood, 28 Jan 21:47

Let's be clear, everyone: DON'T BLOCK Wi-Fi, DUH – FCC official ruling

We're jammin' and I hope this jam is gonna last ... NOPE!
Iain Thomson, 28 Jan 19:47 refuseniks will be DENIED CANCER SCREENING invites

Exclusive Your privacy or your life. Pick one, says omnishambolic NHS project
Kat Hall, 28 Jan 09:29

Australian spookhaus ASIO could retain private data FOREVER

Intelligence oversight chief points out omission in metadata retention bill
Richard Chirgwin, 28 Jan 02:26

HMRC fails to plan for £10.4bn contract exit... because it's 'too risky'

Small matter of £500bn down the drain if it goes titsup – MPs
Kat Hall, 27 Jan 12:53
Shaun of the dead zombies cricket bat movie still. Copyright Universal Pictures

Switch it off and on again: How peers failed to sneak Snoopers' Charter into terror bill

Analysis Lord 'I am not a tweeter' King fears Snapchat jihadists
Kelly Fiveash, 27 Jan 12:32

Snoopers' Charter amendments withdrawn – FOR NOW ...

Battle won, yet the 'peeping powers' war rages on
John Leyden, 27 Jan 09:42


Guardian's smashed computer

Increased gov spy powers are NOT the way to stay safe against terrorism

Opinion Because dancing on corpses is for the cool kids

Brandis and PwC silent on Xmas Eve metadata quiz

No comment on 36-month metadata retention question and timing of consultation
Simon Sharwood, 06 Jan 21:16

Really, govt tech profit cash grab is a PRIZE-WINNING idea?

Worstall on Wednesday Where's the incentive to innovate?
Tim Worstall, 31 Dec 09:49 beta

Australia's IT industries were repeatedly humiliated in 2014

Metadata farce capped a shocking year for tech policy
Simon Sharwood, 23 Dec 00:13


Wikileaks: We DO NOT approve of OUR secret stuff being LEAKED

And we really don't approve of not being told about it
Shaun Nichols, 27 Jan 00:45

Watchdogs critical of Oz data retention regime

Too much data, too little protection
Richard Chirgwin, 26 Jan 22:14

Why so tax-shy, big tech firms? – Bank of England governor

Carney concerned over Rise of the machines, too
Kat Hall, 23 Jan 15:57

Leaked doc: Europe's justice chiefs forming plans to cosy up to ISPs

Yeah, and bring back PNR! Think of the terrorists...
Jennifer Baker, 23 Jan 11:38

Gov.UK inhaled G-Cloud, spat out framework – ex-lead claims

Original team member claims there are 'vision' problems
Kat Hall, 23 Jan 11:02

Top US privacy bod: EU should STOP appeasing whiny consumers

Ding ding ding: Round 94 of the EU vs the US on privacy
Jennifer Baker, 23 Jan 10:07

Australia to launch Digital Transformation Office, with no budget

Malcolm Turnbull gets the e-government catalyst/startup he's hinted at for yonks
Simon Sharwood, 23 Jan 04:30

Brain-train kid game settles with FTC over 'unsupported' claims

Edu-app peddler will be watched closely, says watchdog
Shaun Nichols, 22 Jan 09:27

'Success'? Verify FAILED for 40% in self-assess tax trial

Good luck with that March 2016 deadline,
Kat Hall, 21 Jan 12:03

GDS builds UNICORN HERDER, plays with Puppets

To the barricades, taxpayers, they're GIVING IT AWAY (as open source)!
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jan 07:29
Obama outlines NSA reforms

Obama makes net neutrality pledge in State of the Union

Promises to protect 'free and open' internet and waves security stick
Simon Sharwood, 21 Jan 06:28

Bush-first NBN build was back to front says NBN Co CEO

David Morrow tells Tasmania building in cities would have given NBN Co experience to tackle tougher spots
Richard Chirgwin, 21 Jan 00:13

Give ALL the EU access to Netflix, says Vince Cable

Ministry denies Cable knows how Netflix works

EU copyright law: Is the Pirate Party's MEP in FAVOUR of it?

Do bears poo in, um, towns? Could the Pope ACTUALLY be a Buddhist?
Jennifer Baker, 19 Jan 14:55

SFO: 'Insufficient evidence' for conviction over HP-Autonomy deal

Updated Regulator notes US watchdog's probe is ongoing
Kat Hall, 19 Jan 13:00