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Amazon to dig DEEPER into YOUR shopping habit BRAIN with targeted ads system

Retail giant hopes to rival Google, says report
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Aug 16:20

Street-beating Brocade bounces back

Third quarter revenue rise and profits add shine to its switches
Chris Mellor, 22 Aug 16:25

HP Storage results: Gloomy, but there's light at the end of the tunnel

Comment Sort it out HP, you're on a good thing here
Chris Mellor, 21 Aug 15:02

Speedy software upstart PernixData showered in gold by expectant VCs

Whippersnapper gulps down initial funding, greedily tucks into second helping
Chris Mellor, 20 Aug 17:04

Samsung bags second Internet of Home Stuff home firm in a week

US electronics division slurps heating and A/C distie Quietside

Wall Street woes: Oh noes, tech titans aren't using bankers

Worstall on Wednesday Get out your hankies: Facebook, Google use in-house teams
Tim Worstall, 20 Aug 08:05

'Fangless' activist investor chomps up chunk of Rackspace

Blue Harbour thirsting to quaff some fresh asset sweat
Gavin Clarke, 19 Aug 16:32

Samsung slurps Internet of Home Stuff upstart SmartThings

Korean chaebol nabs home automation platform for rumoured $200m

Cisco prepares to take $700m hit to make 6,000 layoffs

Fiscal 2015 pain includes severance pay and benefits

Intel teams up with rap chap 50 Cent on heartbeat headphones

Get rich or die trying? Looks like the former rather than the latter
Jasper Hamill, 15 Aug 12:57

eBay in talks with Bitcoin firms about payments processing

Online bazaar's Braintree subsidiary chatting up Coinbase and others
arrow pointing up

Lenovo posts an INCREASE in desktop PC and notebook sales

Death of the PC market may have been exaggerated, reckons Chinese firm
Gavin Clarke, 14 Aug 13:04
No Sale

NetApp: Revenues are down – but own brand kit wasn't to blame

If it weren't for those pesky OEMmers...
Chris Mellor, 14 Aug 12:03
money trap conceptual illustration

Dodgy payday loan ads make up 83% of cases probed by UK's FCA

Cheap credit's not so cheap for the regulator
Jasper Hamill, 14 Aug 11:01


SOURCE: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/959469

Wall Street woes: Oh noes, tech titans aren't using bankers

Worstall on Wednesday Get out your hankies: Facebook, Google use in-house teams

Today's get-rich-quick scheme: Build your own bank

Worstall on Wednesday It's about time someone did it properly
Tim Worstall, 18 Jun 09:02


Dragons' Den man and co-CEO to work for FREE at loss-making Outsourcery

'Salary sacrifice' among measures to find £4.5m in working capital
Paul Kunert, 14 Aug 10:27

Oz telco results season! Telstra booms, Optus slides

More than half Australia's mobiles are with Telezilla
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Aug 01:13

Cisco revenue dip means 6,000 staff to be de-assimilated

Q4 results show emerging markets revenue falling, US flat, competition rising
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Aug 01:01

Amazon takes swipe at PayPal, Square with card reader for mobes

Etailer plans to undercut rivals with low transaction fee offer

CEO of Brit giant Daisy Group in talks to take biz private

Riley part of consortium in 'prelim' talks over 190 pence bid
Paul Kunert, 13 Aug 09:44

Rackspace: Record revenue shows managed cloud strategy 'working'

But income still flat, execs schtum on potential buyouts

Leaky channel tanker Phoenix IT Group: It's steady as she goes

Yes, that turnaround plan's just gravy for us - LSE-listed firm
Paul Kunert, 12 Aug 11:28

Oh, Emulex: Another quarter, yet more red-splattered results

Shrinking revenues, deepening losses - what's the future hold?
Chris Mellor, 11 Aug 15:32

Facebook slurps PrivateCore - 'cos your selfies need locking up

Might not result in mass experiments on users, at least this time...
Jasper Hamill, 08 Aug 15:29

US titan CSC: Our numbers are going nowhere this year

But some of our staff are.... out the door
Jasper Hamill, 08 Aug 15:01

Serco welcomes former CSC boss to run gov unit

Newbie squeezed into vital role at scandal hit integrator
Paul Kunert, 08 Aug 13:28
Photo of a stack of $100 bills

Smartcard firm Gemalto slurps SafeNet in $890m securo-boost deal

Crypto tech and license management tech will boost profits, hope firms
John Leyden, 08 Aug 12:37

US giant Avnet plots cost slash fest in EMEA enterprise tech arm

Local sales dive in Q4 on flaky component biz as small PC makers miss out of XP refresh
Paul Kunert, 07 Aug 10:32

This is your chance to help Blighty beat off moneymen's spambots

#cheaploan? FCA wants input on financiers' social media ads
Jasper Hamill, 07 Aug 09:05

UK.gov eyes up virtual currencies, fingers red tape dispenser

'Bitcoin a headline grabber but there’s ... more going on'
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Aug 08:36
Nutanix cloud appliance

Compute+storage upstart Nutanix reveals $200m-plus run rate

Shifts more boxes... no word on bottom line, though
management regulation2

LinkedIn settles missed overtime pay case: Will pay $6m to staffers

US Dept of Labor: It violated Fair Labor Standards Act