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Intel sees 'signs of improvement in the PC business' but earnings remain 'Meh...'

Prospects for the future, however, please Wall Street money men
Rik Myslewski, 15 Apr 21:21

Apple DOMINATES the Valley, rakes in more profit than Google, HP, Intel, Cisco COMBINED

Cook & Co. also pay more taxes than those four worthies PLUS eBay and Oracle
Rik Myslewski, 14 Apr 18:33

Gnome Foundation runs out of cash

Perhaps they could ask the OpenBSD Foundation, which just hit its 2014 goal
Simon Sharwood, 13 Apr 23:45

Apple has THREE TIMES as much cash as US govt, TWICE the UK

Don't expect much of that to make its way into US coffers anytime soon
Rik Myslewski, 11 Apr 18:41

Icahn, but Iwont: Carl the investor pest ends war with eBay

World's least silent partner strikes deal with auction site
Jasper Hamill, 11 Apr 07:01

Apple to flush '£37bn' down the bog if it doesn't flog cheapo slabtops

Cupertino golden with laptop-like-tablet, insists analyst
Jasper Hamill, 10 Apr 05:02

British Gas applies to wind up UK colo outfit Alphadex

This might be a good time to plan a web site migration
Simon Sharwood, 09 Apr 06:29

Symantec scratches head over balance sheet, calls in JPMorgan

Bankers drafted in to stave off activist investor threat - reports
Chris Mellor, 07 Apr 10:02

'Bank couriers' who stole money from OAP cancer sufferer jailed

Two men sent down for fraud by false representation
John Leyden, 03 Apr 15:01

Hey, Michael Lewis: Stop DEMONISING Wall Street’s SUPERHUMAN high-speed trading

HFT's NOT the free-market crusher new book says it is
Tim Worstall, 02 Apr 14:57

UK regulators: We will be CHECKING UP on banks' IT systems

'Major outages... completely unacceptable' - FCA
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 Apr 08:31

MtGox boss Karpeles ordered to Dallas to face bankruptcy probe

Failed Bitcoin exchange CEO must say 'sayonara' to Tokyo
Phil Muncaster, 02 Apr 05:31


Speaking in Tech: Really... $19bn. For WhatsApp?

Podcast 'Member when you worried about kids posting naked selfies on Facebook?

Yes, Google can afford to lose $9bn in Motorola sale. But did it really?

Comment Choc Fac should max tax axe crack in Lenovo sale whack
Tim Worstall, 30 Jan 13:58
Steve Ballmer and Tony Bates

Brit-boy Bates is Silicon Valley's pick for Microsoft's CEO

Comment This proves Redmond needs a Ford man
Gavin Clarke, 02 Dec 13:32


Huawei rakes in £2 BEEELLION in profits

Shenzhen stalwart bolsters international rep
Phil Muncaster, 01 Apr 03:32

Newsnight goes sour on Tech City miracle

+Sketch Notes on a VC? I'd be delighted, says Andrew Orlowski
Andrew Orlowski, 31 Mar 13:04

BlackBerry revenue slips below $1bn as users shun BB10

Chen plots return to keyboard-phones to woo back corporates

Pop music, tech bubble... what could go wrong? Spotify said to be closer to IPO

Fellow Swedish firm Tobii also mulling its own market debut

SEC mulls how to save markets from hackers: How about a CRACK TEAM... of advisers?

Regulator also debates stricter disclosure rules on attacks

Candy Crush King sees IPO go sour as stock price heads south

Games maker goes full Zynga in trading debut
Shaun Nichols, 27 Mar 00:28

Forget sledgehammers – crooks can CRACK ATMs with a TEXT

Malware-flinger cash-snatchers just need a mobile for a heist
John Leyden, 26 Mar 14:06

GSMA: EU net neutrality reforms are the enemy of business

They'll hinder innovation, productivity, claims mobe body
OUT-LAW.COM, 25 Mar 09:24

Dotcom's Mega looks for a backdoor onto NZ stock exchange

Kiwi cloud firm will fling open its doors in return for cash
Phil Muncaster, 25 Mar 05:26

Palo Alto Networks splashes $US200 million on Cyvera

Israeli TRAPS the prize as PAN boosts endpoint protection portfolio
Richard Chirgwin, 25 Mar 01:28

Box shock stock doc clocks 250 million bucks

Hoped-for IPO cash grab will nearly cover the last two years' losses
Shaun Nichols, 24 Mar 23:13
Broke - empty pockets

Miserly investors toss $11m at storage upstart Amplidata

For an E-round. You might as well go busking with a trumpet
Chris Mellor, 24 Mar 17:01
First official pic of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs

Zuckerberg, Musk and Fake Steve Jobs invest in secretive AI firm

Mark, Elon and Ashton Kutcher help Vicarious raise $40m
New York City's Manhattan skyline

Airbnb might get $10bn price tag ... despite its legal woes

Online bed-surfing service raising a reported $400m from private equity firms
Padmasree Warrior

Sync'n'sharers Box snaffle Cisco's Warrior CTO .... IPO time?

You won't get far on the public markets without a fighter
Chris Mellor, 21 Mar 12:18
closed_sign shut down under collapsed liquidation

Ad-funded mobile carrier goes titsup

UK's OVIVO pulls the plug very suddenly
Simon Sharwood, 20 Mar 04:02

Cloudera bags $160m from Google Ventures and Mike Dell

Top investors pile in to big data funding round

MtGox allows users to see a picture of their money, but not have it

If you just believe it's there, heyy ... maybe it is. That's bankin'
Jasper Hamill, 18 Mar 12:26

Spanish cable firm Ono says oh yes to €7.2bn Vodafone takeover

1.9 million subs... great. But it's really about scrummy fibre
Simon Rockman, 17 Mar 16:58
French fries

Takeaway order spewer Just Eat plans to raise £100 MEEELLION in IPO

Fish'n'chips 'n' chinese 'n' indian 'n' pizza linker plans market debut in London