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CIOs: Tell us about your biggest disaster and how you survived it

Reg roundtable Fat fingers, trainwrecks and everything else in between
Team Register, 02 Oct 13:26

CIOs: What are you forecasting for next year?

Reg Roundtable Industry not listening? Tell us all about it
Team Register, 09 Sep 11:41

Windows 10 to grow up, turn extra enterprise-y beginning this month

New features for businesses to roll out to Windows Insiders soon
Neil McAllister, 08 Sep 19:29

Hey, CIOs: Tech prices are about to rocket, so get planning – Gartner

Currency fluctuations will make US products more expensive across the board
Jennifer Baker, 12 Aug 15:40

CIOs ready to leap boundaries in our omni-channel world

Reg Roundtable Accept software development as creative
Dominic Connor, 24 Jul 09:02

Strategy: Key to success or a set of MBA-made handcuffs

Reg Roundtable Possibly the most abused word in this industry.
Team Register, 20 Jul 11:42

CISOs' newest fear? Criminals with a big data strategy

CIO Manifesto Reg roundtable disses pen testers and security theatre
Dominic Connor, 19 Jun 09:01

Mainframe staffing dilemma bedevils CIO dependents

Prospective skills shortage is biggest issue to hit mainframes since Y2K
Gavin Clarke, 10 Jun 12:11

Has marketing grabbed the IT reins at your company?

CIO Manifesto Tell us how you're navigating the omni-channel
Team Register, 09 Jun 10:58
management cloud7

IT service management as an enterprise-wide service

What’s good for the IT goose is good for the business gander
Danny Bradbury, 29 May 06:01
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If IT isn’t careful, marketing will soon be telling us what to do

CIO Manifesto Tell us how can CIOs hold the line in a multi-channel world
Team Register, 20 May 13:22
Register Roundtable at the Soho hotel

Do any REAL CIOs believe we're in a post PC world? No.

CIO Manifesto Reg roundtable delivers non-rose-tinted view of 2020
Dominic Connor, 20 May 11:01



Well YES, Silicon Valley VCs do think you're a CRETIN

Worstall on Wednesday Bitcoin-mining toasters leap forth from stealth
Tim Worstall, 20 May 08:57

Public cloud? Two vendors float on high, says Gartner

AWS leads, but Microsoft still a clear second
Tim Anderson, 19 May 15:56

CIOs: How can IT patrol the border in a multi-channel world?

Reg Events The perils of managing suppliers, customers...even users?
Team Register, 19 May 11:57

CSC to sue ServiceMesh man Eric Pulier over Australian bribe scandal

Exclusive Seeks repayment of all payments under acquisition agreement
Simon Sharwood, 12 May 19:30

Elon Musk: I'm neither a samurai nor a bastard

Billionaire disputes claims made in new biography
Iain Thomson, 12 May 17:39

Hey! Want a FREE TOASTER that makes BITCOIN? What? You DO?

Worstall on Wednesday Ignore the 'leccy meter, chump
Tim Worstall, 06 May 12:00

In charge of security? We need to talk...

CIO Manifesto Reg Roundtable offers secure and anonymous talk and networking
Team Register, 06 May 11:09

Value of European outsourcing deals plummets

Folk don't want to do mega deals these days, it seems
Kat Hall, 24 Apr 14:38

McLaren CIO putters sideways into Heathrow Airport

So far that's aircraft and cars for Birrell. Trains next?
Paul Kunert, 23 Apr 09:34

What keeps CIOs awake? Leaky data centres – or leaky C-suites?

Reg Events Share your woes at our next Reg Roundtable
Team Register, 20 Apr 10:34

Tech leaders: Is your biggest threat North Korea or your own board?

Reg Events Less PCs, more devices, even more security threats
Joe Fay, 01 Apr 11:42
Register Roundtable at the Soho hotel

How tech bosses manage their teams for fun and profit

CIO Manifesto 'Whenever I hear the word culture I reach for my org chart...'
Register Roundtable at the Soho hotel

CIOs: What tech will be running your organisation in 2020?

Join our roundtable on April 22 and write a future CIO Manifesto

Mummy, what's the point of Evgeny Morozov's tedious columns?

Worstall on Wednesday Tech has made us richer and freer, you fool