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CIOs: How can IT patrol the border in a multi-channel world?

Reg Events The perils of managing suppliers, customers...even users?
Team Register, 19 May 11:57

CSC to sue ServiceMesh man Eric Pulier over Australian bribe scandal

Exclusive Seeks repayment of all payments under acquisition agreement
Simon Sharwood, 12 May 19:30

Elon Musk: I'm neither a samurai nor a bastard

Billionaire disputes claims made in new biography
Iain Thomson, 12 May 17:39

Hey! Want a FREE TOASTER that makes BITCOIN? What? You DO?

Worstall on Wednesday Ignore the 'leccy meter, chump
Tim Worstall, 06 May 12:00

In charge of security? We need to talk...

CIO Manifesto Reg Roundtable offers secure and anonymous talk and networking
Team Register, 06 May 11:09

Value of European outsourcing deals plummets

Folk don't want to do mega deals these days, it seems
Kat Hall, 24 Apr 14:38

McLaren CIO putters sideways into Heathrow Airport

So far that's aircraft and cars for Birrell. Trains next?
Paul Kunert, 23 Apr 09:34

What keeps CIOs awake? Leaky data centres – or leaky C-suites?

Reg Events Share your woes at our next Reg Roundtable
Team Register, 20 Apr 10:34

Tech leaders: Is your biggest threat North Korea or your own board?

Reg Events Less PCs, more devices, even more security threats
Joe Fay, 01 Apr 11:42

How tech bosses manage their teams for fun and profit

CIO Manifesto 'Whenever I hear the word culture I reach for my org chart...'
Dominic Connor, 26 Mar 13:02
Register Roundtable at the Soho hotel

CIOs: What tech will be running your organisation in 2020?

Join our roundtable on April 22 and write a future CIO Manifesto
Joe Fay, 17 Mar 12:22
Register Roundtable at the Soho hotel

Tech leaders: Can you predict the future? Tell us all about it

Reg Events Crystal balls on Reg roundtable
Joe Fay, 06 Mar 16:29



Mummy, what's the point of Evgeny Morozov's tedious columns?

Worstall on Wednesday Tech has made us richer and freer, you fool
Tim Worstall, 04 Mar 10:03

Google tackles enterprise BYOD with Android for Work

New Work Profile separates business and personal data
Neil McAllister, 25 Feb 22:20

Gartner to CIOs: Go on, SPEND some CASH on ROBOTS 'n' 'Things'

Chill out, IT guy... Lean times are over – beancounter
Gavin Clarke, 17 Feb 09:03

Got $600 for every Win Server 2003 box you're running? Uh-oh

Let's hope you've really got a lot of them then
Gavin Clarke, 16 Feb 09:35

Satya Nadella, Year One: Has Microsoft's new CEO cut the mustard?

Ten highlights from Ballmer's successor's first 12 months
Neil McAllister, 05 Feb 11:26

Who'd be Target's infosec chief? Tesco CIO joins hack-battered firm

Previous chap retires after annus horribilis
Gavin Clarke, 04 Feb 13:03

IBM's research arm grabs BIG CHIP BRAINS from systems team

Big Blue focus now on design and development
Simon Rockman, 03 Feb 14:01

Microsoft tells big biz: No free Windows 10 for you, crack wallets open

Hey, insert credit card, check out our new update system, says Redmond
Iain Thomson, 31 Jan 00:42

Amazon's new WorkMail for enterprise: Another Fire dud – or a Kindle?

If there's one thing we all really need, it's another enterprise mail service, right Exchange?
Shaun Nichols, 29 Jan 00:15
The reception are at Google's office

Google UK doubles London Kings X mega-office sprawl

French bank can hop it – we're taking the whole building

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley fires rookie for stealing thousands of fat cats' financial files

Bank lost data on 10 per cent of its most valuable customers
Boring Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Rossi was OUT!

Not an Acer bod stirred as pres left EMEA house

Suits vs ponytailed hipsters: What's next for enterprise IT

Comment Enrico tells you what you won’t see in 2015