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Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, web pages can pwn your kit

Plus: iThings and desktops at risk of NEW SSL attack flaw
Shaun Nichols, 22 Apr 23:31

Is tech the preserve of the young able-bodied? Let's talk over a fine dinner and claret

Real Time Club invites Reg readers to a Whitehall soiree
Dominic Connor, 17 Apr 11:29

Did you know Twitter has a 'consumer product division'? Ex-Google Maps boss now runs it

Put down the puns, Graf – you've got a profit to turn
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Apr 11:03

Did a date calculation bug just cost hard-up Co-op Bank £110m?

And just when Brit banking org needs £400m to stay afloat
Gavin Clarke, 15 Apr 12:41

It may be ILLEGAL to run Heartbleed health checks – IT lawyer

Do the right thing, earn up to 10 years in clink
John Leyden, 11 Apr 10:32

Scandal-hit Co-op Bank's CIO hits eject button after one year

Pete Coleman leaves along with Co-op Group's Lord Myners
Gavin Clarke, 10 Apr 12:57

BlackBerry not afraid to throw its mobe biz under a bus, says CEO Chen

Updated 'We are not going to go up against WhatsApp'

Apple to flush '£37bn' down the bog if it doesn't flog cheapo slabtops

Cupertino golden with laptop-like-tablet, insists analyst
Jasper Hamill, 10 Apr 05:02

Insight CEO: Everything that's cloudy is GOLD

Exclusive But my god we've got a hell of a job to get there, says boss at box-shifter
Paul Kunert, 09 Apr 16:24

Why won't you DIE? IBM's S/360 and its legacy at 50

Big Blue's big $5bn bet adjusted, modified, reduced, back for more
Gavin Clarke, 07 Apr 09:32
Photo of Stephen Elop at Build 2014

In three hours, Microsoft gave the Windows-verse everything it needed

Analysis Except a Windows strategy. But we can wait for that
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Apr 18:48
Photo of a future Windows 8.x desktop

Is this photo PROOF a Windows 7 Start Menu is coming back?

Build 2014 Screenshot hints at yet another attempt to fix the desktop
Neil McAllister, 03 Apr 00:29


App.net 'not just a way for nerds to talk to each other', boss tells nerds

Column Has it finally blossomed into the developer's Twitter?
Dave Mandl, 14 Mar 10:01

Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one

Sysadmin Blog Since I don't have an iPhone with a worn out battery
Trevor Pott, 24 Feb 09:36

Microsoft's new CEO: The technology isn't his problem

Nadella. It's about time. He's been Satya for 22 years
Gavin Clarke, 05 Feb 13:29


Puking! protester! forces! Yahoo! 'techie! scum!' to! ride! vile! bile! barf! bus! to! work!

Pic Anti-gentrification campaign can't stomach swanky shuttles
Iain Thomson, 02 Apr 21:41

Pivotal goes after Oracle with 'all-you-can-eat' pricing model

Flat per-core subscription fee regardless of software
Jack Clark, 02 Apr 09:02

Oracle shoves IBM out of world's No 2 software seller spot – Gartner

Larry Ellison squeaks in behind Microsoft, Salesforce breaks into top 10
Gavin Clarke, 01 Apr 17:21

Microsoft CEO Nadella names his Xbox and Cloud OVERLORDS

Studios boss gets a boost, Guthrie officially heads mega-billions big-biz wing
Shaun Nichols, 31 Mar 19:21

FINALLY Microsoft releases Office for iPad – but wait there's a CATCH

Now Ballmer's gone, it's time for big biz to properly fondle some spreadsheets
Iain Thomson, 27 Mar 19:46

Box shock stock doc clocks 250 million bucks

Hoped-for IPO cash grab will nearly cover the last two years' losses
Shaun Nichols, 24 Mar 23:13

JavaScript mastermind Brendan Eich leaps into the Mozilla CEO seat

alert('Co-founder, CTO takes helm at Firefox factory in reorg');
Shaun Nichols, 24 Mar 21:04

AMD: Why we had to evacuate 276TB from Oracle DB to Hadoop

Chip biz CIO Jake Dominguez spills beans to El Reg
Jack Clark, 24 Mar 18:41

Bono bests Bezos in Fortune's 'World's 50 Greatest Leaders' list

That Apple CEO? #33. The US president and UK prime minister? M.I.A.
Rik Myslewski, 21 Mar 03:04

Ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch goes nuclear: Claims HP 'misleads' its own shareholders

Fires off attack just hours before stockholder meeting
Jack Clark, 19 Mar 18:22

App.net 'not just a way for nerds to talk to each other', boss tells nerds

Column Has it finally blossomed into the developer's Twitter?
Tim Cook

Tim Cook and Israeli PM commune with the GHOST of Steve Jobs

Benjamin Netanyahu and Apple chief gaze despairingly upon godhead's mighty works
Joe Tucci EMC

Humdrum Documentum momentum makes EMC glum? Off alone into the scrum it should be spun

Blocks and Files Analyst spins spin-off from tech king's tin
Steve Ballmer as Doctor Evil

Steve Ballmer: Thanks to me, Microsoft screwed up a decade in phones

Vid 'We didn't put hardware and software together soon enough' he tells uni kids
Bill Gates and friends

Bill Gates is BACK... as CHIEF RICH human of PLANET EARTH

Software king bumps Carlos Slim into second place
self-service checkout

Hey, IT department! Sick of vendor shaftings? Why not DO IT, yourself

Secret CIO Let go of the shopping trolley and skill up, popeye
Warren Burns, 28 Feb 09:00

Mega-distie Ingram Micro cops to plans to axe jobs, padlock offices

Plans to save $100m a year by 'delayering' biz
Paul Kunert, 27 Feb 12:23
management project5

Your CIO is now a venture capitalist and you work at their startup

This just happened without you changing job, by the way
Simon Sharwood, 27 Feb 07:18