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Thought PCs were in the toilet? They're STILL eating Apple's lunch

Mac shipments take a battering in US market
Jasper Hamill, 10 Jul 14:35

Google Ventures opens new fund in London

El Reg has a new neighbour. So. Who's for a game of knock, knock, Ginger?
Jasper Hamill, 10 Jul 13:02

UK's emergency data slurp: IT giants panicked over 'legal uncertainty'

PM says rushed-through DRIP law will 'plug holes' in existing legislation
Kelly Fiveash, 10 Jul 12:09

Silicon Valley royalty royally slammed for 'persistent, troubling deficit' of diversity

Few women and minorities? What is this, the US Congress?
Shaun Nichols, 08 Jul 22:36

How to make $7,000 a month and benefits: Be a teen tech INTERN

Youth flown out to meet Facebook's youth-in-chief
Iain Thomson, 08 Jul 21:25

Panic like it's 1999: Microsoft Office macro viruses are BACK

VBA IS NOT DEAD, shrieks infosec chap
John Leyden, 08 Jul 14:34

O2 and 'leccy firm's MNVO bid flops as £25m glugs down the drain

Our customer list + your network deal goes titsup
Simon Rockman, 07 Jul 15:02

Report: UK.gov wants to legislate on comms data BEFORE next election

Ministerial alarm sets in over EU court's data retention ruling
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Jul 11:57
A man shouting angrily

You need a list of specific unknowns we may encounter? Huh?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Hey CIO, if you want my advice… oh, you don’t
Alistair Dabbs, 27 Jun 12:01
Nokia Lumia 625 displaying Office app

What enterprise mobility means for my business

Promo Customers speak at Windows Phone conference
David Gordon, 26 Jun 12:56
Dell chairman and CEO, Michael Dell

Speaking in Tech: Nutanix OEM deal may be Dell's first step towards a BUYOUT

Podcast Plus: What's this Tail-F thing Cisco's got hold of?
Team Register, 25 Jun 12:29


Satya Nadella

Mobile, cloud, social? Data? Nadella strings sexy words together

Comment Long-winded memo makes us miss Steve Ballmer
A man shouting angrily

You need a list of specific unknowns we may encounter? Huh?

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Hey CIO, if you want my advice… oh, you don’t
Alistair Dabbs, 27 Jun 12:01


Microsoft's Online Exchange fixed after going titsup for NINE HOURS

Two hours of that spent on hold reporting problem
Gavin Clarke, 25 Jun 10:19

The rise of the humans: How to outsmart the digital deluge

How many times did you check your phone while reading this?
Simon Rockman, 17 Jun 11:58

Bring your own device – as long as it's Microsoft

Analysis Windows Phone puts out enterprise call
Simon Rockman, 16 Jun 12:01

Want to tell the world how IT really works? Tell us first

Reg Events El Reg launches high-end events for high-end tech bosses
Team Register, 16 Jun 10:19

CIOs: Are you the governor? Or just one of the governed?

Poll Answer these questions to find out if you’re really the business
Joe Fay, 13 Jun 10:48

ICT globalisation survey: UK's tops - 'cos we don't care who buys our firms

National interest? How much does that cost...
Joe Fay, 12 Jun 14:07

OK, execs. You want Apple kit. And Windows Phone, too? Really?

BES 10 server greasing the wheels of migration, we're told
Simon Rockman, 02 Jun 17:02

What's up, Zuck? Facebook asks Brussels to probe its GIGANTIC WhatsApp deal

Free content ad network hopes to swerve national watchdogs
Kelly Fiveash, 28 May 13:35

Big data hitting the fan? Nyquist-Shannon TOOL SAMPLE can save you

Big Data's Big 5 Lessons from information theorists brainboxes - in pictures
Mark Whitehorn, 23 May 09:04

Expulsion from Garden of Steven: Apple staffers tossed out of Fruit Loop

Slough-looking gaff good enough for the likes of 1,500 employees...
Jasper Hamill, 22 May 15:03

Are you senior enough to sit around a table with The Register?

Reg Events El Reg kicks off exclusive exec events series
Team Register, 21 May 09:30

Speaking in Tech: About that rumour of Cisco BUYING Red Hat...

Podcast 'Open source USED to be about replacing big, bad, commercial vendors'

Web firms, DON'T PANIC: The Euro Google 'right to be forgotten' isn't a problem

Comment Not for you, anyway ... but yes, it's a problem for Big Scrape
A boat full of Fail

Stock and awe: Top City biz takes £32m hit after software upgrade axed

Surprised slickers' smashing streamlining system smashed
Typewriter keys

Microsoft TechEd 2014 keynote, Q&A liveblog: What went down in TX

Houston – we have a blog in. Our man on the spot with latest from the dev shindig
A U-2 "Dragon Lady" takes off from the Osan Air Base, South Korea, flightline Oct. 21, 2009, during the base Air Power Day air show. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

LA air traffic meltdown: System simply 'RAN OUT OF MEMORY'

Maybe a reboot will fix it. Maybe a reboot will fix it. Maybe a reboot will fix it. Ma-
Star Wars

'We don't think of antivirus as a money maker in any way'

Quotw Plus: 'Should it be called Star Wars Episode 6 1/2: The Smell of Fear...?'

Carphone Warehouse, Dixons embroiled in £3.7bn merger rumour

Electronics borg would get unwieldy bodge of a moniker
Simon Rockman, 08 May 14:56