Are you a gun owner? Let us in OR ELSE, say Blighty's top cops

Downrange Populist campaign goes off at half cock
Gareth Corfield, 19 Oct 13:30

'Cowardly, venomous trolls' threatened with TWO-YEAR sentences for menacing posts

UK government: 'Taking a stand against a baying cyber-mob'
Kelly Fiveash, 19 Oct 13:00

Happiness economics is bollocks. Oh, UK.gov just adopted it? Er ...

Worstall @ the Weekend Opportunity doesn't knock; it costs us instead
Tim Worstall, 19 Oct 10:00

Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots

TV Review We know what the Doctor does, stop going on about it already

Apple SILENCES Bose, YANKS headphones from stores

The, er, Beats go on after noise-cancelling spat
Kelly Fiveash, 18 Oct 15:28

Citizenfour: Poitras' doco is about NSA and GCHQ – NOT Snowden

Review Forget the character - concentrate on the PLOT ... against YOUR freedom

Damage control (noun): When Microsoft's CEO kickstarts diversity plan after women pay gaffe

Beep, beep the foot is reversing from the mouth, beep beep
Shaun Nichols, 18 Oct 03:08

FCC looks to boost next-gen wireless networks with 24GHz study

Watchdog examines plans to add new spectrum room
Shaun Nichols, 18 Oct 02:02

MasterCard adds fingerprint scanner to credit cards for spending sans the PIN

Robbers could target your wallet and your digits
Iain Thomson, 18 Oct 00:57

America's super-secret X-37B plane returns to Earth after nearly TWO YEARS aloft

674 days in space for US Air Force's mystery orbital vehicle
Iain Thomson, 18 Oct 00:21


Blood image

SDI Wars: EMC must FORGET ARRAYS, adapt or disappear

Sysadmin blog Can the storage giant overcome a lack of necessary leadership?
ITU logo

ICT ministers mark out net-regulation patch ahead of ITU plenipot

Busan Declaration looks like a statement of intent
Richard Chirgwin, 20 Oct 04:02
London BMW 5-Series police car

Are you a gun owner? Let us in OR ELSE, say Blighty's top cops

Downrange Populist campaign goes off at half cock
Gareth Corfield, 19 Oct 13:30


#Help. There's a STRANGER in my Twitter timeline

What can I do about? Write a tweet of course
Jasper Hamill, 17 Oct 14:24

French 'terror law' declares WAR on the INTERNET itself, say digi-rights folks

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité: Two out of three ain't bad
Jennifer Baker, 17 Oct 14:02

HBO shocks US pay TV world: We're down with OTT. Netflix says, 'Gee'

This affects every broadcaster, every cable guy
Faultline, 17 Oct 12:31

'Dancing Jesus' file-sharer found guilty

'Trix' unmasked as Leicestershire man
Andrew Orlowski, 17 Oct 10:34

WikiLeaks reveals new draft of Trans-Pacific Partnership

+Comment Secret treaty getting nastier on copyright and related matters
Simon Sharwood, 17 Oct 07:04

Symantec's already virtually split, says letter to suppliers

Single back office expected to persist until end of 2015
Chris Williams, 17 Oct 03:01

Australian spookhaus busted for warrantless tap of own phones

Stop laughing: it also messed up civilian telecoms intercepts and is about to get more powers
Simon Sharwood, 17 Oct 02:04

Banksy puts down spray can, goes corporate in banksy.com cybersquat brouhaha

Unsolicited city decorator sticks it to The Man, asks for its help
Kieren McCarthy, 16 Oct 19:13

Data cops in charge of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google get a new office

But HQ remains next to corner store in the middle of Irish nowhere
Jennifer Baker, 16 Oct 16:31

Huawei and Accenture pucker up for enterprise love-in

It's all about the cloud, people –cloud, cloud, cloud
Paul Kunert, 16 Oct 16:02
Sky Anytime+

Sky's tech bets pay off: Pay TV firm unveils blazing growth for Q1

Oooh... everyone's going to watch on their iPad. NOT
Andrew Orlowski, 16 Oct 13:37
Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden documentary premieres across the UK

Citizenfour shows the week of the NSA leaks

Solaris fix-it firm offers free BASH patch for legacy Oracle kit

Sets up camp on moral high ground as lawsuit rages on
Gavin Clarke, 16 Oct 11:13
Lock security

Cyber-punch-drunk eBay slashes revenue forecasts

Chief beanie on 2014: 'series of unanticipated setbacks'
management regulation1

Euro Commission drags Belgium to court over telco regulator's independence

Ministerial veto must be, er, vetoed, Eurocrats demand
Jennifer Baker, 16 Oct 10:37
Children wash hands Plan photo Hatai Limprayoonyong

CIO of children's charity: Data re-org will change the giving game

Centralised, digitised, organised - gee, thanks, IT
Gavin Clarke, 16 Oct 09:29

Batman in the frame to take on Steve Jobs

Christian Bale said to be likely star of Jobs biopic
Simon Sharwood, 16 Oct 05:29