What's this thing running?

About our website

This site is maintained by a small team, using best practices and the latest technologies where possible. If you spot any problems with it please let our webmaster know.

The site is built using a custom Modern Perl content management system. We make substantial use of the excellent DBIx::Class ORM, Template Toolkit, and several other CPAN modules.

Your requests are served by a few Debian GNU/Linux servers, running nginx and Apache.

All our web applications (search, forums, whitepapers, etc) are written using mod_perl and connect to MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.

The scripts, modules, HTML, and CSS were created and edited using a combination of Vim, Atom, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and the Firebug extension. The typing has mainly been done by Aaron Crane, Tony Dunlop, Marco Fontani, Kevin Hottinger, Miguel Vieira, and M Walker.

We use Cloudflare to take some of the load off of our hardware, which is currently lovingly cared for by Peer1's expert support.

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