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What's this thing running?

We’re proud that The Register uses valid HTML and CSS on its pages (give or take the odd hiccough involving over-enthusiastic advertisers or eager-to-get-a-scoop journalists — if you spot any problems please let our webmaster know.)

The site is built using a custom content management system which is written in Modern Perl and filters its input through HTML Tidy. Some pages are generated using the GNOME libxslt library. We make substantial use of the excellent DBIx-Class ORM.

The webservers are running nginx and Apache, with MySQL or PostgreSQL for the back-end database and the search engine. Our web applications (search, forums, Reg Whitepapers, etc) are all built on mod_perl. All the software runs on Debian GNU/Linux, chosen for its stability, reliability, flexibility, and especially for its superlative support of remote package management and upgrades.

The scripts, HTML, and CSS were created and edited using a combination of Vim, GNU Emacs, and Mozilla Firefox’s Firebug extension. The typing has mainly been done by Aaron Crane, Marco Fontani, Kevin Hottinger and M Walker.

The hardware lives at Peer1, where it is lovingly cared for by their expert support.