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Want to know more about HPC apps? This explicit vid has some answers

HPC Blog The HPC Advisory Council exists to spread the word about high-performance computing tech, provide a network of expertise, equipment for members, and generally educate all-comers about the wonders of HPC. Thrillingly, it also has a bunch of equipment to play with in-house, including clusters ranging from four to 38 nodes, and a …
Dan Olds, 6 Jun 2017
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Boffins get routers spilling secrets through their LEDs

Back in February, it was hard drive lights that leaked data. Now, the side-channel experts at Israel's Ben-Gurion University have applied a similar principle to routers. The attraction of signalling from a router is clear: is you can get the router to leak admin credentials, you don't just p0wn one machine, but probably the …
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'Fat boy' flies: ISRO's heavy rocket fails to blow up

India has successfully launched its GSLV Mark III heavy-lift rocket on schedule, leaving explosion-watchers disappointed. As we reported last week, the launcher represents India's entry into heavy rocketry: its GSLV Mark III is currently able to hoist four tonnes to a geosynchronous transfer orbit, or eight tonnes to low earth …
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ESA astronaut decelerates from 28,800kph to zero in first bumpy landing

The crew of the International Space Station is down to three after European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitski landed rather uncomfortably in the wilds of Kazakhstan. The duo departed the ISS in their Soyuz capsule at 0347 PDT (1037 UTC) and rotated 180 degrees to fire the engines in …
Iain Thomson, 2 Jun 2017
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The Big Blue Chopper video that IBM might want to keep quiet

Here is the short video that IBM didn’t want the world see - it shows CEO, president and chairman Ginni Rometty mounting a Big Blue chopper following a trip to the Hursley R&D labs in the UK. Youtube Video El Reg first reported last month the company overlord had boldly ignored the £75 travel restriction earlier imposed on …
Paul Kunert, 2 Jun 2017
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The nuclear launch button won't be pressed by a finger but by a bot

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Nothing could hurry Cool Dave. Tall and taciturn, he would make his way around school between classes at his own pace. When he talked, he not so much spoke as delivered a quiet soliloquy in a thoughtful and deliberate manner. Cool Dave looked you in the eye. He spent time considering before answering questions. He never …
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NASA Sun probe named for solar wind boffin Eugene Parker

Breaking with the recent focus on flinging probes and bots at our planetary neighbours, around July next year NASA will set the controls for the heart of the Sun. Actually, the plan is for the Solar Probe Plus to stop a good 6.2 million kilometres (3.9 million miles) short of Sol's surface, where the craft will have to endure …
Richard Currie, 31 May 2017
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Fluster-cluster fracas in Frankfurt: HPC kids fight again

HPC Blog We’re only a few weeks away from the 6th annual ISC Student Cluster Competition, and student cluster aficionados worldwide are gearing up to watch the battle. ISC Cluster Competition Taipan Pak Lui and I shot a video at SC16 where we unveiled the teams for the ISC event, you can watch it below. For those of you who don’t have …
Dan Olds, 31 May 2017
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German robo-pastor preaches the GNU Testament

A church in Germany has built a robot priest to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The bot, a creation of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau and engineer Alexander Wiedekind-Klein, is able to deliver blessings to visitors in both male and female voices. They've named their intelligent …
Shaun Nichols, 31 May 2017
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Pentagon trumpets successful mock-ICBM interception test

In a show of strength aimed at ever-belligerent North Korea, America has shot down what it calls a “simulated ICBM” with an intercept missile. Following the test, the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) claimed success, saying the target was struck by the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) element of the ballistic missile …
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Nvidia: Pssst... farmers. Need to get some weeds whacked?

HPC blog While there are always vehicles on the show floor at GTC17, it would seem this is the first time an actual John Deere tractor has been in the mix. But the tractor wasn’t the point, it’s what was attached to the tractor that might be interesting for rural types. Weeds are the bane of farmers as they cut down on crop yields. The …
Dan Olds, 30 May 2017
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Love bots lecture thrills room full of Reg readers

If you’ve ever wondered what the development of AI and robotics might mean for your sex life, you should have been with us last month for our Register Lecture on Sex, AI, Robots and You. Kate Devlin, senior lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, took the capacity audience on a whizzbang …
Team Register, 30 May 2017
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Seminal game 'Colossal Cave Adventure' released onto GitLab

The classics never die – or so we hope. One classic, Colossal Cave Adventure, is getting a new lease of life on GitLab. Regarded the first text adventure game, Colossal Cave Adventure was first given life in the 1970s on a Digital PDP-10, by ARPANET pioneer William Crowther, and expanded on by Don Woods, then a Stanford …
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US laptops-on-planes ban may extend to flights from ALL nations

United States Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly says he's considering a ban on laptops in airline cabins from flights that leave all nations, not just Europe and the Middle East as is currently the case. On Fox News Sunday Kelly chatted with host Chris Wallace and, at the 9:10 mark of the video below, was asked if he …
Simon Sharwood, 28 May 2017
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What happened when 300 DevOps experts took over the QE II?

Events If you couldn’t join us last week for Continuous Lifecycle London 2017, you can still get a flavour of the event with our speakers’ presentations and selected video highlights. Over 300 people joined Situation Publishing, the people behind The Register, and German publisher Heise, at the QE II building in Westminster over …
Team Register, 26 May 2017
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Life is... pushing all the right buttons on the wrong remote control

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Mrs Dabbsy is getting cross. I know this because she has said "grrrr". People don't often say "grrrr" in everyday conversation so it's noticeable when they do. Either that or you are inadvertently chatting with Tony the Tiger over a bowl of over-sugared breakfast cereal. The target of The Glowing One's ire (this time) is the …
Alistair Dabbs, 26 May 2017
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T-Mobile goes Apple/Google route by separating phone numbers and devices

T-Mobile is taking a leaf out of the tech industry book and separating phones from their numbers. The company's Digits service will allow you to pick up calls from any device – in much the same way Google does with its voice service and Apple does with its AppleID. It will launch on May 31. The service has been in beta for …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 May 2017
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'Cloak and dagger' vuln rolls critical hit against latest Android versions

Updated A distinct class of Android vulnerability has been unearthed by computer scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. "Cloak and dagger" is a new kind of attack vector affecting Android devices (including the latest version, 7.1.2). "Attacks allow a malicious app to completely control the UI feedback loop and …
John Leyden, 25 May 2017
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RightNow founder turned politician gets assault charge after 'bodyslamming' reporter

Until Wednesday, Greg Gianforte's life had followed a lovely script: he twice sold software companies for millions, the second time for US$1.5bn when Oracle acquired CRM company RightNow Technologies. Gianforte used the resulting wealth and profile to champion the conservative causes he cares about and last year ran for the …
Simon Sharwood, 25 May 2017
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DARPA orders spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has commissioned Boeing to build a spaceplane capable of 10 launches in 10 days. The Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) program is designed to give the US the ability to launch stuff fast, in order to “revolutionize the Nation’s ability to recover from a catastrophic loss …
Simon Sharwood, 25 May 2017
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Media players wide open to malware fired from booby-trapped subtitles

Hackers have gone back to the future by attempting to infect targets with booby-trapped subtitle files. By crafting malicious subtitle files for films and TV programmes, which are then downloaded by viewers, attackers can hope to take complete control of any device running the vulnerable platforms. Hackers have pushed trojans …
John Leyden, 23 May 2017
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'Tabby's Star' intrigues astro-boffins with brief 'dimming event'

Astronomers worldwide are scrambling a worldwide effort to capture as many images of the famous “Tabby's Star” (also known as Boyajian's Star), which has abruptly entered a dimming phase. The mysterious KIC 8462852 has intrigued astro-boffins ever since Tabetha Boyajian worked out the dimming signature in Kepler observations …
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Wannacry: Everything you still need to know because there were so many unanswered Qs

Vid It has been a week since the Wannacry ransomware burst onto the world's computers – and security researchers think they have figured out how it all started. Many assumed the nasty code made its way into organizations via email – either spammed out, or tailored for specific individuals – using infected attachments. Once …
Iain Thomson, 20 May 2017
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After stiffing us with Trump, Weiner 'fesses to underage cock shot rot

Disgraced politician Anthony Weiner has finally realized what the rest of the world has known for some time. "I have a sickness," he confessed while entering a guilty plea for having texted pictures of his penis to a 15-year-old girl, "but I do not have an excuse." The former Congressmen for New York agreed not to appeal a …
Kieren McCarthy, 19 May 2017
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Huawei spied, US federal jury finds

A jury has agreed that Huawei committed industrial espionage in United States, ordering the Chinese giant to pay $4.8m in damages. Three years ago, T-Mobile USA sued Huawei, claiming that the latter stole trade secrets about a phone-testing robot Big Magenta used, called Tappy, which mimics a human user to improve testing of …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 May 2017
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Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

Something for the Weekend, Sir? When I was younger, I had a chronic problem with fluff gathering in awkward-to-reach places. What can I say? My personal grooves acquired dirt very easily. It was a teenage thing, I suppose. Neither sterile wipes nor the careful application of a vacuum cleaner seemed to help so I ended up seeking professional advice. A man-in …
Alistair Dabbs, 19 May 2017
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Self-driving car devs face 6-month backlog on vital $85,000 LIDAR kit

Analysis A closer look at LIDAR sensors – a key component in autonomous vehicles – reveals the lucrative and competitive nature of the self-driving car industry. Essentially, if you want to enter this space, and take on the likes of Waymo and BMW and Ford, you'll need deep pockets – tens of thousands of dollars per test vehicle – and …
Katyanna Quach, 18 May 2017
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Nukes tests caused space weather, say NASA boffins

Space weather is usually driven by the Sun – but a bunch of data about Cold War nuclear tests has given NASA boffins the chance to measure whether humans can affect what goes on in Earth's neighbourhood. The once-classified data records high-altitude detonations that happened between 1958 and 1962, conducted both by America …
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We're calling it now: FCC votes 2-1 to rip up net neutrality on Thurs

Analysis Despite more than a million comments opposing it, tomorrow at around 12:00pm Eastern time, the three FCC commissioners will vote 2-1 to approve a so-called "notice of proposed rulemaking" and start on the rocky path to rescinding net neutrality rules. Just as it was three years ago, it is going to be a long and tortuous …
Kieren McCarthy, 17 May 2017
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Samsung Galaxy S8+: Seriously. What were they thinking?

Review The Galaxy S8+ is like a nine course meal of desserts – tiramisus, trifles, ice creams, one after another – that you have to eat with chopsticks and a straw. As you should expect from a phone that’s almost £800, much of the technology is sensational. The edge-to-edge display is not just pretty, it’s practical too, and the …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 May 2017
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Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA

An outfit called Aurora Flight Sciences is trumpeting the fact that one of its robots has successfully landed a simulated Boeing 737. Aviation-savvy readers may well shrug upon learning that news, because robots – or at least auto-landing systems - land planes all the time and have done so for decades. Aurora's excitement is …
Simon Sharwood, 17 May 2017
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VMware's user groups fuming again, consider deposing leaders

VMware's user groups are fuming at being brought under Dell's wing without consultation, and some group leaders are considering action against the leaders of the organisation overseeing the groups. Virtzilla's user groups (VMUGs) are unusually large and well-organised: most throw regular meetings plus day-long annual “UserCons …
Simon Sharwood, 15 May 2017
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Japanese researchers spin up toilet paper gyroscopes for science

Japanese boffins have measured the spin-speed of toilet rolls to work out who's on the loo. The idea, apparently, is that because a throne is a good place to collect health monitoring data, the researchers wanted a reasonably non-invasive ID technique. One that wouldn't get bogged down in the obvious privacy issues of trying …
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Vanilla Forums has a plain-flavoured zero-day

Updated The popular Vanilla Forums software needs patching against a remote code execution zero-day first reported to the developers in December 2016. Published by ExploitBox, the zero-day “can be exploited by unauthenticated remote attackers to execute arbitrary code and fully compromise the target application when combined with Host …
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Google buys developers of VR goof-around Job Simulator

Google has acquired VR games company Owlchemy Labs, makers of Job Simulator. The witty cross-platform VR role-playing game is set in 2050. You're invited to strap on your goggles and engage in now-forgotten activities such as booking a meeting room, finding the office stapler, or other drudgeries associated with early 21st …
Andrew Orlowski, 11 May 2017
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Oh, great: There's a new Same Origin Policy exploit for Edge

Edge nemesis, security tester Manuel Caballero from Buenos Aires, has popped the browser again, getting around its Same Origin Policy to steal stored credentials. Over at his Broken Browser blog, Caballero explains that an attacker can fake their originator for a referrer spoof, and “thanks to the existence of data-uris and …
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FCC blames DDoS for weekend web lockout

Vid Problems faced by consumers hoping to submit comments to the Federal Communications Commission over the weekend were caused by a denial of service attack, the US government agency admits. In a statement, FCC chief information officer Dr David Bray blamed issues with the FCC’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) on …
John Leyden, 9 May 2017
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Take a sneak peek at Google's Android replacement, Fuchsia

An enthusiast has compiled Google's infant Fuchsia OS and put the toddler through its paces. The open-source OS is an open secret – anyone can download the platform from Github, and one enthusiast at Hotfix, a repair shop in Texas, has done just that. When Fuchsia broke cover last August, we noted the project's ambition. The …
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Opposable thumbs make tablets more useful says Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research has come up with an interesting idea – user interfaces designed specifically for thumb-plus-stylus use on tablet computers. The company's brain box likes this idea because when you use a stylus-capable fondleslab you devote your strong hand to the task of wielding the stylus while your weaker hand gets the …
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Why student cluster compos? A supercomputer kids' taskmaster explains

HPC Blog As some of the blogs on the fifth annual ASC17 Asia Student Supercomputer challenge started to hit El Reg, we noticed a couple of comments that made me think that some of you out there are missing the point of these student cluster competitions. Here are a couple of them: “So the newcomers won because they had two more NVIDIA …
Dan Olds, 8 May 2017
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Final day of world's biggest student cluster-wrestling compo

HPC Blog As a HPC cluster competition starts to wind down and deadlines are close, I like to do a video check in with the teams to see how they’re doing. Usually they’re either very relaxed or very nervous. The relaxed ones either know where they stand and whether they’re in or out of the competition for first place or one of the other …
Dan Olds, 8 May 2017
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Student cluster-wrestlers face off in HPC battle: You and whose army? Um, China's

HPC Blog With 20 university teams, Asia Supercomputer Community 2017 is the largest student cluster competition in the world. So it’s only natural that this story, which will give you a chance to meet the teams via video, will be the longest student cluster competition story in history. In the videos, we’re talking to the kids on the …
Dan Olds, 5 May 2017

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