Apollo 11 astronaut patch video img

Forty-five years ago: FOOTPRINTS FOUND ON MOON

NASA won't be back any time soon, sadly
Iain Thomson, 20 Jul 23:15
video img

Want to beat Verizon's slow Netflix? Get a VPN

Video Exec finds stream speed climbs when smuggled out
Shaun Nichols, 18 Jul 23:58
video img

Unbridled BONKING and rampant ROGERING at YOUR office!

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Ten ways to fool you into reading online lists
Alistair Dabbs, 18 Jul 10:37
A proposed LOHAN mission patch video img

That stirring LOHAN motto: Anyone know a native Latin speaker?

What's this, then? 'Romanes Eunt Domus'?
Lester Haines, 18 Jul 10:3
Rickmote video img

Chromecast hack Rickrolls Google's TV stick

Hacker's gonna tell a lie, hacker's gonna p0wn WiFi, hacker's gonna make you cry
Darren Pauli, 18 Jul 1:58
video img

When the robot rebellion comes, this Jibo droid will BORE you to death

'Social robotics', wow, those are trendy words
Jasper Hamill, 16 Jul 16:11
video img

'Two-speed internet' storm turns FCC.gov into zero-speed website

Deadline for comments on net neutrality shake-up extended to Friday
Iain Thomson, 15 Jul 20:51
video img

Japanese artist cuffed for disseminating 3D ladyparts files

NSFW Printable genitalia fall foul of 'obscene material' laws
Lester Haines, 15 Jul 11:46
eyeofSauron video img

Data retention saves Australia from TERROR says Labor MP

MP Anthony Byrne whacks the 'liberty licenses our enemy' drum
Richard Chirgwin, 14 Jul 22:39
Cellular basestation antenna video img

Rural mobile coverage: Tweeting twits to join chirping tits in UK's national parks

Yup, someone IS gabbering behind you on the hiking trail
Simon Rockman, 14 Jul 13:38
Doctor Who: The First Adventure video img

New Doctor Who episode leaks online as proper trailer debuts

Take a Deep Breath and prepare for spoilers
Simon Sharwood, 13 Jul 23:15
video img

The final score: Gramophones 1 – Glassholes 0

Something for the Weekend, Sir? My life according to a Google Arse
Alistair Dabbs, 11 Jul 10:1
Artist's concept of the Voyager spacecraft in space. video img

In space no one can hear you scream, but Voyager 1 can hear A ROAR

Boffins now very, very, sure craft is in interstellar space, and it's picking up 'sounds'
video img

Reg reader fires up Pi-powered anti-cat garden sprinkler system

Vid Crap in my begonias? Oh no you don't, you furry little sod
Lester Haines, 8 Jul 11:18
video img

Alabama quadchopper hits THREE THOUSAND FEET next to AIRPORT

Vid Unsporting 'airspace nerd' alerts FAA to altitude violation
Lester Haines, 7 Jul 12:26
video img

Star Wars: These are the 'unknown' actors we were looking for

Pip Andersen and Crystal Clarke plucked from (relative) obscurity
HummingBoard SBC from SolidRun video img

SolidRun pitches upgradeable SBC into the IoT fray

Yet another board to take on Raspberry Pi
Communicating using the magnetometer video img

Phone motion sensors can receive data

Video Short-range comms keeps secrets better, say boffins
video img

ISC’14: Ever wanted to build data-crunching beast to beat them all?

HPC blog New way to enter - plus highlights from Leipzig
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Royal Navy parks 470 double-decker buses on Queen Elizabeth

Gawd bless 'Er Maj and all who sail in her ... er, hang on, what?
Lester Haines, 4 Jul 12:17
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You 'posted' a 'letter' with Outlook... No, NO, that's the MONITOR

Something for the Weekend, Sir? What in HELL does 'hit go' mean?!
Alistair Dabbs, 4 Jul 11:16
Artist's conception showing the inner four planets of the Gliese 581 system. GJ 581g, potentially habitable, is in the foreground. Credit: Lynette Cook/NSF video img

ANGRY ALIENS hit by BEBO SPAMGASM probably don't exist

Humanity seemingly spared justifiable interstellar retribution
Encapsulation of OCO-2 ahead of launch video img

NASA: Satellite which will END man-made CO2 debate in orbit at last

Updated Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 finally makes it into Spaaaace
The LDSD's rocket motor fires. Pic: NASA video img

NASA flying saucer vids show fire in the sky

Mighty thruster lifts Mars payload delivery tech
Lester Haines, 1 Jul 9:26
Peter Capaldi in costume as Doctor Who video img

BBC offers briefest of teasers for the next Doctor Who

Timelord: 1 line, Clara: 1 line, Tardis on fire. Run time: 15secs
Monty Python foot UHDTV video img

And now for someone completely brilliant: Stephen Hawking to join Monty Python on stage

Renowned physicist and boffin of the highest order Stephen Hawking is to join famous 1970s British surrealist comedy group Monty Python on stage in the comedians' first live show in decades. Youtube Video A video intro at the press conference featured some gentle ribbing from Mick Jagger about the fact that the Python crew – …