Imagination Technologies' MIPS tablet reference design video img

Imagination touts cheap Firefox OS MIPS slab to Chinese kitmakers

'Hey! Over here! No, not that one, that's ARM...'
Neil McAllister, 24 Mar 0:41
video img

Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari EXPLOITED to OWN Mac, PCs at Pwn2Own 2015

Let's say those $225k winnings moved me ... to a bigger house!
Iain Thomson, 21 Mar 11:0
Audi TT video img

Audi TT: It's NOT a hairdresser-mobile, the dash is too flash

Vulture at the Wheel A 12.3-inch 'binnacle', no less
Alun Taylor, 21 Mar 10:0
video img

US threatened Berlin with intel blackout over Snowden asylum: report

Intel sharing used as stick, Vice Chancellor says
Darren Pauli, 20 Mar 6:33
Facebook privacy image video img

Facebook found leaking private photos

Creepy iOS, Android apps could suck down saucy pics
Darren Pauli, 20 Mar 2:2
video img

Hackers prove security still a myth on Windows PCs, bag $320,000

Pwn2Own teams exploit fresh holes in Adobe code, Firefox and Redmond's kernel
Iain Thomson, 19 Mar 20:11
Parrot Ar.Drone video img

Man hauled before beak for using drone to film Premiership matches

Thou shalt not fly thy aero-toy over the mighty Kop
Monty Python death peasant collector video img

Internet Explorer LIVES ON, cackle sneaky Microsoft engineers

Redmond fires back as browser bullet brouhaha brews
Iain Thomson, 18 Mar 1:24
Giant flower beetle with remote control video img

Boffins build Cyborg beetles, fly them by remote control

Video Experiment gives a whole new meaning to 'software bugs'
AeroMobil video img

Flying cars will take to the skies in 2017, if government allows

AeroMobil wants to be the Google of airborne aviation
Iain Thomson, 17 Mar 5:2
Brute Force video img

Brute force box lets researchers, Cops, pop iDevice locks

Passwords gone in 17 hours unless you upgrade to iOS 8.2
Darren Pauli, 16 Mar 8:28
padlock video img

Yahoo! spaffs! out! plugin! to! bring! crypto! to! everyone's! email!

Purple Palace pitches painless PGP protection at prosaic punters
Bigelow module on the ISS video img

SpaceX to deliver Bigelow blow-up job to ISS astronauts

Vid + pic Inflatable home heads into orbit this September
Iain Thomson, 14 Mar 11:0
Cryptowall sucks kid video img

Well.That.Sucks: New rude dot-word sparks outrage

Martin Luther King meets Ralph Nader meets annoyed trademark holders
Kieren McCarthy, 13 Mar 21:56
Chromebook Pixel 2015 video img

Google gives spit n' polish to world's most expensive Chromebook

Revamped Chromebook Pixel raises specs, lowers prices
Neil McAllister, 11 Mar 22:27
Osteoid cast modified to become the Intel Smart Splint video img

Fashioning the future: Intel works up a sweat and gets butterflies

Wearable Tech Show 2015 Checking the pulse of wearable gadgetry
Bob Dormon, 11 Mar 16:2
picard video img

Android SDK nonce flaw lets hackers fiddle with your Dropbox privates

Users of Microsoft Office Mobile, other apps should update
Iain Thomson, 11 Mar 12:2
Manish_Goel video img

HP scores ex-NetApp exec to replace Mr 3PAR

+Comment Scores, er, Goel to head up storage ops
Chris Mellor, 10 Mar 16:55
Our playmonaut tries out a jetpack, watched by a circling vulture video img

LOHAN leaps aloft & ports into virtual flight logger

Test flight 3D representation pops up in Exmaps
Lester Haines, 10 Mar 15:42
Microsoft Bob video img


It gave us Comic Sans, Clippy, a zillion jokes and might be CORTANA'S GRANDFATHER
Simon Sharwood, 10 Mar 10:2
video img

White-listed phish slip through Google Apps

Patch kills admin from sent addresses
Darren Pauli, 10 Mar 0:58
Array of multicoloured LEDs reminiscent of the matrix video img

Quantum computers have failed. So now for the science

Bouncing oil droplets reveal slippery truth behind the magical promises
Ross Anderson, 9 Mar 15:3
Child swearing video img

Give biometrics the FINGER: Horror tales from the ENCRYPT

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Le FREAK? C’est chic!
Ceres video img

Will NASA's Dawn spot ALIEN LIFE on asteroid belt dwarf world Ceres?

Vid + Pic No, but it's a science lab sent to tiny planet tucked between Mars and Jupiter
Iain Thomson, 6 Mar 20:18
Gravity lens makes supernova appear four times video img

Massive gravitational lens flare unveils EINSTEIN CROSS SUPERNOVA

Vid Hubble 'scope shock: Light gets bent, bigtime
video img

Broadband routers: SOHOpeless and vendors don't care

Feature Basic net access device in millions of homes is an insult to IT
Darren Pauli, 5 Mar 8:28
Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll video img

IBM's secret growth plan is … Karaoke?

♫ I guess that's why they call it Big Blue ♫
video img

Paul Allen hunts down sunken Japanese WWII super-battleship

Pics IJN Musashi's final resting place revealed
Lester Haines, 4 Mar 13:25
Enlighten Subway demo video img

ARM, Geomerics: Don't go to the dark side. Use the Forge, Luke

GDC 2015 Enlighten 3 lobs more lighting effects and new tool at games, movies etc
Unity-based game running in a browser via WebGL video img

Unity, Mozilla team up to bring PEW! PEW! PEW! to browsers, too

GDC 2015 Latest game dev tools feature built-in WebGL exporter
Neil McAllister, 3 Mar 22:41
Waves and particles (original resolution) video img

Is light a wave or a particle? Beaming boffins prove it's BOTH

And they've got the pics to prove it, thanks to clever nanowire tricks
wankband video img

W*nkers of the world unite to SAVE THE PLANET one jerk-off at a time

Pornhub's new hardware seeks to pump up the power
Iain Thomson, 1 Mar 14:31
Panasonic TH-103PZ600 video img

Telly behemoths: Does size matter?

Feature This month, the fabulously wealthy owners of houses with curved walls will be delighted to know that the world's largest curved TV arrives at the Knightsbridge tat-palace Harrods. With a 105-inch screen, LG's new set, the snappily named 105UC9V boasts a 21:9 aspect ratio, and all the latest technology. LG 105UC9 105-inch 21:9 …