Rosetta video img

TRIANGULAR orbits will help Rosetta to get up close with Comet 67P

Probe will be just 10km from Space Duck in October
Simon Sharwood, 19 Aug 3:15
video img

Top Gun display for your CAR: Heads-up fighter pilot tech

Sadly Navdy kit doesn't include Sidewinder missile to blast traffic
Simon Rockman, 16 Aug 10:1
video img

Why your mum was WRONG about whiffy tattooed people

They're a future source of RENEWABLE ENERGY
Jasper Hamill, 15 Aug 6:2
Sad Anonymous video img

Know what Ferguson city needs right now? It's not Anonymous doxing random people

U-turn on vow to identify killer cop after fingering wrong bloke
Iain Thomson, 15 Aug 2:1
kilobot video img

What does a flashmob of 1,024 robots look like? Just like this

Vid Sorry, Harvard, did you say kilobots or KILLER BOTS?
Iain Thomson, 14 Aug 20:49
Basis health-tracking wearable video img

Intel launches Internet of Stuff Parkinson's research project

Joint research with Michael J Fox Foundation
Edward Snowden video img

Snowden on NSA's MonsterMind TERROR: It may trigger cyberwar

Plus: Syria's internet going down? That was a US cock-up
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 20:53
australian credit cards fraud contactless video img

Amazon takes swipe at PayPal, Square with card reader for mobes

Etailer plans to undercut rivals with low transaction fee offer
TechDemoSat-1 shot of planet Earth video img

Blighty in SPAAAACE: Brit-built satellite films the Earth

Video Fully British bird snaps sweeping vista of our spinning blue marble
Bitcoins video img

Chinese Bitcoin farms: From scuzzy to sci-fi

Roaring fans to liquid baths, China's cryptocurrency rigs are serious business
Darren Pauli, 12 Aug 7:2
video img

Stephen Hawking biopic: Big on romance, not so much with the science?

Video Trailer suggests movie goes easy on the physics
video img

Microsoft fixes all those shaky GoPro vids nobody wants to watch

VID Redmond owes us this 'Hyperlapse' tech after inflicting PowerPoint on the world
Simon Sharwood, 11 Aug 7:30
ANU's water tractor beam video img

ANU boffins demo 'tractor beam' in water

Video The current state of the art, apparently
Lancaster B.I PA474. Credit: John5199, Flickr video img

World's only flyable WWII Lancaster bombers meet in Lincs

RAF and Canadian aircraft meet for Two Lancs tour after epic ferry flight
Gareth Corfield, 8 Aug 13:58
Data breach image video img

'Up to two BEEELLION' mobes easily hacked by evil base stations

Black Hat 2014 videos Android, BlackBerry, and Apple fall to OMA-DM flaw – claim
Iain Thomson, 8 Aug 7:2
Evil Android video img

Android banking apps vulnerable to cash theft by CAS hole hackers

Toolkit Apache Cordova suffers cross-application scripting bug, IBM discovers
John Leyden, 6 Aug 18:56
Office Space video img

Multifunction printer p0wnage just getting worse, researcher finds

Konica Minolta, Sharp, Dell, Canon and HP printers spew credentials when probed
Darren Pauli, 5 Aug 7:28
EmDrive space motor video img

NASA tests crazytech flying saucer thruster, could reach Mars in days

Dear Lily Cole: FYI - THAT'S achieving the 'impossible'
Iain Thomson, 4 Aug 19:38
Sinclair ZX Spectrum video img

Elite Systems promises to order ZX Spectrum revival in two weeks

Also, Specy dev seeks help to name all-new game
video img

Nice computers don’t need to go to the toilet, says Barclays

Something for the Weekend, Sir?* Bad computers might ask if you are Sarah Connor
Alistair Dabbs, 31 Jul 11:1
The quantum cheshire cat video img

Boffins spot weirder quantum capers as neutrons take the high road, spin takes the low

Cheshire cat effect see neutrons and their properties walk different paths
The RPi-compatible Odroid-W video img

Korean vendor launches wearable RPi clone

Smaller, cheaper and battery-powered pocket Pi
Candle in the dark video img

Flamewars in SPAAACE: cooler fires hint at energy efficiency

Video Experiment aboard ISS shows we should all chill out for cleaner engines
Doom video img

Bitcoin on ATM? Pfft! We play DOOM on ours

NICTA's seL4 team video img

Secure microkernel that uses maths to be 'bug free' goes open source

Hacker-repelling, drone-protecting code will soon be yours to tweak as you see fit
Darren Pauli, 28 Jul 7:31
video img

Feel free to BONK on the TUBE, says Transport for London

Plus: Almost NOBODY uses pay-by-bonk on buses - Visa
Simon Rockman, 25 Jul 15:29
Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game video img

Turing biopic with Cumberbatch, Knightley to premiere at London Film Festival

Vid The Imitation Game covers life of gay war hero super-boffin
Transformer Pulsar J1023 video img

Second galactic flip-flop pulsar surprises boffins

Video Radio switched off, gamma rays switched on
A bat swing captured by MAP video img

Boffins fill a dome with 480 cameras for 3D motion capture

Video Move over Gollum: Carnegie-Mellon boffins are working on 3D motion capture that works without tracking sensors, and can pull together images from hundreds of sensors. Their work, documented in full here, goes way beyond the motion capture tricks that let Peter Jackson give Gollum and King Kong to the world: they put their …