XtremIO upgrade video video img

No biggie: EMC's XtremIO firmware upgrade 'will wipe data'

But it'll have no impact and will be seamless, we're told
Chris Mellor, 15 Sep 18:23
Cheap kit kat video img

Get your Indian Landfill Android One handsets - they're only SIXTY QUID

Cheap and deafening mobes for the subcontinental masses
Simon Rockman, 15 Sep 13:58
Apple CEO Tim Cook in 1979, during his freshman year at Auburn University video img

Apple CEO Tim Cook: TV is TERRIBLE and stuck in the 1970s

The iKing thinks telly is far too fiddly and ugly – basically, iTunes
Jasper Hamill, 15 Sep 13:1
SLAC's battery charging test rig video img

Boffins say they've got Lithium batteries the wrong way around

Surprises at the nano-scale mean our ideas about how they charge could be all wrong
Jaws on Blu-ray disc video img

Stricter shark and manta ray trade rules enforced from today

Vid CITES: permits needed to protect biodiversity of our oceans
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Sep 16:15
Regina Egbert, El Reg's virtual news anchor video img

The week in tech news with cracking coverage from Regina Eggbert

Ovoid avatar reports on what happened in the IT world in the past 7 days
Tim Cook as Miss Havisham video img

Apple's Mr Havisham: Tim Cook says dead Steve Jobs' office has remained untouched

'I literally think about him every day' says biz baron's old friend
Team Register, 13 Sep 1:59
STEREO image of the Sun. Pic: NASA video img

Sleepy spotless summer Sun's shock solar storm surge stuns scientists

Vid Grab a digital cam to snap tonight's 'wimpy' X-class flare
Shaun Nichols, 12 Sep 22:44
Olloclip Galaxy S5 lens accessory video img

SHINY NEW GADGETS! No, we're not joking, here's a load of them

IFA 2014 Magnetic fridge projector, stuff to clip to your head and more
Bob Dormon, 12 Sep 16:0
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus video img

DUCKCROCZILLA 'alien' dinosaur could emerge from THE SEA

Pic We're going to need a bigger boat, captain
Iain Thomson, 11 Sep 23:43
Solar flare video img

Sun's MASSIVE solar storm belch to light up Earth's skies

Video Watch experts chat about the effects on humanity
Chris Williams, 11 Sep 16:59
video img

Google swallows SMARTSPOON manufacturer Lift Labs

Spill-free eating for the tremor-prone
Jasper Hamill, 11 Sep 14:57
video img

Gaming supremo creates maps that turn real world into Sim City

Complete with live cartoon buses that sync up with real-time bus arrivals
Simon Rockman, 10 Sep 12:2
3D Robotics drone in Richard Branson's house video img

Drones swarm over bearded Brit billionaire's island getaway

Just to take lovely pictures though, after Richard Branson invests in 3D Robotics
video img

Moto 360: Neat gizmo – if you're a rich nerd

All wearable tech is a bit lame, really. Bring back tamagotchis
video img

LOHAN premieres spaceplane mission summary vid

Enlightenment for ballocket virgins, as our Kickstarter campaign rolls on
Lester Haines, 8 Sep 10:34
Regina Egbert, El Reg's virtual news anchor video img

And now ... pre-recorded from London: It's the NEWS!

Vid Regina Eggbert presents your top tech stories this week
Fatherland extract video img

Weekend reads: Perfidia, Fatherland and The Incredible Unlikeliness of Being

Page File James Ellroy on form and doing what he does best ... again
Planet Labs' Doves in their coop video img

Look out, world! Space Station satellite cannon has A MIND OF ITS OWN

Vid Lonely rogue pipe spends evening prematurely ejecting its load
Iain Thomson, 5 Sep 23:3
video img

Huawei 'beats' Apple to bag sapphire smartie bragging rights

But with iPhone launch within days, who will hit the shelves first with toughened displays?
Dyson 360 Eye video img

Video: Dyson unveils ROBOTIC TANK that hoovers while you're out

360 Eye 2015 launch: Millions of pounds, hundreds of patents
Our place in the Laniakea supercluster video img

You are here => Earth is in 'the suburbs' of an IMMENSE HEAVEN

Did you know there's a hundred QUADRILLION suns in our Laniakea neighbourhood?
Nokia Lumia 830 group video img

Microsoft's SELFIE-TASTIC Nokia 830, 730: Complete with DOG SMILE WHITENER

Vid + Pics That's what you get with Lumia's refreshed midrange
Rendering of Apple's planned headquarters in Cupertino, California video img

Drone captures shots of budding APPLE SPACESHIP HQ

Quadcopter flies over Cupertino construction site
Shaun Nichols, 3 Sep 1:15
Google UK office logos video img

'Enterprise' ends ten-year mission: Choc Factory's biz services now Google for Work

We never wanted to be a stuffy enterprise seller, sniffs Schmidt
Iain Thomson, 2 Sep 19:39
video img

Flurry of solar flare-ups sets off COSMIC PLASMA EXPLOSION

Vid Mass ejections flung into space as the Sun does its thing
Team Boston at the ISC student cluster competition video img

American HPC cluster kids feed data-nomming beast with fat nodes

HPC Blog US teams fight ISC'14 student cluster schlacht
anonymity video img

iOS phone phlaw can UNMASK anonymous users on social media

Facebook, Google ... nobody read TFM, says security chap
Darren Pauli, 2 Sep 7:35
video img

Epiphany hits Raspberry Pi founders, users

Epiphany, the new Pi-specific browser, that is, not some mystical revelation
video img

China sends THREE teams to HPC whizzkid shindig in Germany

HPC Blog Plan to do their, erm, 'wurst' in German cluster compo
A watch with hands video img

Chumps stump up $1 MEELLLION for watch that doesn't exist

By the way, I have a really nice bridge you might like...
Simon Rockman, 1 Sep 11:18
video img

Hot students, 'liquid coolant', bagpipes and Brazilians: It's a cluster compo, folks

HPC Blog Both the UK and South America were ably represented at the recent 2014 International Supercomputing Conference Student Cluster Competition, held in Leipzig, Germany. For some reason, I want to Google up trendy cuisine to see if Scottish-Brazilian fusion restaurants actually exist. But I'm afraid of the possible results – so let' …