An Air-2 Genie video img

An anniversary to remember: The world's only air-to-air nuke was fired on 19 July, 1957

Vid 'Genie' test simulated pocket nukes' potential to evaporate bombers
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After Monday's landing, SpaceX wants to do it in triplicate

Rocketeers apply for two more landing pads, but faces NIMBY challenge
Iain Thomson, 20 Jul 1:35
fire helicopter video img

Drone bloke cuffed after gizmo stops firemen tackling forest inferno

Blaze-gawping flying cam shoos away vital helicopters
Iain Thomson, 19 Jul 0:38
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AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company

Vid Aerial inspectors, air traffic control and flying COWs ahead
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 0:55
shutterstock_238128856_phone_theft video img

Gaming apps, mugging and bad case of bruised Pokéballs

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Time for trouble (make it double)
Alistair Dabbs, 15 Jul 9:29
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ANZ Bank staffers drop slick incident response tool for Mandiant mobs

Plugs hundreds of endpoints into 'single pane of glass'
Darren Pauli, 15 Jul 7:18
A Go Board video img

Reg readers cluster in pub to ponder artificial intelligence

Reg Events And hear why a mic-dropping, beer hurling AI would be a real advance
Joe Fay, 14 Jul 8:4
Office Space video img

It's 2016 and Windows lets crims poison your printer drivers

One of the messes munched this Patch Tuesday is very nasty, for you and Redmond
Darren Pauli, 13 Jul 7:21
Boy with a backpack hides his eyes and cries. Pic by Shutterstock video img

A bad day for DBAs: MIT boffins are replacing you with a mere spreadsheet

Or at least a database so simple it looks and behaves like a spreadsheet
Daleks in Doctor Who – Witch's Familiar. Pic credit: BBC video img

Drowning Dalek commands Siri in voice-rec hack attack

Boffins embed barely-audible-to-humans commands inside vids to fool virtual assistants
Darren Pauli, 11 Jul 7:48
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You can’t sit there, my IoT desk tells me

Something for the Weekend, Sir? I can’t stand up for falling down
dna video img

New DNA 'hard drive' could keep files intact for millions of years

Microsoft and genetics boffins predict genetics in the datacenter
Iain Thomson, 7 Jul 22:58
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Klepto Zepto could steal millions in looming ransomware wave

Locky's deadly brood spawns a fresh horror
Darren Pauli, 4 Jul 6:30
Twilight Zone, 'Time Enough At Last' video img

A trip to the Twilight Zone with a support guy called Iron Maiden

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Something weird happened last week
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FCC starts running from cable box rip-off kill-off

Has the regulator finally bitten off more than it can chew?
Kieren McCarthy, 30 Jun 21:14
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Cubesats, balloons, and rockets: Top prof takes us to new space

Reg Lecture Praying that there's intelligent life somewhere up in space?
Joe Fay, 29 Jun 15:30
chequered flag video img

NASCAR team red-flagged by ransomware attack

Sprinters pay up to unlock data
Iain Thomson, 24 Jun 23:10
Boy with a backpack hides his eyes and cries. Pic by Shutterstock video img

I want to learn about gamification but all I see is same-ification

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Youth culture and the iron-cladding of backsides
Alistair Dabbs, 24 Jun 9:34
John Brennan video img

Non-US encryption is 'theoretical,' claims CIA chief in backdoor debate

No choice but to use American gear, grins spymaster
Iain Thomson, 17 Jun 0:36
Man drinks Beer. Photo by shutterstock video img

Forget your stupid campus party. I'm going to Frankfurt to do some HPC

HPC Blog Students race to build biggest, baddest cluster from off-the-shelf kit
Eavesdroppping Hound by Good Eye Might on Flickr under CC2 video img

Telegram crammed: Hackers find way to send massive messages

Researchers have found what they say is a flaw in Telegram that allows messages of any size to be sent. The unpatched flaw demonstrated in a proof-of-concept shows how attackers can send mesages of any size over the popular encrypted communications app by skirting restrictions. Telegram has been contacted for comment. …