Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott video img

Australian government's 'cyber-security' review delayed

Opposition asks for tweaks to data retention laws
Richard Chirgwin, 16 Feb 22:26
video img

Hacker catches Apple's Lightning in a jailbroken bottle

All iThings reportedly open to colossal customisation
Darren Pauli, 16 Feb 5:56
Openstack log video img

OpenStack's AB/CD naming is all in the name of LIBERTY for v 12.0

Windows admins welcomed early by new PoshStack PowerShell tool
Darren Pauli, 15 Feb 21:28
Interstellar movie black hole special effects video img

Interstellar sci-fi WORMS its way into spinning black hole science FACT

Vid Einstein? Pah! Computer code maps light beams
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 14:14
Kim Gordon, Girl In A Band book cover video img

To Explain the World, Girl in a Band and A Spool of Blue Thread

Page File Scintillating science, Sonic Youth and a Pulitzer prize winner's latest
Mark Diston, 14 Feb 10:0
Glorious future of China video img

In praise of China’s CROONING censors: Company songs NOW!

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Singing in the pain, just singing in the pain
Thermal imaging in a microwave video img

Ex-NASA boffin dreams of PREDATOR-ish tech in humble microwaves

It's 2015 – why don't we already have this?
Iain Thomson, 13 Feb 20:39
Facebook privacy image video img

Facebook bug could have ERASED the ENTIRE WORLD

ALL pictures, anyway. Record bounty coughed
Darren Pauli, 13 Feb 1:6
video img

Watch: China has made an internet censorship THEME SONG

Video Never has repression sounded so good
Kieren McCarthy, 12 Feb 19:19
video img

Hacker kicks one bit XP to 10 Windows scroll goal

Screwy GUI carried dead code for 15 YEARS
Darren Pauli, 12 Feb 3:57
SpaceX launch video img

SpaceX HOVER-SHIP landing scuppered by MASSIVE ocean waves

Pic+vid+updates Gore-sat escapes carnage, heads to outer space
Iain Thomson, 11 Feb 23:7
His master's voice video img

Never mind, Samsung, GOOGLE will EAVESDROP as you browse on Chrome

Voice Search extension project described as 'Ear of Sauron'
John Leyden, 11 Feb 16:42
video img

Air gaps: Happy gas for infosec or a noble but inert idea?

Feature Spooks and boffins jump 'em, but real-world headwinds remain strong
Darren Pauli, 11 Feb 6:3
RadioShack video img

RadioShack lists 1,800 stores facing the axe across America

You've got questions, we've no longer got any answers
Shaun Nichols, 10 Feb 4:32
Kicking Boston Dynamics' Spot video img

NERDS KICK PUPPY 'bot in brutal attack

Video Electric dog gamely laughs off vicious assaults
video img

Lugging an HPC cluster to the plane as carry-on luggage? DON'T

HPC Blog Young supercomputing boffins vie for cluster crown
The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B video img

'Camera-shy' Raspberry Pi 2 suffers strange 'XENON DEATH FLASH' glitch

Vid Bright light, bright light ... Do you have any blu-tack?
Kelly Fiveash, 8 Feb 12:30
Bomba alarm clock video img

At the third beep, the Atomic Clock will be 60 ... imprecisely

Feature The science that makes GPS (and a whole lot more) possible
video img

Smartphones don’t dumb you down, they DUMB you UP

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Pass that bucket of sheep intestines
video img

California Uber Alles: Google wants to become the World Privacy Court

Analysis And 'privacy campaign' groups actually support this madness
eyeofSauron video img

Avoiding data retention will be as easy as eating a burger

Senator Scott Ludlam unpicks the gaps in Oz data retention law
Angry woman on mobile video img

BYOD is NOT the Next Biggest Thing™: Bring me Ye Olde Lappetoppe

Something for the Weekend, Sir? You can't plug that thing in there, young man
Overcharging? That'll be because electric cars are expenisive video img

Tesla bumps up Model S P85D acceleration – with software update

Vid OK, grudgingly impressed: Download that upgrade for inverter
Simon Rockman, 30 Jan 16:24
ARP Odyssey Korg reissue video img

Synths of the father: Making some noise at NAMM 2015

+Vids You don't know what it was like, man, you weren't there
Paul Wiffen, 30 Jan 10:5
Checking comms at supersonic speeds video img

Supersonic Bloodhound car techies in screaming 650mph comms test

Engineers from the Bloodhound supersonic car world record attempt have been testing their radio comms gear as plans to stream the 1,000mph (1,610kmph) event live come together. Live-streaming the car's record-breaking run is no trivial matter. Given that you can’t even maintain a phone call on a London train, trying to maintain …