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My headset is reading my mind and talking behind my back

Something for the Weekend, Sir? 'A virgin? In his right ear, perhaps'
Alistair Dabbs, 19 Aug 9:44
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'Flying Bum's' first flight was a gas, gas, gas

Video We like big blimps and we cannot lie, as the Airlander takes to the sky
Pinball flipper and ball video img

He's a p0wnball Wizard, and he's twisted one Ubuntu-powered game

Hacker's supple wrist plants new imagery in and streams data from Hobbit game
Image by Arak Rattanawijittakorn video img

Demise of Angler, the world's worst exploit kit, still shrouded in mystery

Not everyone is convinced the Lurk takedown also accounted for Angler
Darren Pauli, 16 Aug 6:38
disk head crash video img

Air gap breached by disk drive noise

Video Attack still needs malware, can be defeated by silent solid state disks
Simon Sharwood, 15 Aug 2:16
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Forensics tool nabs data from Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp

USENIX VID 'Retroscope' smartphone app can retrieve your last five screens
Darren Pauli, 15 Aug 1:40
Still from Olivia Newton John's Let get Physical vid. Copyright 1981 Geffen Records video img

The curious case of a wearables cynic and his enduring fat bastardry

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Let’s get physical, physical
Alistair Dabbs, 12 Aug 9:39
hidrys camera looking at a rocket plume video img

NASA test foiled by rocket shaking power cord loose from camera

Video Snapper built to take you inside a rocket plume eventually produced stunning images
Simon Sharwood, 10 Aug 2:58
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Render crashing PCs back to their component silicon: They deserve it

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Fremen knows, I'm miserable now
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Top infosec top bods praise and damn in Pwnie Awards

Black Hat Remember (Sad)Badlock? They do
Iain Thomson, 4 Aug 9:3
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Black Hats control Jeep's steering, kill brakes

Black Hat video Tiny device could drive remote CAN bus assassinations
Darren Pauli, 2 Aug 3:50
Drone jammer video img

Airbus doesn't just make aircraft – now it designs drone killers

Vid New security system downs sky spies from seven miles away
Iain Thomson, 27 Jul 23:33
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Gullible Essex Police are now using junk science lie detectors

And sent Constable Ned Kelly on an 11-week training course to use the things
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Microsoft adds useful feature to PowerPoint. Seriously

New non-linear view poses threat to cosmic order
Andrew Orlowski, 27 Jul 11:34
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Star Trek Beyond: An unwatchable steaming pile of tribble dung

Review Trek works when the struggle is within, not when the fights are fast and furious
Mark Pesce, 20 Jul 15:2
Andy Stanford-Clark lecture video img

Reg readers head to pub to hear about the digital home

Reg Lecture Building internet mousetraps and enchanted umbrellas
Joe Fay, 20 Jul 10:0
An Air-2 Genie video img

An anniversary to remember: The world's only air-to-air nuke was fired on 19 July, 1957

Vid 'Genie' test simulated pocket nukes' potential to evaporate bombers
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After Monday's landing, SpaceX wants to do it in triplicate

Rocketeers apply for two more landing pads, but faces NIMBY challenge
Iain Thomson, 20 Jul 1:35
fire helicopter video img

Drone bloke cuffed after gizmo stops firemen tackling forest inferno

Blaze-gawping flying cam shoos away vital helicopters
Iain Thomson, 19 Jul 0:38
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AT&T: We wanna be a drone company, not just a phone company

Vid Aerial inspectors, air traffic control and flying COWs ahead
Iain Thomson, 16 Jul 0:55
shutterstock_238128856_phone_theft video img

Gaming apps, mugging and bad case of bruised Pokéballs

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Time for trouble (make it double)
Alistair Dabbs, 15 Jul 9:29
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ANZ Bank staffers drop slick incident response tool for Mandiant mobs

Plugs hundreds of endpoints into 'single pane of glass'
Darren Pauli, 15 Jul 7:18
A Go Board video img

Reg readers cluster in pub to ponder artificial intelligence

Reg Events And hear why a mic-dropping, beer hurling AI would be a real advance
Joe Fay, 14 Jul 8:4
Office Space video img

It's 2016 and Windows lets crims poison your printer drivers

Among the Microsoft messes addressed in latest round of Patch Tuesday updates is a real doozy that allows remote attackers to compromise Windows machines thanks to a critical security vulnerability affecting printer drivers. The flaw is found in all desktop Windows since Vista and Windows Server since 2008 and means …