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Intel, Warner lock horns with hardware biz over HDCP crypto-busters

Intel and Warner Bros have lawyered up to stop a Chinese company flogging hardware that strips out 4K copy protection. Intel's subsidiary, Digital Content Protection (DCP), joined with the movie maker in a case filed on New Year's Eve in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The complaint [PDF] says …
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Nook Video store launches, brings UltraViolet to Blighty

UK bookseller Barnes & Noble has become the first retailer in the UK to support UltraViolet, the online film library that’s the closest thing we have to a universal digital content format - and which Tesco reckons is "too complicated" for Brits. Enter Nook Video, a B&N service with makes movie and TV show downloads available …
Tony Smith, 10 Dec 2012
Lego Lord of the Rings Demo

Warner recalls Xbox Lego Lord of the Rings 'demo' discs

Warner Bros is recalling Xbox 360 copies of Lego Lord of the Rings game after they were incorrectly labelled as demo discs before being shipped to retailers. The blunder appears to have only affected US shoppers, with Walmart, Target and Toys'R'Us the only outlets to receive the misprinted discs. According to Warner Bros - …
Caleb Cox, 14 Nov 2012

UltraViolet universal movie format still a no-show

UltraViolet, Hollywood’s attempt to tie physical media to movie downloads through an online locker, now has more than 5m accounts under its belt, but it’s still not ready for prime time: it’s key feature, a universal file format, is still not ready to be rolled out. UV was launched a year ago. By February 2012, it had clocked …
Tony Smith, 18 Oct 2012
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EFF accuses Warner of spamming DMCA takedown notices

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has accused Warner Brothers Entertainment of using a flawed computer program to send out takedown notices without proper oversight. The claims were made in an amicus curiae (friend of the court) filing in the ongoing legal battles between the entertainment industry and Hotfile, which …
Iain Thomson, 7 Mar 2012
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Google Music 'an oxymoron' - outbound Warner mogul

Outgoing media mogul Edgar Bronfman Jr has warned against the Universal-EMI merger – and taken a potshot at Google. Bronfman is stepping down as chairman of Warner Music, which was acquired by Russian entrepreneur Len Blavatnik last year. Bronfman has a long history of antipathy with Universal, the world's largest record …
Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City

Review Hung upside down over a vat of acid or strapped to a conveyor belt inching towards a blast furnace, Batman could always rely on technology to help him pull off an unlikely escape. That is if he... could... just... reach... his... utility belt, of course. Batman: Arkham City 'If this is a consular ship, then where is the …
Andrew Bailey, 21 Oct 2011
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Baidu inks deal with 'Big Music'

Chinese search giant Baidu has done a deal with three of the biggest Western music labels. It has signed an agreement with One-Stop China, a company owned by Sony Music, Warner Music and Universal Music. The deal covers MP3 downloads and streaming of Chinese and international tracks. Baidu will pay per track played or …
John Oates, 19 Jul 2011
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Apple to open iCloud for 'free' before slapping $25 subs on service

Apple is reportedly planning to shepherd its existing iTunes subscribers into the company's upcoming iCloud service, by initially offering them to make the online pilgrimage at nada cost. Down the line, however, the LA Times reports that users will be slapped with an annual subscription fee – said to be around $25 – to access …
Kelly Fiveash, 3 Jun 2011
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Apple nears online streaming deal with Big Four, says report

Universal Music Group is understood to be the only holdout for Apple's widely reported new online music storage and streaming service. According to Reuters, the Vivendi SA-owned company is the only one of the Big Four record labels not to have inked a deal with Apple – yet. Warner Music Group, EMI Group and Sony Music …
Kelly Fiveash, 23 May 2011
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Review Like Frankenstein’s Monster, Mortal Kombat has ever been the lumbering chimera, an amalgamation of individual parts thrown together, somehow brought to life much to the despondency of nature’s will. Mortal Kombat Two girls, one mug Take the series’ visuals, for example: ever shifting from one trend to another, as the …
Mike Plant, 29 Apr 2011
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Warner Bros flogs Nikita on iTunes

Warner Brothers is making three TV shows available in the UK, putting them up on iTunes one day after each show airs in the USS. Nikita, The Vampire Diaries: Season Two hits iTunes UK every Friday and Gossip Girl: Season 4 lands on Tuesdays. The shows cost £2.49 a pop and you can buy season passes for Vampire and Gossip for £ …
Drew Cullen, 17 Sep 2010

Toshiba prices up Blu-ray Disc patent portfolio

Consumer electronics and entertainment companies Mitsubishi, Thomson, Toshiba and Warner Bros have together begun charging for their intellectual property that is "essential" to Blu-ray Disc players, drives and recorders. The four firms' pooled technology also extends to Blu-ray kit that incorporates DVD functionality, …
Tony Smith, 8 Mar 2010
Blu-ray DVD

Universal to bond Blu-ray Discs to DVDs

Nearly three years after Warner proposed combo HD DVD/Blu-ray Discs as a way to end the format war, Universal Studios is trying out the notion, this time bonding Blu-ray with DVD. Warner's scheme was called Total HD and involved sticking an HD DVD and BD together, back to back. It allowed the one platter to be played in either …
Tony Smith, 2 Dec 2009
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Warner Music returns to YouTube

Warner Music is returning to YouTube after a nine-month blockade over licensing. The music label has agreed to return its full catalog to YouTube in return for more control and a larger cut of advertising. The new accord gives Warner the right to sell its own ads on "enhanced" channels devoted to WMG artists as well as against …
Austin Modine, 29 Sep 2009
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Vodafone goes music mad

Vodafone has been having a busy week. It launched its very own top 40, signed up Warner Music to its download service and, this Friday, it will give away ten tracks per subscriber. The noise is all about Vodafone relaunching its music service, with a rebranded interface promoted with some freebies and exclusive deals. But …
Bill Ray, 22 Sep 2009

Warner opens 'Blu-ray for HD DVD' swap shop

If you were one of the unlucky early adopters who bet your cash on HD DVD, now’s your chance to switch to Blu-ray, because Warner’s launched a disc swap service. The scheme allows you to post the firm your HD DVD copy of, say, 300, and in return you’ll receive a Blu-ray edition of the same movie. There are a few catches, …
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2009

Warner launches press-to-order DVD movie service

Warner Bros is diving into the vaults to offer 150 previously unreleased classic films for download or through a made-to-order DVD service. The Warner Archive Collection enables film fans in the US to order one-off pressings of vintage era titles, such as Carey Grant’s Mr. Lucky, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Al …
James Sherwood, 25 Mar 2009

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