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Sun unsheathes shiny new blades

If a broad server product line guaranteed sales, then the server business of Sun Microsystems would be as large as that of IBM and Hewlett-Packard - and considerably larger than that of rival Dell. But breadth and depth of product, while necessary, is not sufficient for a healthy and growing server biz. You need a good sales …

IBM blades and racks get all-you-can-eat VMs

IBM is now offering customers who buy its System x rack servers and BladeCenter blade servers the option of bundling Microsoft's Windows Datacenter Edition. This may seem like hitting a gnat with a cinder block, but it makes sense: Datacenter Edition allows for unlimited virtualization. Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition can …

Unisys to craft its own X64 server virtualization

Unisys says it will create its own brand of server virtualization on the Xeon Monster server it launched this week with partner NEC as well as supporting hypervisors from Microsoft and VMware. The mainframe and X64 server maker expects to deliver this virtualization in early 2009. The Unisys ES7000 Model 7600R server …
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LeftHand gets added VMware va-va-voom

LeftHand Networks has revved its SAN/iQ iSCSI storage area network (SAN) software, storing desktop images much more efficiently, and enabling hypervisor admin staff to manage storage directly through an API. On the first day of VMworld in Las Vegas LeftHand Networks has brought stronger software chips to the virtualization …
Chris Mellor, 15 Sep 2008
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Red Hat buys Qumranet, sidesteps Microsoft

Red Hat has bought Qumranet, the company behind KVM virtualisation technology, for about $107m in cash. The acquisition means open source software giant Red Hat will be able to offer a virtualised platform to Windows desktop customers without having to play nice with Microsoft. Qumranet birthed SolidICE, the firm's take on …
Kelly Fiveash, 4 Sep 2008

Virtual Iron presses energy savings into fresh Xen-based code

Virtual Iron is focusing on energy savings with the latest build of its self-titled virtual machine management software, Virtual Iron version 4.4. The refresh slated for later this month will add LivePower, a new "experimental feature" that moves virtual machines across physical servers to optimize CPU usage. When it …
Austin Modine, 11 Aug 2008

Zeus virtually ports traffic manager to Windows

Load balancing specialist Zeus Technology has ported its ZXTM traffic manager to Windows - by the simple expedient of wrapping its Linux software up as a Microsoft Virtual Server package. The wrapped app also includes management tools that make it look just like native Windows software, said Zeus product manager Owen Garrett …
Bryan Betts, 21 May 2007

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