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Vatican crackdown at Rome's Playboy Mansion-style monastery

A controversial monastery in Rome – the scene of performances by lap-dancing nuns and "lifestyles that were probably not in keeping with that of a monk" – has been closed down on the orders of the Pope. The Santa Croce in Gerusalemme basilica, home to nuns and monks of the Cistercian order, is one of the oldest and most …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2011
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Vatican blogger meeting says no to copyright, yes to lifting content

Speakers at a bloggers conference at the Vatican this week gave themselves an indulgence, saying it is OK to lift content from "old media" and that copyright was old hat. The Vatican's Councils for Culture and Social Communications had invited 150 bloggers to a meeting in Rome yesterday. While many of the Catholic bloggers …
Joe Fay, 3 May 2011
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Vatican hails hacking culture, Wikis

A Vatican magazine argues hackers of the Linux coding and hardware modification type are on a mission from God. Father Antonio Spadaro, writing in the fortnightly magazine Civilta Cattolica, seeks to rehabilitate the term and divorce it from its more common association with cybercrime-related activities. Spadaro quotes …
John Leyden, 7 Apr 2011
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Mysterious crypto-book dated to 15th century

A mysterious book written in a language or code that no cryptographer has ever managed to crack has been verified as being written in the early 15th century, which has upset some of the theories on its origin. Text from the 'Voynich manuscript' People were making up garble-languages well before J R R Tolkien came along The …
Lewis Page, 11 Feb 2011
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Vatican confirms Simpsons as Catholics

The Vatican has declared that the Simpsons are a fine example of the Catholic ideal, and given parents the green light to let their kids watch the animated show. The declaration, in Vatican in-house mag Osservatore Romano, confirms both an earlier paean to the show, and the Simpsons' own onscreen conversion a few years ago. …
Joe Fay, 19 Oct 2010
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Papal crackdown on bare-kneed tourists sparks hypocrisy claims

The Vatican's stripey knickerbocker-clad Swiss Guards have launched a crack down on scantily-clad tourists in and around the Holy See. Reports say that a long-standing modest dress decree has been extended from St Peter's basicilica - the big church - to the whole of the Vatican mini-state. The Pope's halberd-waving steel- …
Joe Fay, 29 Jul 2010
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Vatican Google-bombed over weekend

The Vatican was Google-bombed over the weekend, with searches for the Holy See directing unwitting punters to a mysterious site called The site takes its name from the Italian word for paedophile, and appeared to be unavailable from the UK today. However, Italian reports suggest it was based in Mexico, and …
Joe Fay, 19 Jul 2010
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Swedish mother-daughter saint skulls are ringers, say boffins

The skulls of a mother-and-daughter pair of female Swedish saints, treasured as holy relics for centuries at the abbey of their order, have been exposed as fakes by genetics boffins. The two skulls were supposed to be those of Saint Bridget (Birgitta) of Sweden and her daughter Saint Catherine (Katarina), noted heavyweight …
Lewis Page, 17 Feb 2010
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Holy Father turns on to Dad Rock

The Vatican has prescribed the perfect iPod playlist for Catholics looking to spend their summer trailing between carefree rock festivals rather than scouring their soul on foot-lacerating pilgramages. The playlist can safely be filed under Dad Rock, encompassing artistes from The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac, to Paul …
Team Register, 15 Feb 2010
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Pope tells priests - get to grips with blogs, web vids

The Pope has ordered his priests to get more active on the net to spread the word of God, while warning them not to get carried away by the false idols of the digital world. In a message highlighting that 2010 is the Year for Priests (Catholics only) and flagging up May's 44th World Communications Day, Pope Benedict reminds …
Joe Fay, 25 Jan 2010
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Vatican awards self 'unique copyright' on Pope

The Vatican has awarded itself a "unique copyright" on the Pope's name, image, coat of arms, and any other symbol or logo related to the Holy Father. "The use of anything referring directly to the person or office of the Supreme Pontiff...and/or the use of the title 'Pontifical,' must receive previous and express authorization …
Cade Metz, 21 Dec 2009
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Vampires not good role models for Catholics, declares Vatican

The Vatican has come out against vampirical toothy teen book'n'movie series Twilight, dismissing the epic girl loves vampire, girl loses vampire, girl becomes vampire cycle as a "deviant moral vacuum". The Holy See's attempt to drive a stake through the heart of the burgeoning film franchise came as it took £1.8m on its …
Joe Fay, 20 Nov 2009
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Bishop calls for Priests 2.0 to evangelise on the net

A French Bishop has called for the Vatican to unleash a cadre of crack Web 2.0 trained priests to push the Church of Rome's message on the internet. The call to spiritual cyberarms came from Monsignor Jean-Michel Di Falco, the Bishop of Gap, in France, at the opening of a Vatican conference on the internet this week. Di Falco …
Joe Fay, 13 Nov 2009
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Did the Vatican suppress hidden 'Galileo Cryptogram'?

An Australian boffin says that the planet Neptune may have actually been discovered 234 years earlier than had been thought, by the famed Renaissance Italian astronomer and scientist Galileo Galilei - who was persecuted by the Inquisition for his "heretical" astronomy research. Professor David Jamieson of Melbourne Uni says that …
Lewis Page, 10 Jul 2009
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Archbishop says Catholics confusing confessionals with couches

A top Catholic Bishop has taken a pop at the not-quite-faithful-enough, who are treating the confessional as little more than a cheaper, albeit darker, version of the psychologist's couch. Archbishop Mauro Piacenza went on Vatican radio to bemoan the "deep crisis" that has overtaken the sacrament of penance, aka the sacrament …
Joe Fay, 4 Jun 2009
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Vatican blesses iPope app for Jesus Phone

Those of you who simply can't wait for Benny 16's latest pearls of wisdom on AIDS in Africa and Angels and Demons will be delighted to learn that his Holy Big-Hattedness is now available direct to the Jesus Phone and iPod Touch. Yup, breaking Catholic news comes to you courtesy of the H2Onews app, delivering video, audio and …
Lester Haines, 27 May 2009
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Vatican declares 'the internet is blessed'

The Catholic Church could be headed for a virtual schism as the Vatican embraces Web 2.0 and declares "the internet is blessed", while a Scottish Bishop warns his flock against the "inane chatter" found online. Father Fredrico Lombardi, SJ, the Vatican's head of communications, marked the Church's upcoming Communications Day …
Joe Fay, 20 May 2009
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Vatican damns Angels and Demons as 'quite harmless'

The Vatican's inhouse film reviewer has damned Ron Howard's Angels and Demons with faint praise, describing the ludicrous confection of anti-matter, illuminati and dead cardinals as "mostly harmless". The hellishly bland review comes just days after Howard condemned the Church for using "back channels" to stop his team filming …
Joe Fay, 7 May 2009

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