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More are paying to stream music, but YouTube still holds the value gap

With Google's user-generated content loophole firmly in lawmaker's sights, global music trade body IFPI has published new research looking at demand for music streaming. The research confirms YouTube's pre-eminence as the world's de facto jukebox. 46 per cent of on-demand music streaming is from Google's video website. 75 per …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Sep 2017

Jamie Oliver website offers graphic recipe for 'Pussy'

NSFW Tousle-haired mockney belly-robber Jamie Oliver has been let down by his website's IT staff today, after they failed to effectively remove a distinctly NSFW web-2.0 user uploaded recipe for "Pussy". Screengrab of Jamie Oliver website Tasty The offending recipe's page has been removed from Oliver's site, but as the …
Team Register, 20 Dec 2010
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Nokia closes Porn'n'Warez swap site

Nokia is closing its Web 2.0-tastic user generated content website MOSH. The venture was unveiled with a chorus of kumbayas in June 2007, promising to allow users "to create, upload and share your applications, games, audio, images, and video instantaneously. Or you can just take it easy and enjoy what other people have …
Andrew Orlowski, 20 Mar 2009
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Latest subject for peer review? You

Tired of twiddling with wiki biographes and writing unpaid reviews for Amazon? Perhaps you'd like to rate your co-worker, or boss, now that the wisdom of crowds has been applied to the great American public. In what must surely be the last gasp of Web 2.0 insanity we report the launch of PersonRatings, a site where visitors …
Bill Ray, 11 Mar 2009
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Yelp deflects 'Extortion 2.0' claim

Yelp continues to face questions over the ethics of its new-age city guide, billed as a place where "real people" write "real reviews" of restaurants, bars, shops, and other local businesses. And it continues to evade those questions. As we reported in August, several San Francisco Bay Area businesses have told The Reg that …
Cade Metz, 19 Feb 2009
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Steve Jobs 'heart attack' citizen hack wasn't a short seller

The US government investigation into an 18-year-old's false "citizen journalism" report that Steve Jobs had had a major heart attack has so far found he did it for the craic, according to a report. The SEC is probing the circumstances surrounding the one-paragraph October 3 story on CNN-owned site iReport because it caused a …
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UK minister looks for delete key on user generated content

The UKCCIS is go, with the aim of making the internet safe for kids. But is this the beginning of the end of the internet as we know it, or just a Minister reaching for the inevitable soundbite to round off a PR triumph? As we reported, Monday saw the launch of the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS). This is one of …
Jane Fae , 2 Oct 2008
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ITV gets adverts into video

ITV is trialling technology to allow advertisers to insert logos within video footage - in empty spaces such as sky, walls or fences. The technology, provided by Californian firm Keystream, uses object and motion detection to search for suitable spaces to display the ads within video footage. It is currently being trialled …
John Oates, 1 Oct 2008
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MPs report back from internet's dark side

MPs have called on the government to install a YouTube Czar to oversee user-generated content sites and better labels for video games. The Committee of Culture, Media and Sport, in its report Harmful Content on the Internet and in Video Games, said it was unconvinced by claims from sites like YouTube that they could not check …
John Oates, 31 Jul 2008
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Larry Lessig in the lion's den

CISAC Professor Lawrence Lessig is used to hostile audiences - but he faced the most prickly and feisty gathering of 500 he'll ever address yesterday in Brussels. CISAC is the body that represents the collectives who gather up the royalties on behalf of authors, composers and songwriters - and this week it's holding its first ever …
Andrew Orlowski, 31 May 2007
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Spike Lee, Babelgum do the Right Thing

Joost and Babelgum are two new start-ups that deliver TV-quality streaming to broadband-connected PCs. They're so similar it's hard not to think of them as Tweedlegum and Tweedlejoost. But already there are signs which one has the better prospects of success. While Joost came out in a blaze of New Age Web 2.0 gwana-gwana * - in …
Andrew Orlowski, 10 May 2007
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Web 2.0 baffles businesses, says survey

Senior executives see Web 2.0 as a tool to increase revenues but they could be held back by a lack of know-how within their firms, according to a new study. A report, entitled Serious Business: Web 2.0 Goes Corporate, was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and sponsored by enterprise search business Fast. The …
Emmet Ryan, 24 Apr 2007
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Staff use of Web 2.0 is unseen threat, survey says

Over one third of businesses do not monitor their employees' internet use, according to a survey carried out by an information security firm. The research found that companies are underestimating the data risk posed by so-called Web 2.0 sites. Websites based on user-generated content, blogging, or participation are frequently …
OUT-LAW.COM, 20 Apr 2007

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