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IBM cuts more than 1,600 US jobs

IBMers from a number of different divisions of the IT giant say that the company initiated another round of "resource actions" on Monday, with somewhere north of 1,600 people estimated to have lost their jobs. The message board at Alliance@IBM, the local branch of the Communications Workers of America union headquartered in …
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US economy sheds 20,000 jobs in January

Through the magic of a large number of Americans giving up on finding a job and removing themselves from the official calculations, the unemployment rate in the United States dropped by three-tenths of a per cent to 9.7 per cent, even as the economy shed 20,000 jobs in January. This employment level is what the US Department …
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US employers slash 85,000 jobs in December

Hopes that US job losses would shrink to almost four figure levels in December were dashed today when the US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that 85,000 employees were shed last month. While the number of jobs shed by employers in the United States was nearly an order of magnitude lower in December 2009 that it was twelve …
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Why should the US stimulus rules change for the big carriers?

Now that the US broadband stimulus funding applications are in, there is rising debate over whether the rules should be changed for subsequent rounds of financing. Many of the applicants are putting forward highly innovative plans that go far beyond simple best effort access to underserved communities and look forward to a …
Wireless Watch, 15 Sep 2009
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How to turn a world leader into a fourth-rate broadband economy

There is an interesting report out this week from an organization in the US calling itself Speed Matters. It is backed by the Communications Workers of America, and it makes a seriously cogent point about US broadband capability. It is in its third year and it points out that US broadband connection speeds have not improved …
Faultline, 27 Aug 2009
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US women protest for the right to bare

American women are preparing for protests this weekend against laws which allow men to remove their shirts in public, but treat women who do the same as guilty of misdemeanour. The action will take place on Sunday 23 August when, according to the gotopless website (PNSFW), "topless women will rally in great numbers across the …
Jane Fae , 21 Aug 2009
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Obama taps America's top techie

US President Barack Obama has named Virginia's current secretary of technology to be the country's first "CTO," charged with making the federal government more responsive and efficient through applied technology. Aneesh Chopra officially got the nod Sunday morning during Obama's weekly radio and internet address. Obama said …
Austin Modine, 20 Apr 2009
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IT feels the pain as US loses 651,000 jobs in February

The monthly jolt of bad news coming out of the US Department of Labor hit this morning, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that employers cut 651,000 jobs in February. Those cuts, which do not include farm workers, pushed the unemployment rate in the United States up to 8.1 per cent from 7.6 per cent in January. …
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Internet to Obama: 'Pass the joint'

President-elect Barack Obama has promised change. And there's one change that internet-happy Americans want more than another other. In an age of crippling recession, skyrocketing unemployment, and a looming threat environmental armageddon, their primary request is this: Pass the joint, yo Obama's site will close …
Austin Modine, 17 Jan 2009
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Barack Obama will be president

America Saved Barack Obama has defeated John McCain to become the next president of the United States and the first African-American to hold the highest office in the land. At 8pm west coast time, as the polls closed in California, the country's major television networks projected that Obama would win the 270 electoral votes needed for …
Cade Metz, 5 Nov 2008
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US startup launches online airwaves market

Spectrum trading - the ability for licence holders to sell on, or sub let, their frequencies - has been broadly endorsed by both the FCC and Ofcom, so now a US company has done the obvious thing and set up a market for the buying and selling of radio frequencies. SpecEx is launched today, with spectrum worth $250 million up …
Bill Ray, 5 Sep 2008
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Phorm secretly tracked Americans too

Exclusive Phorm has also deployed its behavioral ad targeting technologies in the US of A. Even before the London-based outfit first tracked thousands of British Telecom customers as part of its grand scheme to target online ads from inside the world's ISPs, it was "operating a number of public commercial services" on various stateside …
Cade Metz, 13 Aug 2008

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