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Republican manifesto calls for internet freedom but no net neutrality

The Republican Party has decided on its official platform for the coming presidential election, and where tech is concerned, it's running on a ticket of reforming the FCC, dumping net neutrality, and selling off wireless spectrum as fast as it can find it. "The internet has unleashed innovation, enabled growth, and inspired …
Iain Thomson, 29 Aug 2012
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FCC boss applauds moves to block UN internet control

FCC chairman Julius Genachowski has issued a public statement of support after a senior Congressional committee unanimously approved a resolution condemning moves to bring the internet under new management. Government representatives should "continue working to implement the position of the United States on Internet governance …
Iain Thomson, 21 Jun 2012

Americans stand against UN internet-tax plan

Comment The idea of taxing internet traffic has got the twitterverse into a tizzy. Apparently socialists monsters want pay for their carriage, and the UN has cooked up a secret plan to get the money. Having failed to find evidence that blue-helmeted geeks are poised to invade cyberspace, the US internet community is now up in arms …
Bill Ray, 8 Jun 2012
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Asteroid could SMASH INTO EARTH in 2040

Top space boffins are keeping a close eye on an asteroid that could collide with Earth in 2040. Orbiting rock 2011 AG5 is about 140 metres wide and could come close enough to spur on a crack team of drill-wielding heroes to save the world. The Scientific and Technical subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the …
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Hackers chop down UN eco-agency, release rare data into wild

Hacktivists claim to have raided the website of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and extracted sensitive internal information. The group, r00tw0rm, dumped an 82MB database file on Pastebin, which appears to contain hundreds of tables with administrator login details and user data. r00tw0rm has been busy over …
John Leyden, 28 Feb 2012
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UN's lax security exposed by password-slurping hacktivists

Hacktivist group TeaMp0isoN has hacked into the website of the United Nations Development Programme, making off with hundreds of email addresses, usernames and plain-text passwords that were later dumped onto Pastebin. Individuals working for the UNDP, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNICEF, the …
John Leyden, 30 Nov 2011
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Telecom World tries to shake off its paper-pushing reputation

ITU Telecom World ITU Telecom World is the UN's chance to push out the message that broadband internet is a human right, but the now-annual event is also pitching itself as a grown-up version of the increasingly infantile Mobile World Congress. Just like Mobile World Congress which takes place annually over valentines in Barcelona, Telecom …
Bill Ray, 27 Oct 2011
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UN wants two-thirds of the world online by 2015

Freedom to communicate is a human right – as is having a broadband connection, the UN said today. The global organisation, usually hell-bent on achieving world peace, argued that it would be quite nice if 60 per cent of the world had access to the net by 2015. Governments should lift taxes on ICT services and free up radio …
Anna Leach, 26 Oct 2011
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ITU Gen Sec: Why not speaking English can be a virtue

Interview If you want to make money on the internet without paying America, your best bet is to refuse to speak English, according to the General Secretary of the International Telecommunication Union. We sat down with Dr Hamadoun Touré in London, following publication of the ITU's report on the importance of broadband. Dr Hamadoun …
Bill Ray, 24 Jun 2011
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World's bees face multiple threats

The United Nations has suggested that the world's bees face multiple threats and unless something is done to halt their decline, there could be serious long-term consequences for food supplies. The last few years have seen bee populations hit hard, with "colony collapse disorder" making headlines as scientists struggle to …
Lester Haines, 11 Mar 2011
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New UN committee could hand governments internet control

The endgame in the long-running battle over who is to control the internet may be upon us, with the appointment of a little-reported but highly significant new UN committee to look into initiatives for policing the internet. This follows the decision at the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) 2010- …
Jane Fae , 20 Dec 2010
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UN appoints alien liaison boffin

The head of the UN's Office for Outer Space Affairs is poised to become first point of contact for extraterrestrials. Astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, 58, is concerned that we simply don't have a proper welcome mat ready to unroll when ET finally gets in touch - something she feels is ever more likely as we scour the skies for …
Lester Haines, 27 Sep 2010
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UN steps into Blackberry debate

The secretary general of the International Telecommunications Union has stepped into the lawful interception debate, saying that companies are just going to have to provide governments with access somehow. In an interview with the Associated Press, Hamadoun Toure said that governments had the right to demand access to …
Bill Ray, 3 Sep 2010
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UN issues call for international privacy agreement

A UN watchdog has called for a new international agreement on privacy following a review of the expanding global array of surveillance measures and databases advanced by governments in the cause of counter-terrorism. The special rapporteur on human rights, Martin Scheinin, said the UN should create a "a global declaration on …
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UN urged to prep for non-fiction Deep Impact

Asteroid impacts on Earth are an unfortunate inevitability. And while devastating impacts are extremely rare in terms of a human lifespan, the destruction they can potentially cause is far greater than more familiar natural disasters. International efforts have rallied to address threats such as global warming, earthquakes, …
Austin Modine, 25 Sep 2008
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Weapons, oil prices driving worldwide atom ambitions

A crush of developing nations trying to gatecrash the nuclear power club has prompted fears of a subsequent race to develop nuclear weapons. The UN nuke regulator, the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA), says that it has recently been approached by 40 countries, all expressing an interest in nuclear power. According …
Lewis Page, 12 May 2008

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