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Mats Granryd is the new GSMA Director General

GSMA appoints Mats Granryd as new director general

The new director general of the mobile phone operators organisation is Mats Granryd, who will take up his new role on January 1 2016. Granryd’s appointment follows the departure of Anne Bouverot last month. Bouverot has gone to head up French security and identity solution vendor Morpho. Granryd will be joing the GSMA from …
Simon Rockman, 25 Aug 2015
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Tele2 increases prices for early morning calls

Tele2 - the phone company that asks its punters "Why pay more?" - is asking its customers to, erm, pay more for early morning calls. It's copied BT and Carphone Warehouse by increasing the time peak rate charges apply. Instead of more expensive tariffs kicking-in between 8am and 6pm, Tele2 punters will have to pay more from 6am …
Tim Richardson, 31 Mar 2005
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Tele2 buys Versatel

Stockholm-based Tele2 AB has offered to buy Versatel Telecom International for a total of €1.34bn to boost its expansion on the continent. As part of the deal, investment firm Apax Partners will acquire Versatel's German operations, the company announced this morning. Versatel has been highly successful in building its German …
Jan Libbenga, 18 Jul 2005

Heads up! If Tor VANISHES over the weekend, this is why

The Tor Project is warning that its network – used by netizens to mask their identities on the internet – may be knocked offline in the coming days. In a Tor blog post, project leader Roger "Arma" Dingledine said an unnamed group may seize Tor's directory authority servers before the end of next week. These servers distribute …
Shaun Nichols, 20 Dec 2014
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Finland threatens to scrap Tele2 3G licence

Tele2 could lose its 3G licence for Finland, because of delays in building its network. Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communications this week told Suomen 3G, the Tele 2 owned-operator, that it had until 7 January to explain its tardiness. "If the clarification is not satisfactory, the company's license could be canceled …
Drew Cullen, 25 Nov 2004
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Tele2 UK Ltd becomes Liberty Broadband

Fixed wireless broadband operator Tele2 UK Ltd has changed its name to Liberty Broadband Ltd. In June, there were concerns about the future of the broadband provider, following major restructuring at the company. Jobs were lost and the company also decided to close its doors on new customers, concentrating instead on serving …
Tim Richardson, 13 Aug 2002
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Tele2 slips 3G into Sweden

Tele2 AB - the pan-European telecoms outfit - has launched its 3G service in Sweden. As a sweetener, it's offering punters free mobile Internet and WAP for the rest of the year. The service enables customers to do stuff with pictures and games with better graphics and video streaming. And it allows users to make voice phone …
Tim Richardson, 02 Jun 2004
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Tele2 unveils UK phone service

Sweded-based Tele2, a pan-European telco that did have links with one-time wireless broadband outfit Tele2 UK Ltd, is to offer fixed-line residential services in the UK. Tele2 has more than 20 million customers in 23 countries across Europe with revenues in excess of $4 billion. Now it's turning its attention to the UK market …
Tim Richardson, 21 Oct 2003
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Tele2 axes jobs

There are concerns about the future of wireless broadband operator Tele2 following news that it has made "drastic" job cuts following restructuring at the company. Sources claim that the sales force has been given the elbow with one insider describing the cuts as "drastic". It's not known how many people have lost their jobs …
Tim Richardson, 17 Jun 2002
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Tele2 guarantees 99.9% broadband uptime

Tele2 is to guarantee broadband service levels for its business customers, the wireless broadband outfit confirmed today at the Internet World show in London. The measure is part of a shift in strategy for Tele2 after it decided to move away from home users and concentrate instead on business customers. It's also an …
Tim Richardson, 11 Jun 2002
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Tele2's lonely hearts search of new love

The 10-strong sales force recently jilted by wireless broadband ISP Tele2 UK is looking for a new partner. Those heart-broken souls from Cyber Call, a call centre outfit from Cardigan in West Wales, have posted a lonely hearts ad in the hope that they can find true love again. Says the ad: "Highly desirable and hot to trot, …
Tim Richardson, 19 Jun 2002
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Tele2 UK elbows consumer BB users

Wireless broadband operator - Tele2 UK - is to concentrate on providing high-speed Internet access for business users. Announcing a change in strategy the broadband operator said it had decided to move away from the consumer broadband market and focus instead on serving business customers. The company - owned by Millicom …
Tim Richardson, 31 May 2002
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Tele2 trumpets wireless broadband

Internet World Tele2 is to expand its broadband wireless network over the next 12 weeks, the operator announced at Internet World. Its wireless broadband service is currently available in Reading, Nottingham, Leicester, Bradford, Leeds, Bracknell and Wokingham but it intends to roll-out its service in Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield, …
Tim Richardson, 05 Jun 2001
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Carphone swallows Onetel, Tele2

The Carphone Warehouse is splashing out more than £150m to acquire Onetel and Tele2 as part of ambitious plans to challenge the dominance of UK telco BT. Once the deals are completed both companies will be rebranded to Carphone's TalkTalk phone service giving its 2.4m voice punters the ability to call one another for free. And …
Tim Richardson, 19 Dec 2005
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Tele2 slams BT over switching claims

BT is facing a fresh complaint concerning allegations about the way it is trying to persuade customers from switching phone providers. Tele2 UK boss, Bill Butler, told the FT that he has proof that BT is phoning up punters who are looking to switch to the rival service and "falsely inflating" Tele2's tariffs in a bid to get …
Tim Richardson, 27 Jan 2004

Kaspersky spots Zeus for BlackBerry

While most of the world is treating the once-mighty BlackBerry as an also-ran in the smartphone market, malware authors still think it’s worth a crack – and have crafted a package designed to drop a Zeus malware variant on the device. This post to Securelist by Kaspersky’s Denis Maslennikov details five new Zeus-in-the-mobile ( …
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Russia hands out 4G licences in an instant

The Russian regulator has skipped over all that auction nonsense to award 4G licences to the four network operators, denying licences to three others, but then Russia has had 4G for years. The state-owned Rostelecom got one licence, surprising no one, and the other three went to Russia's Big Three mobe operators – MTS, Vimpelcom …
Bill Ray, 12 Jul 2012
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Dutch operators: Ugh, we really overdid it on the 4G last night...

Dutch operators are waking with something of a hangover following panicked bidding on 4G telephony licences in the overcrowded Netherlands market. The country’s 4G spectrum auction altogether generated nearly €3.8bn. Vodafone shares tumbled 2.8 per cent and KPN said it wouldn't be able pay its promised end-of-year dividend as it …
Bill Ray, 18 Dec 2012
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Vodafone gets fixed in Spain and Italy

Vodafone has splashed out £537m on Tele2 in Italy and Spain, reaffiring the firm's commitment to quad-play and giving it three million new fixed-line customers with over 600,000 using broadband. Tele2 Italy brings 2.6 million customers into the Vodafone family, 400,000 of those using broadband, while Tele2 Spain brings just …
Bill Ray, 09 Oct 2007
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Danish ISP ordered again to block Pirate Bay

Danish ISP Sonofon (part of Tele2) has once again been ordered by a Danish court to block the controversial Swedish BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay. The record industry represented by The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) calls it a landmark ruling and says the decision confirms the illegality of Pirate …
Jan Libbenga, 28 Nov 2008
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IFPI wins Danish block on Pirate Bay

The record industry's anti-piracy lobby has won a court victory to force Tele2 Denmark, a large ISP, to block access to the Swedish BitTorrent tracker site Pirate Bay. Danish IT rag Computerworld reports that Tele2 has agreed to follow the order. The firm accounts for about four per cent of the country's broadband market, and is …
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Pirate Bay to sue music industry

The Pirate Bay is threatening to seek damages from music industry lobby group The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) for blocking access to its website. In February the IFPI went to court to get Danish ISP Tele2 to block access to the website accusing it of aiding and abetting copyright infringement. A …
John Oates, 16 Apr 2008
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Fujitsu to buy Swedish reseller

Fujitsu Services is buying Mandator, the Swedish reseller, for $78m in cash - roughly one times annual revenues. The price, three Swedish crowns per share, represents a 30 per cent premium on Mandator's stock price in the ten days before the offer was announced. The offer is recommended by Mandator's board of directors - which …
Team Register, 08 Oct 2007
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Carphone shares jump on Best Buy news

Carphone Warehouse shares are up almost nine per cent in early trading on news that the mobe reseller is raising targets after a strong first six months trading. CPW said smartphones and interest in the "Connected World" helped increase sales in the first six months. The company expects earnings per share of between 13.5 and 14 …
John Oates, 05 Nov 2010

Behaviour trumps 'non-waiver' clauses, says Court of Appeal

The Post Office was not allowed to walk away from a contract because it had continued to perform its duties for 11 months after the other company breached the contract, the Court of Appeal has ruled. That continuation of the contract after the breach undermined the Post Office's ability to walk away from the deal, even though …
OUT-LAW.COM, 29 Jan 2009
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AllofMP3 hit by Danish court ruling

Much reviled Russian music site has been hit by a Danish court ruling which forces internet service provider Tele2 to block access to the site. The Copenhagen City court ruled that Tele2 must do its best to ensure its subscribers cannot access the site. AllofMP3, or iTuneski as its known round here, insists it is …
John Oates, 26 Oct 2006
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Orange flogs Swedish 3G licence

Orange has found a couple of buyers for its Swedish 3G licence. They are TeliaSonera and Tele2, which are paying the enormous sum of Kr50m ($6.9m). Actually, this is not bad, considering that Orange publicly announced its intention to withdraw from the crowded Swedish market in the summer. Also, its licence was not purchased at …
Drew Cullen, 06 Jan 2004
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Netherlands raises €2.7m on 2.6GHz

The Netherlands has raised just over €2.7m selling off its LTE-ready spectrum - a derisory sum, and no one seems to want WiMAX at all. The auction has been running since Monday, and finished up with five companies buying FDD spectrum ideally suited to LTE deployments. Incumbents KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile got 50MHz between them …
Bill Ray, 27 Apr 2010
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Pirate Bay blocking row silenced in Norway

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and a pro-copyright group have given up their fight to get telecoms outfit Telenor to block access to The Pirate Bay in Norway. The rights' holders have twice failed to convince Telenor to comply with its demands to cut off the BitTorrent tracker decentralised peer …
Kelly Fiveash, 16 Mar 2010
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Want broadband? then club together

Fixed wireless broadband operator Tele2 will provide broadband in areas currently not served by high-speed Net access – but only as long as there is proven demand. The company says it is prepared to rollout its broadband services if at least 100 people from within a 10km radius area come forward. Elliott Mueller, CEO at Tele2 …
Tim Richardson, 31 Jan 2002
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It's bloody hard to host a newsgroup (in Norway)

The district court of Oslo has ruled that Scandinavian ISP and telco Tele2 is legally liable for distributing pictures containing child porn and other indecent images in its newsgroups. Tele2 was fined a hefty NOK 500,000 ($63,500) by the Norwegian court, reported Scandinavian Web site Markus Takte, Tele2's CEO in …
Mikael Pawlo, 13 Jun 2002
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Telenor shuns IFPI's 'block Pirate Bay' demands

Norwegian ISP Telenor has refused demands from representatives of the US music and film industry to block access to BitTorrent tracker website The Pirate Bay. The Norwegian wing of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) demanded that telecoms group Telenor prevent access to the infamous file sharing …
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 2009
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World+dog sniffing round OneTel

The world and his dog are sniffing around Onetel following Centrica's decision last week to flog its telecoms business. According to weekend press reports the Carphone Warehouse is among a string of companies interested in the business, which has around 1.7m punters. Among other potential bidders that might be prepared to …
Tim Richardson, 19 Sep 2005
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Carphone to unveil LLU plans in March

The Carphone Warehouse continues to press ahead with plans to invest £45m in broadband over the next three years as part of ambitious plans to unbundle the local loop (LLU) and provide telecoms services direct to end users. The mobile phone retailer - which has expanded into telecoms services over recent years - plans to unveil …
Tim Richardson, 12 Jan 2006
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UK Linux users find alternatives to BT ADSL modem

UK Linux users fed up of waiting for Alcatel to get its act together and ship drivers that will let the open source OS talk to the SpeedTouch USB modem BT bundles with its home ADSL offering will soon have some alternatives to choose from. First, UK ISP Tele2 offers a wireless DSL via its (growing) CDMA network. The service …
Tony Smith, 25 Jan 2001
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BT loses 150,000 customers a month - report

Punters are queuing up to leave BT, according to internal documents seen by the Sunday Times. More than 150,000 punters are leaving the UK's dominant fixed line telco each month and this number could accelerate as competition hots up, it reports. Many customers are lured away to rival providers such as Tesco, The Carphone …
Tim Richardson, 17 May 2004
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IFPI demands $2.5m in damages from The Pirate Bay

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is demanding $2.5m in damages from Swedish torrent tracking site The Pirate Bay. The compensation claim, which covers 24 CDs, nine movies and four games, was served at the Stockholm District Court on Monday. All four Pirate Bay founders (Gottfried Svartholm Warg, …
Jan Libbenga, 01 Apr 2008
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Danes love Internet - true

Europe in Brief It's official: the Danes love the Internet. Nearly 80 per cent of the population has Internet access, according to a new survey by the Danish Ministry of Science and Technology. Most of the users are young, but the eldery are joining now too, daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende reports. In fact, half of Danes over 60 now have …
Jan Libbenga, 22 Apr 2004
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Sweden may block Pirate Bay over child porn

Swedish police say they may put the world's largest torrent tracker, The Pirate Bay, on its porn filter blacklist after complaints about child porn being traded on the site. If Pirate Bay is placed on the list, anyone trying to access the site from Sweden through ISP's such as Telia, Tele2 and Bredbandsbolaget will be …
Jan Libbenga, 09 Jul 2007
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Liberty Broadband gets new funding

Liberty Broadband - formerly known as Tele2 (UK) - has secured new funding following its severance from parent Millicom International Cellular (MIC) earlier this year. A group of investors under the name of Birmingham Online has provided new funding to support the wireless broadband outfit, giving the company renewed security …
Tim Richardson, 09 Oct 2002
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Ofcom acts to combat 'slamming'

Ofcom is introducing new industry rules to stamp out slamming and other dodgy sales techniques following complaints about the antics of some fixed line telcos. From the end of May all telcos flogging fixed line telco services must adhere to a mandatory code of practice to prevent punters being duped into switching telephone …
Tim Richardson, 14 Apr 2005

Broadband for Brits at £9.99 a month

A Luxemburg-owned wireless data company is planning to give BT a run for its money by introducing a broadband service in the UK for £9.99 a month. Tele2 aims to tempt Brits sick of waiting for the telco giant's ADSL service - at around a quarter of BT's price. The company, owned by Millicom International Cellular SA, has a …
Linda Harrison, 31 Oct 2000
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TalkTalk getsgets newnew MDMD

TalkTalk - The Carphone Warehouse's retail phone business - has a new managing director after former boss Max Alexander left the firm to join Thomson Directories. New man David Thatcher joins from cableco NTL, where he has worked for the past four years, most recently as its head of consumer sales and marketing division. He's …
Tim Richardson, 17 Jan 2006
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BT appoints phone Czar

BT has appointed a director of Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) to liaise with the industry and regulator Ofcom concerning the development of a genuine wholesale voice telephony service. At the moment, many rival telephone services such Tele2 One.Tel and Centrica already provide alternative phone services to some 4.5m end users. …
Tim Richardson, 16 Dec 2004
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Competition Tribunal rules against BT 'save' calls

BT has been fingered for using "dirty tricks" to try and hang on to customers who want to leave the telco for another phone operator. In the past, it called customers who wanted to leave BT to ensure that they were aware of the services on offer. BT said part of the reason behind the "save call" was to ensure that customers had …
Tim Richardson, 09 Dec 2004
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Liberty Broadband goes tits up

Around a dozen jobs could go at Liberty Broadband - formerly known as Tele2 UK - after liquidators were called into the company just before Christmas. Customers of the fixed wireless broadband outfit are continuing to be supported while liquidators look for a buyer. A couple of interested parties are understood to be interested …
Tim Richardson, 07 Jan 2003
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AOL UK offers phone service

AOL UK has joined the growing list of companies offering phone services to residential customers. Just like Tele2, Tesco, Carphone's TalkTalk and a host of other providers, AOL UK is giving users the chance to cut the cost of their phone bills by ditching BT. Available from tomorrow, AOL Talk includes unlimited UK local and …
Tim Richardson, 16 May 2005
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Greek 3G 'ready for Olympics'

Greek mobile operator Cosmote says its 3G network and services will be ready in time for the Olympics. This will be the first launch of video streaming into the local market, and Cosmote has deals with several content providers including Antenna TV and Databank. Cosmote's 3G network currently covers 30 per cent of the …
Lucy Sherriff, 03 Jun 2004
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Carphone mum on 'free broadband' speculation

Execs at the Carphone Warehouse are said to be mulling the idea of offering broadband for free as part of a bundled phone package. The retailer-cum-telco is expected to release details of its broadband strategy shortly following confirmation earlier this year that it plans to press ahead with plans to invest £45m in local loop …
Tim Richardson, 27 Mar 2006
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Carphone Warhorse charges into battle

Carphone Warehouse's overall Q1 revenues were up a tasty 42.1 per cent on 2005, painting a fairly rosy picture for the ever-diversifying group. Its businesses brought in £857.64m in the early part of this year compared to £605.66m for the same period a year ago. Carphone's telecoms outfit TalkTalk enjoyed a whopping 227.7 per …